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Seeing Shi Ning’s expression, Yan Fei knew she couldn’t stand her insistent and persuaded her more.

“And this time, I heard that a member from Go Club from the Mathematics Department who was also school tyrants is coming as well.”

He Songxue: “Is that the top science student in province A, the one whose legendary looks match the sky immortal”

“Yes! Are you interested Let’s go, let’s go together.”

Ji Ling: “It’s not uncommon to meet school tyrants, but the one from the mathematics department is so amazing, I’d like to see what he looks like.”

Shi Ning thought about what Yan Fei said.

“Top student of Province A, Mathematics Department …… Lin Suno”

Yan Fei: “Yeah that’s him, Ning Ning do you know him”

Ji Ling: “Ning Ning how could not know, I remember among the four of us Shi Ning has the best grades when she enrolled in our department.”

“When I asked her if she was the top scorer from her school, she said she was not and that she was placed second, and if I remember correctly Ning Ning is also from province A.”

“Hahahahaha, that’s just a coincidence.

Ning Ning let’s go and meet the handsome man who robbed you of the first place.”

The roommates joked.

Yan Fei was also insisting for her to go, which made Shi Ning feel pressured and embarrassed at the same time, it wasn’t like they would be doing something inappropriate.

She just needs to go and play with them, it’s no big deal.

With this thought, Shi Ning agreed to go.

Because of the people, they would meet at this event, not only Yan Fei but also, He Songxue and Ji Ling, who don’t usually dress up, decides to dress up and make themselves beautiful.

Shi Ning on the other hand was too lazy to put on makeup and just watched them toss about in the dormitory.

“Ning Ning, you’re just going to go like this, huh” Yan Fei looked her up and down.

“Is there a problem” Shi Ning was used to being plain at ordinary times.

Yan Fei thought to herself: I’ll bring you over this time to match you up with my senior.

You can’t do this!

“Usually, it should be okay in ordinary times, but wouldn’t it be better to wear makeup when you go out and play See, all of us are wearing one, if you don’t put on some makeup you won’t fit in with the group.”


Shi Ning listened to them and took out the set of cosmetics from the box, which her mother bought for her after she went to college.

Shi Ning has not been using it much, it was almost pressed into the bottom of the box.

Her roommates took a look at the set she took out.

All of them were brand new and have everything you need for makeup.

“The sky is the limit, so good things are collected but not used

Shi Ning opened a box of TF’s full set of lipsticks.

“There are too many for me to use up, so take a few for yourselves if you like.”

“Ahhhhhhhh, big beautiful rich woman we love you!”

Her roommates screamed.

In the evening, Shi Ning was dragged by the three of them to the activity classroom of the club.

Not many people came, a total of about twenty people.

The president was kind enough to put drinks and food at everyone’s table for them.

Shi Ning sat in a row with her roommates.

Ji Ling: “Yan Fei, where is the school tyrant you mentioned I haven’t seen a handsome boy in the whole room.”

“My senior said he hasn’t come yet, so you guys wait a little longer.” Yan Fei said.

There were only a dozen boys in the classroom, and at this point from where they were sitting, two boys have already accosted Shi Ning and four boys have accosted Yan Fei.

“Do you think they are blind Although I am good-looking, I am still much worse than Shi Ning, right, so how come they all come to me” Yan Fei felt puzzled.

He Songxue: “the reason is very simple.

At Shi Ning’s level, boys only dare to be jealous and dare not chase.

Those who dare to chat up are not ordinary people.”

“Are you having fun” At this time, in front of their seats, came a handsome man with a gentle temperament.

Ji Ling whispered in He Songxue’s ear.

“Extraordinary people are here.”

Yan Fei immediately smiled and said, “Senior, thank you for the snacks, they are delicious.”

The one who came was the president of the calligraphy club, Ye Shao.

Ye Shao seems to be chatting with them, but his eyes never stray down from Shi Ning.

Shi Ning originally was not talkative, especially in front of people she was unfamiliar with, she was quieter.

She has been listening to them but didn’t talk much.

Ye Shao sat with them for a while, and soon after the phone rang.

“I’ll answer the phone first.”

He pointed to his cell phone and then smiled at them.

“Give me a face and don’t leave until the end.”

“Okay senior.” Yan Fei responded.

After Ye Shao went out, some more people came to the classroom one after another.


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