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Just when Shi Ning was bored to sleep, Yan Fei, who was sitting next to her, grabbed her arm.

“That, I think it’s Lin Suno, I’ve seen people taking pictures of him secretly in my circle of friends.”

“He’s even more handsome in person.”

He Songxue: “I’m not interested in handsome guys but I’m enchanted.

He is too stunning.”

“Wait, is he looking at our side.”

Yan Fei was instantly nervous, and the hand that grabbed Shi Ning couldn’t help but push harder.

“It hurts, be gentle.”

Shi Ning hurriedly took out her little hand to avoid suffering from her roommate’s irrational behavior.

Nonsense, of course, he was looking at their side.

He wasn’t just looking at her.

Just when Shi Ning was thinking about whether to say hello to Lin Suno, another person walked in the door, Ye Shao.

This time, Ye Shao walked directly next to them.

He took a cup of milk tea in his hand and put it on Shi Ning’s table.

“Just went out and bought it, and I don’t know if you like it or not.”


There was an uproar in the classroom, and all eyes saw this gesture.

Ye Shao only brought a cup of milk tea and left it on her table.

This meaning was obvious.

Shi Ning: “I don’t eat this flavor, give it to Yan Fei.”

With that, she pushed the milk tea to Yan Fei.

Yan Fei’s face was a little embarrassed and she looked at Ye Shao.

Ye Shao was not annoyed and smiled.

“Don’t be nervous, everyone has one, it’s just that everyone else’s milk tea is on its way and I brought it over for you first.”

Yan Fei pushed the milk tea to Shi Ning again.

“That’s right, I can’t drink two glasses by myself, so you drink it.”

Shi Ning couldn’t refuse, but she didn’t drink the milk tea either even though it was on the table.



She shouldn’t have come if she knew the president meant this.

Rather, she shouldn’t have listened to Feifei to join the Calligraphy Club.

When she raised her eyes again, Lin Suno was no longer there, but sitting behind them, and when she looked over, he was also looking at her with sunken eyes.

Thin lips slightly pursed, eyebrows cold.

Why does he seem to be in a bad mood

Shi Ning thought, hesitating whether to go over and say hello to him, there were the two girls sitting in front of Lin Suno, blocking her line of sight.

“I’m pissed off, I wanted to get hitched too, so how come someone got there first.”

Yan Fei said in exasperation.

Shi Ning gave up the idea of going to Lin Suno.

Forget it, Suno seems to be very busy.

The gathering activity lasted about nine o’clock.

Half of the people present walked away, and there were more than ten people left.

Someone suggested that they might as well play games.

“What do you guys want to play” Ye Shao asked.

Lin Suno apparently also came with his roommate, and he didn’t leave without his roommate.

Yan Fei saw that Lin Suno did not leave, pulling Shi Ning she also decided not to leave first.

“Have you guys ever played the blindfolded pentagon game This one is quite suitable for a team game with a lot of people.” Yan Fei suggested.

Ye Shao: “It seems to be quite interesting, tell us the rules of the game.”

Yan Fei: “First of all, prepare a long rope and blindfolds.

With blindfolds we put our other hand on the rope while the other is to protect ourselves, then we’ll circle on the rope to find each other.”

“Sounds, well, kind of boring.” Someone said.

Yan Fei gave him a blank look.

“You don’t understand that.

Blindfolded is exciting.

There are many things that you can’t imagine.”

Ye Shao: “I have eye masks here.

I originally wanted to play werewolf killing, but since Yan Fei suggested this, let’s play this game first.”

With that, Ye Shao asked someone to find a long rope and moved the seats in the classroom, leaving a large open space.

All the people put on eye masks.


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