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After returning to the room, Shi Ning thought that since she would be celebrating her grandmother’s birthday, she had to dress up a little bit.


She remembered that the Shi family had a special room for Shi Ning’s clothes.

Shi Ning didn’t know much about clothes.

She only wore school uniforms when she was studying.

It was the first time she had gone to the dressing room to choose clothes.


Despite her memories, Shi Ning was still shocked when she opened the wardrobe.


There were so many clothes that she couldn’t catch sight of them.

Each piece of clothes looked expensive.


Shi Ning felt that after she came here, she learned a lot every day.


She chose for a long time.

Among the many colorful fluffy skirts, she chose the simplest small white skirt and put on a light pink cardigan.


It was the most simple one she could pick out.


The original owner’s style was not what she could appreciate.


After choosing the clothes, Shi Ning knitted her hair.


She was good at this point.

She made her hair looked smart and pure.


Does she have to put on makeup


She didn’t know how to do it.


Fortunately, because of the memory of the original owner, she could naturally do these things.


The original owner liked to wear heavy makeup.

When she went to school, her makeup was very thick.


Shi Ning looked at the face in the mirror.

The reason why she was able to accept this world was that besides the complete memory of the body, what was even more strange was that the original owner’s face was somewhat similar to her.


This made Shi Ning doubt whether this could be her other self in a parallel space-time.


She painted a delicate light makeup, swept all kinds of jewelry on the table, and chose a unicorn necklace to wear around her neck.


At this time, Aunt Zhang knocked on her door.


“Miss, the young master is ready and is waiting for you downstairs.”


“I’ll be right out.” Shi Ning answered the voice, put on her bag, and came out of the room.


When Aunt Zhang saw her come out, she lost her mind.


Where did this fairy come from She’s so beautiful!


Although she always knew that Shi Ning was beautiful, because the young miss always liked to wear heavy makeup, the excessive gorgeous makeup concealed her beauty.


Now, she looked like a different person today.


Her skin and facial features are white and delicate and her apricot eyes and black eyelashes are like feather fans.

Her white long skirt is simple and unacceptably elegant, and the pink cardigan made her even more delicate in appearance.

She’s so beautiful.

Every place is just right. 


In addition to her excellent features, the most eye-catching was Shi Ning’s hair.

It looked simple and pretty, but when you look at it carefully, you can find that the technique of making the hair-knot was complex, which was very difficult to weave.


“Miss, this hairstyle is so beautiful.

I don’t know which stylist made it for you.” Aunt Zhang asked with a smile.


Shi Ning: “I made it up myself.”


Aunt Zhang couldn’t believe it.

She thought she was joking and didn’t expose her.

She just laughed.

“It’s so beautiful.

I haven’t seen it before.”


Of course, she hadn’t seen her.

Her style of hair making originally came from her hometown, which was not found in big cities.


Shi Ning had been very smart since childhood.

Learning was too simple for her.

When she was bored, she would follow the talented people in the town to study these strange things and learn a lot of skills.


Shi Ning smiled at Aunt Zhang: “if you like it, I’ll make it up for you next time.

Brother is still waiting for me.

I will go first.”


After she finished, she waved to Aunt Zhang and went downstairs with her small bag on her back.


Aunt Zhang looked at her back, her smiling face was full of wrinkles: “After young miss woke up this time, she changed a lot.

She became more lovely and beautiful.

The master and madam will have a good life.”


Shi Ning went downstairs to see Shi Chen waiting for her.


She patted him on the back from behind: “Come on, brother.”


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