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After this class was over.

Yan Fei: “It’s still early, let’s all go to the dessert store near the school and have a seat, and then go to the cafeteria to eat.”

The other two readily agreed.

Shi Ning: “you go, I have something else to do.”

Yan Fei: “no, I also want to ask you to have milk tea with me.”

Ji Ling: “Fei Fei this differential treatment ah, you only invited Ning Ning and not us Just because we don’t have a handsome childhood friend to introduce you”

Yan Fei immediately wrapped her arm around Ji Ling.

Smiling she said.

“All of you please.”

Ji Ling: “it’s all the same.”

He Songxue: “But Ningning, what do you want to do, it’s not the student council again, right”

Shi Ning packed the books on the desk, stuffed them into her backpack, and zipped them neatly.

“You’re right.”

Hearing this, her roommates immediately got angry.

“What Isn’t it still morning, what will your department do, this early morning”

Yan Fei: “what else can they do Ning Ning, tell us the truth.

Is Yao Yao giving you trouble again”

“Looking for trouble or not, I don’t know, but this time she did call me to come to the department student council office.

Maybe she needed me for something.”

There were no changes that could be seen in Shi Ning’s face, like an old monk she looked too calm.

Right after entering university, with a mindset of wanting to experience complete university life, except He Songxue, Shi Ning’s roommates including her participated in the selection of cadres for the student union and the Youth League.

Shi Ing and Yan Fei, both joined the student unions, while Ji Ling joined the League Youth

Shi Ning was selected by the Organization Department of the student union of the college.

Yao Yao was their sophomore sister in the same college, and also the director of the organization department.

Shi Ning’s direct superior.

It was fine at first, Yao Yao was nothing but strict.

Later, for some unknown reason, Yao Yao would directly ask Shi Ning to do many things in the organization department, especially the strenuous and unrewarding tasks.

“If you ask me, this director Yao Yao is really sick, those who don’t know will think that you are the only one left in the organization in freshman year.”

“And the only officer left.

Why does she look for you for everything”

Ji Ling couldn’t help but fight for Shi Ning’s injustice.

Yan Fei looked like she had seen the truth and said to her roommate.

“This woman is targeting another woman for no reason, 80% of the reason is jealousy.

I heard from other seniors in the student council that this Yao Yao from our organization department is a famous cold beauty in our student council and she seems to have always been quite arrogant.”

“This cold beauty has an unexpectedly good name, and everyone will forgive her “coldness” because she is a beauty.

So despite Yao Yao’s arrogance, everyone in the student council is very tolerant of her.”

Ji Ling: “what does this have to do with her targeting Ning Ning”

Yan Fei stretched out her finger and pointed between her eyebrow: “Little fool, you can’t even understand this.

I can only say that the last student council doesn’t have this kind of face otherwise, that Yao Yao’s appearance wouldn’t be known as outstanding.”

“Seeing her closer, she’s even worse than me, not to mention when she stood next to Ning Ning, the cold beauty will turn to cold wood.

In other words, there is no beauty in her cold beauty at all.

I deduced, that she thinks this freshman stole all her limelight, so who wouldn’t be angry”

Ji Ling suddenly realized.

“I’ll go.

This Yao Yao is too petty, Ning Ning, don’t spoil her.

If she arranges hard work for you today, she’ll push it directly.

She’s not the only one in your student union, there’s also the president above the director alone in your student union.

At worst you can just go to the president.”

Yan Fei: “our president takes care of everything and follows his mentor to do research every day.

He doesn’t have the heart to manage those little grudges in the Department.

I also saw him once on election day.”

“Gee, he was handsome.

He should have just arrived from the laboratory that day, and he was still wearing a white coat.

Our election campaign has begun.

At the moment he suddenly walked in, the whole person was radiant, and since that day all the male lead on doctor novels that day had a face.”

He Songxue: “Tsk, look at this love-struck idiot, is that handsome president of yours more handsome than male god Lin Suno, who you fell in love at first sight with”

Yan Fei looked distressed: “your question is like letting me make a choice between Tsinghua and Peking University.”

Ji Ling smiled, “it seems that you can really choose.”

Yan Fei made a move to smack her: “I can’t even dream!”

Shi Ning stood up from her seat and said to them, “OK, I’ll go first.”


TL: sorry I was away, got some problem.

My email was compromised, and everything was deleted, so I needed to start from scratch, and because of that I’ll be back with the previous schedule, but no worries if I have stacked up more chapters I’ll mass release again to finish this novel faster, as I also need to focus on the other novel I am translating.

Anyways hope you enjoy the chapter, it will be more exciting from here on.


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