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Faculty Student Union Office.

Shi Ning knocked at the door before she entered.

“Come in.”

She pushed the door in and there were just two people in the office, one was director Yao Yao, and the other was an officer from the secretariat.

“Director, what do you want to see me about” Shi Ning asked as she walked over.

Yao Yao was operating the computer.

Hearing the voice of Shi Ning calling her, she raised her gaze, ignored her, and continued to do what she was doing.

Shi Ning just stood there for more than ten minutes.

The Secretary of the Secretariat in the office kindly said, “I think the director is very busy.

Why don’t you sit down first.”

Shi Ning smiled, “No need.”

She lowered her eyes to Yao Yao: “Sister, if you are too busy to take care of me now, why did you call me over”

Yao Yao’s hand tapped the keyboard and looked at Shi Ning with a cold face.

“Can’t you see I’m busy I can’t be distracted from the work of tallying the group expenses, why are you so impatient.”

“Okay, busy yourself first.”

Shi Ning held back her temper and found a place to sit down in the office, waiting for Yao Yao to finish handling things.

Twenty minutes later, Yao Yao finally spoke, “Come here for a moment.”

Shi Ning stood up and walked to her.

Yao Yao picked up a planning book on the table.

“I’ve let you write a planning book for League building activities, but what did you write It did not meet the standard, rewrite it.”

Shi Ning took the planning book and looked at it.

There was no correction on it, which means that Yao Yao did not point out exactly where it failed.

“Director, I’ve written this plan twice, and you’re still not satisfied with it, but you won’t tell me exactly how to write it, so how do you want me to change it”

Yao Yao’s expression got colder.

“Didn’t I already tell you how to write it Do I have to teach you everything, then I’ll just write it myself, why do I need you guys for”

After she finished, she added.

“There are still a few classes that have not paid their membership fees, so go and remind them.

By the way, collect the membership cards of the freshmen students in the hospital for me.”

“I remember the Deputy Director handed it over to other officers.” Shi Ning said.

“The secretary is unwell and asked for leave to go home.

Please help her.” Yao Yao’s light tone seemed as if she should have done it.

Shi Ning stood next to her and was silent for a full minute.

Yao Yao raised her eyes and glanced at her.

“Why are you still here Why don’t you go now It can be done by Friday, right The hospital is in a hurry.”


Something blew up in her head and Shi Ning put the planning book back in front of Yao Yao’s table.

“Director, I can’t change this plan without suggesting to me exactly how to change it this time.

Since you are not satisfied with it in any case, why don’t you write it yourself”

Yao Yao’s face instantly sank to the freezing point.

“What did you say”

“Oh also, the director may have some misunderstanding about me, I really do not have so much time.

I will not refuse what I should do, but I am not specifically working for the Organization Department, right, after all, no one is paying me, I am also very busy.”

As Yao Yao listened to her say these words, her face became increasingly ugly and she finally laughed angrily.

“So you’re so powerful now Do you want to fly that high A newcomer who doesn’t obey the director’s command and shirks her responsibilities, so you just want to relax.

Then why did you even join the union in the first place”

Shi Ning does not like to beat around the bush, simply spread out and say.

“Every time the institution gave me something, which time I did not do as promised.

I don’t think I’m lazy, but you deliberately targeting me.”

“I’m targeting you Why should I target you If you don’t want to do it, then just say so.

Get out.”

Saying that Yao Yao cold face slammed that planning book on the door.

Two secretaries of the Organization Department came in at the door.

They shivered when they saw the director lose her temper at Shi Ning.


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