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Shi Ning felt like she couldn’t just let her brother sell her face like that without taking the opportunity to vent her anger.

She was stunned by Director Yao’s extremely ugly face.

A hand took Shi Chen’s arm.

“Brother Chen, she said we won’t last long together, is it true I’m so sad oh.”

Shi Chen looked at his sister’s play, his black eyes slightly narrowed, and his thin lips drew a light smile as he cooperated with her.

“Who said that our relationship won’t last long Brother loves you most in this life.

Whoever dares to split us is my enemy.”

Not only Yao Yao was stunned, but also the officer she was with and the two people watching the play in the office were shocked.

Their president, wasn’t he the legendary cold face, ruthless, and doesn’t want to get close to women How did he transform into someone who was romantic

And in order to spoil his little girlfriend, he played Qiongyao drama in public

Yao Yao was even more disheartened.

“Senior, you…”

He actually defends this girl and neglects his so high-profile self.

This wasn’t like him at all.

It seems that he really cares about her as a girlfriend.

In everyone’s incredulous eyes, Shi Ning couldn’t hold it in and finally broke.

“No, it’s really too funny.”

She held Shi Chen’s head down and laughed for a while, then looked up and said.

“Director, you’re really targeting the wrong person this time.

He is my brother.”

“Your brother”

The plot suddenly reverses, this was making Yao Yao crazy.

“En, he is my brother.

Biological brother.” Shi Ning clearly explained.



The two of them came out of the department office, and Shi Ning still couldn’t help but laugh when she thought back on what had just happened.

Shi Chen looked at his sister, who was snickering all the way and said out loud.

“Is that so funny”

“Of course, it’s funny, brother didn’t you see Director Yao’s face change from red to black and then to white, really wonderful.” Shi Ning said.

“Little villain, is it fun to use your brother’s name to punish others”

“Elder brother, you should make it clear that you caused me this trouble.

If it wasn’t for the kind-hearted colleagues in the union who reminded me, I won’t know that the director was targeting me because of you.”

“You too, why didn’t you tell me earlier that the director liked you If you could have told me earlier, then I could have told her about our relationship.

She will definitely not find fault with me every day, and maybe she will take care of me.”

Shi Ning felt that her recent struggles had been in vain.

Shi Chen: “if anyone is bothering you, you can just ask me directly.

There is no need to make any detours.”

Shi Ning smiled: “Entering the student union is to train myself if I encounter trouble and just find you, what’s the purpose of me joining”

“A creature called brother, the value of its existence is to help his sister who is in trouble.”

“This quote of yours can be included in the classic quotes of the Absolute Good Brother and is worthy of being studied by future generations.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

The two siblings chatted, and after a while, Shi Chen looked at the time.

“It’s noon, what do you want to eat, I’ll treat you.”

Shi Ning: “it’s only a few steps from here to the school canteen.

Let’s go there since it’s nearby.”

“That place is no go, brother will take you to eat something good.

Look at you, you’ve lost weight recently.”

“… to be honest, after the military training, I gained two Jin.”

“Really, looking at you I think you’ve lost weight.”

“You think I’m skinny every day anyway and try to feed me every way you can.”

Shi Ning really doubts whether her brother was a pig farmer in his previous life and an expert at that since he really knows how to feed her.

After returning to the dormitory, Shi Ning brought back a large bag of snacks.

“Do you want to eat snacks”

She pushed the door and placed the snacks generously on the table, leaving her roommate to divide them up.

“Me, me, I’m coming.”

The roommates gathered around at the table and forming a circle.

He Songxue: “The only thing that gets me out of bed is pee and snacks.”

“That’s enough of you.” Ji Ling scolded with laughter.

Yan Fei asked as she ate, “Ning Ning, that menopausal director of yours, did she make it difficult for you again”

“She asked me to plan again and pushed other people’s work on me.” Shi Ning said honestly.

“Crap so excessive I’ve heard about superiors bullying juniors in college, I thought our school was full of quality people, I didn’t think Yao Yao to be like this.

Ning Ning, you are too miserable to have met such a director.”

Yan Fei threw a sympathetic glance at her.

Ji Ling: “No, I don’t understand ah, you usually do your best, why in the end she is so against you Is she really jealous of your beauty”

Shi Ning: “She liked Shi Chen, and then she happened to see me and Shi Chen walking together.”

“It turns out that this damn love is committing a crime again.”

Yan Feng sighed, after a while, she suddenly realized something was wrong

“Wait, isn’t Shi Chen the president How did you get together with the president!”

Shi Ning smiled and winked at her.

“Not only that, but the snacks you are holding, he bought them.”

“OMG, how long has it been since the beginning of school Don’t tell me you already have the president inside your pocket! Can you really do what you want if you are beautiful” Yan Fei was shocked.

Shi Ning unwrapped a chocolate and said in a light voice.

“It’s not the beauty that makes me do whatever I want, it’s the blood.”

“Shi Chen, he is my brother.”

There was a three-second silence inside the dormitory room.

Yan Fei: “Shi Ning, you are truly the Chosen One’s daughter.”


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