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They wanted to give Grandmother Shi her birthday gifts.

Shi Zhanping had already prepared them in advance.


After Shi Ning and Shi Chen went over, Grandmother Shi was very happy to see her grandchildren and asked them to sit down.


“Old lady Shi, your life is very good.

Look at Shi Chen and Shi Ning.

The two brothers and sisters are a pair of golden children.

The genes of the Shi family are really good.” People around her boasted.


Shi Chen and Shi Ning gave their respective gifts to their grandmother.

They gave bracelets and jewel necklaces, which were valuable treasures.


“Grandma, dad took us to pick them out, and I made them myself.” Shi Ning took out a wooden box from her bag and handed it to her.


Even if they were a little estranged, but after all, she was her granddaughter.

Grandmother Shi still loved Shi Ning in her heart.

Now she was happier to receive the gift from her hand than to receive those gorgeous valuables.


“Ok, Ok, Ning Ning has grown up now, and could make a gift for grandma by herself.”


“Shi Ning often quarreled but now she is more sensible.”


And at this time, Cao Shu said with a smile: “Speaking of hand-made gifts, Yu Chuyao also prepared one for you.”


Although Yu Chuyao and Grandmother Shi were not related by blood, she was brought up by the old lady and had a good relationship.

At this time, Grandmother Shi couldn’t close her mouth when she heard that Yu Chuyao also prepared a gift for her.


“Well, grandma likes them all.

Show them to grandma.”


Yu Chuyao took out what she had prepared.

It was also a wooden box.

She looked at Shi Ning and asked with a smile, “What did Ning Ning prepare for grandma”


Shi Ning: “A painting.”


Yu Chuyao’s eyes flashed with pride and she continued to smile.


“We think alike.

I also prepared a painting for grandma.”


In addition to her excellent grades, Yu Chuyao had a lot of talents.

Her most powerful was playing the violin, followed by painting.

Although her painting skill was not of a professional level, it was better mong ordinary people.

This is why so many people in Yangchuan regarded her as a goddess.


“It depends on you first.” Shi Ning said.

Look at mine first Then you might be embarrassed to show your three-legged cat kung fu painting in front of everyone.


She didn’t know Shi Ning yet.

She only knew that this girl fell obsessively in love with Nan Xiao, and didn’t know any of her talents.

She didn’t know anything. 


She didn’t look like the daughter of a Shi family.

Her paintings were estimated to be at the level of primary school students.


Yu Chuyao was happier thinking about it this way, and she liked to have someone like Shi Ning to glorify herself.


What’s the use of family background She was not a bag of straw yet.

Grandmother Shi would like her more.


Yu Chuyao opened the painting in her hand.

She used oil painting.

An old woman was sitting in a flower field.

Beside her was a little girl playing the violin.


“Grandma, this is you, this is me.

Thank you for your kindness in raising me for so many years.

Yu Chuyao hopes to be with you all the time and play more beautiful songs for you.”


Grandmother Shi nodded with satisfaction.


“Good, good.

Grandma likes this painting very much.”


When it was Shi Ning’s turn, Cao Shu said something.


“If you’re nervous, grandmother can just take it and open it later.” She said sarcastically.


Someone nearby snickered and laughed.

“In front of Yu Chuyao’s pearls, I also suggest that Shi Ning should not insult herself.

After all, there are so many people here.

Can’t the real family be better than the fake”


“It’s okay.

Ning Ning painted it.

Grandma will like it.” Grandmother Shi was afraid that she would be embarrassed and said something.


“Ning Ning won’t let Grandma down.” Shi Ning opened the painting slowly in front of a dozen eyes.


At the moment the painting unfolded, people took a breath, and their eyes flashed with surprise.


What Shi Ning painted was a picture of a horse.

The life-like black horse was galloping.

Its eyes were full of ambition and tension as if it had seen an endless grassland.


It’s not just a painting, it’s more like a work of art.


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