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Shi Ning continued to talk to him regardless.

“When I changed my major, it gave him a good opportunity.

He has always taken first place in liberal arts class since I left, but he has never changed.

He is really good at studying too.

He can keep such good grades while working.”

When Shi Ning said this, she specially observed his brother’s expression.

He pretended to be indifferent, but in fact, he was listening carefully.

When Shi Ning went out, Shi Chen said.

“Go and call Suno for me, I have something to ask him.”

“Oh.” Shi Ning didn’t ask why and helped her brother call Lin Suno over.

Lin Suno enters the reception room.

He and Shi Chen were the only two people in the whole room.

“Brother Shi Chen.”

He called out politely.

Shi Chen turned his head and gave him a deep look.

“Let’s sit and chat.

Sit down.”

Lin Suno obediently listened to him.

Shi Chen: “there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you, but I haven’t had a chance to ask.

And since I remember it today, I’ll ask it anyway.”

“What’s up”

“The instructor who took me to research told me that a student from my same school ranked first in the national competition last year, but he refused the invitation of the national training team, gave up the qualification to be escorted, and chose to continue to study in the third year of senior high school and participate in the college entrance examination.”

“My mentor felt it was a pity and originally wanted to fight for him to be admitted to our school in the future.

But right now, someone has already filled in that door.

He just couldn’t figure out why this student gave up and not further his studies even though he chose to enter the competition.”

When Shi Chen said this, his dark eyes spared a look at Lin Suno with interest.

“Can you tell me why”

Lin Suno’s expression didn’t change, nor did his heart beat erratically.

“Because a life without a high school entrance exam is not perfect.”

“If you go to the training team, you can still participate in the college entrance examination.”

“The battle of predicting the result will naturally not do its best, and it is not interesting.”

He said it without flinching, and it didn’t sound like a lie.

Unfortunately, Shi Chen did not believe a word.

If he really cares so much about the college entrance exams, why does he still engage in math competitions in the first place

Lin Suno told him this reason only because he did not want to tell him the real reason.

But since he didn’t want to talk about it, so he didn’t ask.

“Brother Chen, this is my own private affair.

I hope you don’t tell anyone.” Lin Suno added.


“Especially Shi Ning.”

Shi Chen slightly narrowed his eyes: “Why especially Shi Ning”

“I’m afraid she’ll make fun of me for this, after all, it’s really quite rare for people to give up intensive training.”

“Get out.”

After coming out of the reception room, Lin Suno breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that these reasons he made up could not deceive brother Shi Chen, especially when he asked Shi Chen not to tell Shi Ning about it, Shi Chen obviously guessed something, but he put it aside for the college entrance.

So that they won’t be disturbed and had all their focus on the entrance exam.

But why he didn’t tell Shi Chen the real reason

He couldn’t actually say.

That day, when she came to the classroom and sat next to him.

It was the most surprising moment in his life of more than ten years.

When he got the result of the competition, he thought he couldn’t do it thinking that the seat next to him would empty for the next year.

He doesn’t know what would happen in the future.

But at least, he could accompany her through the hardest year in high school.


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