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“I didn’t introduce you to protect you.

Be good.”

After saying this, Shi Ning was ready to take a shower and go to bed.

She thought Yan Fei would give up.

But Yan Fei pestered her all night and had asked her to help introduce Lin Suno to her.

“That is high school, many people do not fall in love to focus on the college entrance exams, it’s the same for me ah.

I broke up with my boyfriend after my senior year of high school and had no dating for a whole year!”

“Your friend can’t be single for life, he has to find someone, ah, as the saying goes, fat water does not flow outside the field.

You might as well introduce your childhood friend to me.”

“Anyway, you just have to introduce him, in case it works out.”

“Oooooo Ning Ning, by then you are my life’s great benefactor.

It’s okay if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just give up and look for the next one.”

“Please, this is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome man.

I have to give it a try, if I don’t try I’ll never be able to get out of his shadow and I won’t be able to start the next relationship.

Ning Ning, do you a heart to watch me die along”

That night, Shi Ning wasn’t able to sleep well, her ears were full of Yan Fei chattering and those words echoing in her mind.

The next day she got up, and her breakfast was already prepared.

Yan Fei also prepared love post-it notes for her.

“Missy, a good breakfast is the only way to have a good mood for the day~”

Shi Ning sighed helplessly and turned to ask her other roommates.

“Where is Yan Fei”

He Songxue: “She went out early in the morning.

She should be in the classroom now.”

As expected, after they went to the classroom together, they saw that Yan Fei had already occupied the best seats for them and waved desperately at them.

“Tch, this Fei Fei is usually the laziest, in order to chase the male god she went all out ah.” Ji Ling chuckled.

He Songxue: “Ning Ning, why don’t you introduce her to him From what I saw you and him are quite close, it should not be difficult to introduce a friend to each other, right”

Ji Ling: “Yeah, or do you actually like that childhood friend of yours too”

“What are you talking about, what is there to like or not to like with your childhood friend for many years.” Shi Ning denied it in a light voice.

The three of them walked over to where Yan Fei was, and immediately Shi Ning was pulled aside.

“This professor’s class position is difficult to occupy.

Ning Ning, now you can always feel my sincerity.

Just promise to help me once, just introduce me, and leave the rest to me!”

Shi Ning saw her bright eyes, which were full of longing for love.

She could not quite understand this kind of feelings, in her world in addition to relatives there was only study.

She has never considered this boy and girl’s romantic relationship.

What was in it that would make every one so desirable

Shi Ning was a little confused.

“How about it, Ning Ning”

Yan Fei pleaded again.

Shi Ning smiled: “I usually see that you are not in a hurry with those boys chasing you so why are you so anxious now”

Yan Fei: “Can you call that the same With Lin Suno’s appearance, if I don’t make a move, he may be taken away by someone tomorrow.

He is the most exciting boy I have met in the past 19 years.

I don’t even feel this way when I see the male star I used to chase.

Just help me.”

Falling in love, at first sight, was the most impulsive and overwhelming event that could happen to a person.

This girl has obviously gone crazy.

Shi Ning couldn’t do anything about her.

“Well, I’ll ask you out to meet sometime.”

“Well, well, thank you so much, you’re really the Cupid sent from heaven to save me!” Yan Fei almost rushed up to hug her.

Shi Ning avoided her and smiled helplessly.

“Don’t you thank me, I’m only responsible for introducing you to each other, the rest, I don’t care.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself!”

Throughout the class, Yan Fei seemed extremely excited.

Shi Ning couldn’t help thinking.

Suno in high school rejected so many girls.

In college, would he also like to fall in love


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