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September was the start of the school season.

The most difficult military training was finally over.

The first week of the official class was the most leisure time for freshmen students when many classes have not yet been scheduled.

Tsinghua University, in the Bauhinia apartment.

There were three people in the spacious and bright dormitory.

There were two lying on the bed and one sitting on the table.

“From the end of military training to now, I have been accosted by four boys, two seniors who want to invite me to dinner, not to mention the group of a wide net of sea kings who added my WeChat.”

The girl sitting at the dormitory table lamented.

Her name was Yan Fei.

She was a student at Tsinghua medical college.

She was 1.7 meters tall and weighs 98 kilograms.

She was slim and bony, she also has a small waist and long legs, which attract many eyes.

“Tut, look, this is beauty’s trouble.

Unlike me, I either go to class or play games every day so I don’t have to worry about these male flies coming to my door.”

The girl who was lying on the bed playing the game said.

Her name was He Songxue, she was wearing glasses and looked like a bookworm, she was also a good example of a homebody.

“Our dormitory has this kind of trouble and in addition to Fei Fei should be Shi Ning.

This is the beginning of the school year and every year although it is summer, the scorching sun can’t stop the eagerness of the students.”

“When I was in high school, I used to hear from my seniors that going to college is a paradise for love especially when you enter college, whether it is a boy your age who had been hiding his feelings for you or a senior who has been waiting for an opportunity.

So, freshmen girls are the most popular.”

Lying on the bed another girl who was also reading a book, said.

This was Ji Ling, the youngest in the room, with big eyes and a pure and well-behaved appearance.

“No, I thought Tsinghua would be different.

Everyone would be obsessed with learning and will not be disturbed by this.

Now it seems that I guessed wrong.” Yan Fei said.

He Songxue: “Genius people are still humans and people tend to have emotional needs.

Especially these high school tyrants who are immersed in studying hard who were suddenly given liberty, wouldn’t they try to search for their significant half in their four-year university career After all, even in a library, two people are better than one.”

Yan Fei: “Yo, from what you’re saying, you want to fall in love”

He Songxue: “Who does not want to, I was single since birth.

And I finally got into college, so I have to find a boyfriend.”

He Songxue: “Our dormitory in addition to Fei Fei, who is Mother Danhua*, so is Shi Ning, right”

(*popular internet word means “I have been single since birth, and I have to pay back the flowers every month”)

Yan Fei: “speaking of Shi Ning, where is this girl”

He Songxue: “I don’t know.

There are no classes all day today.

She probably went to the library again.”

“If we’re talking about who is the most popular, then it must be Shi Ning.

Before I met her, I couldn’t believe that she is a school tyrant and thought she is from Beijing’s Film Academy and just got into the wrong university, here in Tsinghua.” Ji Ling said at this time.

Feifei: “it’s true.

I grew up to be a class flower.

When I met Shi Ning, I knew what it feels like to be ashamed of myself.

Unfortunately, this girl knew nothing about her beauty, so she doesn’t look for a rich and handsome man, and just wanted to study every day.

Alas, it’s a pity.”

“By the way, didn’t the four of us in our dormitory join a club for credits at the beginning of the school year Yesterday, the president asked me to tell you that our Calligraphy Club and the next door Go club has a meet-up tonight and ask me to let you all come.”

“Club bonding I thought you said you weren’t interested in that kind of thing” Ji Ling said.

“I’m not interested, but the president of the calligraphy club is my high senior, and I’ve received a lot of care from him.

I should give him a face, and they even asked me to take Shi Ning there specifically.

I have a task at hand.”

“Gee, that senior of yours must be a wolf and is eyeing our Ning Ning”

“My senior is also very excellent.

There are many girls chasing him, but he has a high vision and has been unwilling to make do with it.

But, seeing Shi Ning, he fell in love at first sight.” Yan Fei said.

At this time, the door of the dormitory was pushed open.

Shi Ning came in, and the three pair eyes in the dormitory fell on her.

Today, she was wearing a white shirt and jeans, both of which were simple, but when she wears these simple clothes, it looked like a fairy has descends.

Shi Ning didn’t cut her hair after high school, and now her satin black hair has reached her shoulders.

She was holding two books in her hands when she entered the room and saw her roommates looking at her with a hint of puzzlement in their clear eyes.

“What happened”

Yan Fei stood up and walked to the door to pull the person in.

“Ning Ning, let me discuss something with you.

Are you free tonight”

“Yes, what happened”

“The calligraphy club and the Go club are having an event tonight, and the president is counting the number of participants, so let’s go together.”

“What activity”

“Just everyone playing together ah, promote the friendship of the two clubs.

There is food and drink.

We won’t let you do anything, just go to a number of people.”

“Can I not go I don’t know many people.” Shi Ning dodged.

She has attended this kind of event before, and every time she goes there were several guys who come to talk to her, but she was uncomfortable with them.

“Come on, come on, my senior asked me to call more people to support him, I can’t give you an excuse if you don’t go.”

Yan Fei took Shi Ning’s hand and swings back and forth.


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