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How did her good boy become like this It was impossible to hear the word “love” from his mouth before!


The door of the room was pushed open.

Yan Fei and her friends didn’t know what kind of wind was blowing tonight as they pushed the door with extra force, startling Shi Ning.

“What are you doing”

Several people stepped toward her with scrutinizing eyes.

“Why are you still asking us, we should be the one asking you!” Ji Ling said.

He Songxue: “that right, the four of us agree to go back to the dormitory together so how come after the game you suddenly disappeared!”

Yan Fei: “Quickly and honestly explain what went on.”

She was indeed in the wrong, she wasn’t able to talk to her roommates, but that was because she was dragged by Lin Suno.

Shi Ning: “I don’t think it’s interesting to stay there for too long, so I come back first.”

Yan Fei narrowed her eyes: “You came back alone How come when everyone took off their blindfolds, everyone was there, but you and Lin Suno were missing!”

Aren’t we, your roommates smart enough to notice this

Shi Ning was a little surprised.

“Yes, I was with him.

He said that he was also dragged by his roommate to participate in this gathering activity.

So, we ran away.”

He Songxue: “Crap really, really the man we saw downstairs, is Lin Suno!”

Shi Ning was slightly surprised: “you just saw me downstairs Then why don’t you call me”

Ji Ling tapped her shoulder with her shoulder and smiled vaguely.

“You little lovers are standing there sweetly, how can we bother.”

“That’s right, we’ve been in the same dorm for a month, and we’ve been together every day.

Shi Ning, you have such a handsome boyfriend, how come you didn’t even introduce him for us to know.”

Yan Fei sourly said.

Shi Ning laughed: “You are wrong, he is not my boyfriend.

Remember, Lin Suno and I are in the same province, not only does he have the same province as me, but also in the same school and class as me, and we were deskmates.

And, I’ve known him since we were kids.”

He Songxue: “Wow, a childhood friend, that sounds wonderful.”

Yan Fei’s eyes, which had been darkened, brightened up again.

“Since you have such a good relationship, why aren’t you together”

Shi Ning looked at her inexplicably: “do you want to be together if you have a good relationship There are four of us who grew up together, I’m the only girl but I have a good relationship with them.”

“Then do you like Lin Suno”

Yan Fei asked.

“I like him.” Shi Ning answered without hesitation.

Yan Fei: “The kind of like between men and women”

“How is that possible, of course, it’s like between friends.” Shi Ning quickly said.

When she said this, Yan Fei clapped her hands excitedly, and the whole person was like bathing in a spring breeze filled with vitality.

“That’s great!”

She jumped up and grabbed Shi Ning’s arm with her hand.

“In that case, can you introduce me to him”

“Huh” Shi Ning was a little confused.

Yan Fei could see that her roommate was a study tyrant and she usually looks very mature, but emotionally she was a complete noob.

She simply pointed it out and told her.

“I fell in love with him at first sight.”

She pushed her hair behind her ear shyly.

“You’re not surprised that I fell in love with your friend at first sight when he looks like that.”

Shi Ning nodded with understanding.

“Not surprised.”

Yan Fei grabbed her arm and shook her.

“Then hurry up and introduce me, ah, I really haven’t seen a handsome that can make my legs go weak for a long time!”

Shi Ning: “I’ve known him for so long, girls fall in love with him at first sight so I’m not surprised.

And he has rejected every single one of them.”

“So, I suggest you change the object of your affection.”

Her words were undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Yan Fei.

“I don’t believe it! Ever since I was a kid, it was I who rejects them and not the other way around.


“Don’t believe it, but back in our school days there were so many beautiful and excellent girls who confessed to him but they were all rejected.”

“And our family Nono, who refused to be polite at all, made those girls sad.”

Shi Ning sighed and patted her roommate’s shoulder.

“I didn’t introduce you to protect you.

Be good.”

After saying this, Shi Ning was ready to take a shower and go to bed.


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