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The three of them entered the restaurant together.

According to the seating, Shi Ning sat next to her roommate, and Lin Suno sat opposite her.

During this meal, she and Feifei were the only ones chatting while Lin Suno didn’t say a word.

Fortunately, Yan Fei has a forward personality and was also a little expert in making the atmosphere active, so the scene was not too embarrassing.

When the meal was almost finished, Lin Suno got up midway and went to the front desk to get the bill.

When they left, Shi Ning went to the front desk to pay the bill, but the waiter told her.

“Pretty sister, someone at your table has already paid the bill, the handsome man who just came out with you.”

“What’s going on, didn’t I say I would treat him to dinner” Shi Ning took back the money as she murmured.

Yan Fei who was standing next to her was smiling like a love-struck fool.

“Look cold, but actually very sweet well, I love it, I love it.”

Shi Ning: “You even like this Don’t you feel like you need to always find a topic every time when you are this talkative”

Yan Fei looked completely intoxicated in love.

“No, he doesn’t talk much and I talk a lot, so that complements each other.”


Shi Ning shook her head, and the two walked out together.

Lin Suno stood outside waiting for them.

Shi Ning went over to him and said.

“Eh what’s going on with you, didn’t I say this meal is on me, why did you secretly pay the bill first.”

“Isn’t it the same if you buy it or if I buy it.” He said in a light voice.

Yan Fei looked at the two people and teased.

“Tch, childhood friend relationship can be really this good ah, you don’t distinguish who spends the money”

Her eyes rolled around, took out her phone, and said to Lin Suno.

“But I can’t eat for free, handsome give me your WeChat and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Lin Suno: “No.”

“How can you be so nice, we are not related, I don’t want to take advantage of people.” Yan Fei insisted.

Lin Suno glanced at Shi Ning.

Yan Fei: “Ning Ning, it’s useless for you to stop me, I have to pay this money.”

Was this a simple matter of paying It’s a matter of adding his Weibo!

Yan Fei desperately winked at Shi Ning.

Shi Ning understood her meaning and said to Lin Suno, “Since she wants to pay, you let her pay.”

After her words, Lin Suno took out his phone and Yan Fei added WeChat their WeChat with each other.

“We’ve eaten out dinner, what should we do next, do you two have other arrangements” Yan Fei asked.

What arrangements can we have Isn’t it because of you that I asked him out this time

Shi Ning didn’t say anything and turned to Lin Suno and asked.

“Suno, do you want to go somewhere to play”

“You decide.” He said.

“Yan Fei, what do you think” Shi Ning threw the question to her roommate.

Yan Fei: “Isn’t there a very popular movie recently Let’s go together and watch.”

“Yeah, this movie happens to be something I want to see too, let’s go.”

Lin Suno stood there without moving, his black eyes slightly sunken, quietly watching them both on their performance.

Shi Ning walked over and took him by the arm, dragging him along.

“Let’s go, let’s go together.”

The three came together again at the cinema, Shi Ning followed Yan Fei’s wishes.

The three consecutive seats she pick were purposely at the innermost side, and then Yan Fei sat next to her, while Lin Suno was left with only a seat next to Yan Fei.

Before the movie started Shi Ning’s phone vibrated.

She received a message from Yan Fei.

“Baby, later before the movie ends, you find an excuse to slip away first, give me and the male god some alone time!”

Shi Ning: “ That’s not very nice, is it”

“He’s even more indestructible than I thought, so I’ll have to put down my strong moves to make it work.

This time if I don’t start a wave with him, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to ask him out again on my own in the future, and I can’t ask you to help me every time.”

Shi Ning thought about it, this kind of favor, she could help her once but she didn’t want to do it again.

“I’ll let you do it all this time, there’s no next time!”

Shi Ning returned her message while raising her eyes and glaring at her.

“Love you love you, I’ll cover all the movies you want to watch this semester!” Incidentally, countless kissing emojis were attached behind.

The lights in the theater all went down and the movie started.

About half an hour later, Yan Fei grabbed her hand, signaling her to follow the plan.

After Shi Ning understood what she meant, she took out her phone and looked at it.

Then showing a slightly apologetic expression, she turned her head to Yan Fei and Lin Suno next to her and said.

“Director said that the Organization Department has a temporary meeting, so I have to go back to school now.”

Yan Fei: “Ah, the movie isn’t even finished, do you really have to participate in this meeting”

Shi Ning nodded: “Yes, the notice above says that I must be present and cannot be absent.”

“Your department is too busy.”

Yan Fei complained to her, but the corner of her eyes was glancing at Lin Suno who was sitting next to her.

“Then why don’t we stop watching too and go back to school together.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a few steps away from the school, I’ll go alone, you guys stay here and finish the movie.”

After that, she stood up from her seat and left the cinema.

After Shi Ning left, Yan Fei slightly bowed her head, and shyly said to the boy next to her.

“Shi Ning is also really! We’re almost at the crucial point of the movie.”

“Now that there were only the two of us, aren’t we a little awkward.”

Perhaps because it was Lin Suno next to her, she was so nervous when she was alone with him and couldn’t help rubbing the corners of her clothes.

But no one answered next to her, Yan Fei looked up and the seats on both sides were empty.


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