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Ye Shao purposely stood next to Shi Ning.

“You can grab my shirt if you’re afraid.”

“I’m fine.” Shi Ning said.

She naturally would not go to grab Ye Shao’s clothes, as she was not familiar with him.

Since it was Yan Fei who pulled her in, Yan Fei had to be responsible for her to the end, so Shi Ning intended to follow her throughout.

Anyway, the game only allows blindfolds and does not require her to close her mouth throughout the game.

After the game starts.

Shi Ning: “Feifei, are you there”

Yan Fei: “I’m here, I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

Yan Fei reached out and patted her hand.

It’s really not good to be robbed of sight.

Shi Ning carefully followed them to find the rope according to the direction of the sound.

Slowly the sounds around her are getting noisier and noisier, and she seems to be getting further and further apart from Yan Fei.


Shi Ning called her, but Yan Fei didn’t speak.

Her sense of direction was not very good, and she couldn’t distinguish between the southeast and Northwest after being blindfolded.

She stood in the crowd and could feel the people coming and going all around her.

Shi Ning was at a loss for a moment, thinking that she would simply wait until everyone found the rope and then participate.

Just then someone took her hand, the action was sudden and Shi Ning instinctively wanted to scream.

The man was one step ahead of her and covered her mouth.

Was someone taking advantage of the game to play hooligans

Because she couldn’t see, Shi Ning was even more afraid, just as she was about to make her move.

A familiar voice rings in her ears.

“Do you want to leave”

This was Lin Suno.

Yes! She wants to especially when the president kept on courting her and her roommates making blind matches.

Shi Ning was so embarrassed that she wanted to leave immediately, if only all her roommates weren’t here she would have left earlier.

She nodded slightly.

She was then dragged out of the classroom by the man.

When Shi Ning walked out of the classroom and immediately ripped off the blindfold, it was indeed Lin Suno.

She looked into the classroom, everyone was like a fool, some found the rope some did not, it was a total mess.

But no one, in this case, would have noticed the two of them leaving.

Lin Suno pulled Shi Ning and ran out, and the two walked through the campus.

He didn’t speak again after he brought her out and Shi Ning walked along beside him, not knowing what to say.

“I didn’t expect you to participate in this kind of activity.

I thought you weren’t interested.” Shi Ning casually found a topic.

“I also thought you would not be interested, and you still came.”

“I’m with my roommate.”

“Me too.”

If his roommate hadn’t told him that Shi Ning, the flower of the medical school department, would be here, he really wouldn’t have attended such a boring event.

The conversation stopped here.

After the two started school, they have only seen each other twice, during military training.

After the military training, they did not see each other for several days.

Shi Ning didn’t know what to say next.

Her intuition told her that Lin Sumo was not in a good mood.

“Let me walk you back to your dorm.” Lin Suno said.


The two walked a long way towards the dormitory.

When he was almost at the girls’ dormitory, Lin Suno suddenly spoke, “Who is the one who brought you milk tea today”

“The president of our club, he is the one who organized this event together with the president of your Go club.”

“He likes you.”



Suno was so straightforward.

“Does this count as liking I haven’t even really talked to him, only a few times.”

Before today, she didn’t feel the president was interested in her, but the move of delivering milk tea was obvious enough.

“What about you, do you like him”

“Not like, frankly, what he did today made me feel awkward.”

When Lin Suno heard this, he slightly hooked his lips when she wasn’t paying attention.

Then, with a serious face, he said to her.

“Since you don’t like it, don’t go to such activities in the future, and don’t go even if your roommate begs you.”

“Oh, en.” Although he was right, why does it sound like he was educating her It sounds strange for some reason.

Lin Suno added, “this kind of friendship, to put it nicely, is to add to the friendship between the two clubs but in fact, everyone is more interested in finding friends of the opposite sex than finding friends.”

Shi Ning followed his words and said.

“So you say that many people come to such events with the intention of finding a date and falling in love”

He nodded.

Shi Ning thought of something to smile and lament.

“Yes, everyone seems to want to fall in love when they get to college.

Not to mention those stupid boys in our class, even a few girls in our dormitory shout every day that they want to find a handsome guy to eat with, play games, and go to the library.”

“What about you, do you want to fall in love”

As they were enveloped in the darkness, he asked such a question.

The faint voice seemed to be carried into her ears by the wind.


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