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Yan Fei has been pestering Shi Ning to help introduce Lin Suno to her, and finally, Shi Ning agreed, thinking that if she didn’t help her sooner, this girl probably wouldn’t stop asking her.

On Friday night, Shi Ning sent a message to Lin Suno.

[Suno, are you free tonight Let’s have dinner together]

A few minutes later, the other party replied.


A very simple reply, standard style of Lin Suno.

Yan Fei had been preparing for a long time, before going out.

She tried several outfits, changed the color of her lipstick, and finally got the approval of all her roommates before she went out.

“How are you going to introduce us later” On the way there, Yan Fei asked.

Shi Ning: “Let’s say this is my roommate and you two can get to know each other”


Yan Fei just felt a flock of crows flying over her head.

“Baby, I finally know why you’re so beautiful and yet have been single for so long.”

“Come on, I asked you to introduce us and not schedule a blind date, so can’t you be more euphemistic and romantic! Your childhood friend is very cold at first glance, you might turn him off like this.”

“Then what do you want”

“Let’s do this…”

Yan Fei drew closer to her ear to give her an idea.

Shi Ning followed her wishes and went alone to the restaurant she had agreed with Lin Suno.

She was already twenty minutes ahead of schedule, yet Lin Suno still arrived before her.

Shi Ning walked over.

“Why are you early I thought I would get here first.”

Just because he knew she liked to arrive early for appointments, he was a little earlier than her so as not to keep her waiting.

Lin Suno: “Let’s go in.”

Shi Ning pulled him back: “Eh, wait.”

He lowered his gaze and looked at her in confusion.

Lin Suno apparently just came out of the shower, with a mint lemon aroma, smelling so good.

His black smooth and soft hair has also just blown, looking quite messy but still neat and some hair randomly sticking out in front of his forehead giving a teenage sense.

His body would unconsciously lean forward as he patiently listened to her.

From her angle, she could his long, dark, slender eyelashes.

Oh! Today’s eyelashes are still good like a girl.

He was tricked into introducing the object a little conscience is what happened.

“I want to drink milk tea, let’s go to the dessert store in front first.”


His smiling eyes are slightly curved, and he particularly looks like he was in a good mood today.

After ordering milk tea and mousse cake, Shi Ning and Lin Suno sat in the dessert store and ate.

Not long after, Shi Ning looked like she saw someone she knew and shouted at the front order counter, “Yan Fei!”

The girl named Yan Fei came over after hearing this and said with a smile.

“What a coincidence, you’re here too, Shi Ning.”

Shi Ning quickly into the state and began to tableau with her: “How did you come alone, where are Ji Ling and others”

Yan Fei sighed: “well, we three went to dinner together, but the two were abducted by their boyfriends on the way, so I’m left alone to buy a cup of milk tea to comfort the pain of a single dog”

After saying that Yan Fei’s gaze fell on Lin Suno.

“Ning Ning, this handsome guy, he can’t be your boyfriend, right When did you leave the list of singles”

“No, this is my best friend since I was a kid, Lin Suno.”

After she introduced Yan Fei, she introduced Lin Suno again.

Lin Suno listened and nodded down at her.


Yan Fei smiled: “Handsome man, nice to meet you.”

Shi Ning said at this time, “Fei Fei, seeing how miserable you are, why don’t you just go to dinner with us”

Yan Fei looked at Lin Suno.

“Yeah, I just don’t know if your friend will mind.”

He thought that this time, Shi Ning called him out for dinner for two people.

Only him and her.

Lin Suno slightly wrinkled his brow.

Seeing this look on his face, Shi Ning hurriedly spoke up.

“Of course, he doesn’t care, right Suno”

I care.

I don’t like anyone that disturbs us.

In his gaze, he said these words silently.

“Well, I don’t care.”

If it’s what you want, I’ll forget that I’m not caring.

Shi Ning smiled at them and picked up the milk tea.

“Fifi if your milk tea is ready, let’s go.”


The two girls were talking and laughing as they walked ahead.

When Shi Ning heard him agree she was relieved and breathed a sigh of relief which was clearly seen by Lin Suno.

A seemingly coincidental encounter, but in fact full of holes.

The biggest loophole was that she underestimated how well he knew her.

She has been sitting next to him for nearly two years, and every subtle expression, representing whether it was joy or anger, anxiety or happiness, was clear to him.

Shi Ning was obviously lying.

Knowing this, his hand unconsciously clenched, and the hidden joy in his peach blossom’s eyes all night disappeared instantly, and the sparkling water in his eyes was suddenly gone, leaving only bottomless darkness.


TL: i just finished translating this, see you next week~


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