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Mo Xue remembered that Shi Chen had always ranked first in the grade since the third year of high school.

At this time, when she saw him reading books, she couldn’t help but speak those words.


Shi Chen glanced at her coldly, turned the book over, and showed her the cover.


“How much brain do you think I need to read this”


His tone seemed to be mocking Mo Xue’s ignorance.

The cover of the book was a cartoon.


Mo Xue was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

She was a little afraid of talking to her stepson.

Now she was ridiculed by him, and she didn’t know what to say.


Shi Ning came over at this time and took Shi Chen’s comic book without saying a word.


“Let me see what’s good about it.”


“Give it back to me.” Because he saw Mo Xue, Shi Chen was in a bad mood.


Shi Ning sat directly by his bed and began to read the comic book.

“Brother, you go and eat, I’ll help you read.”


Shi Chen said frankly: “I don’t want to eat.”


Shi Ning forked a piece of cake and put it to her mouth.

“Eat it.

Mom made it by herself.

It’s delicious.

I’ve tried it for you.”


Shi Chen still didn’t want to eat.

After three minutes of idling, Shi Ning finally decided to use the biggest killer weapon of women since ancient times — Being coquettish.


“Brother, do you not want to eat I’ll give it to you, and you just take a bite.”


Her voice was soft and sweet, crisp, very beautiful.

Listening to her voice felt like stepping into clouds.


Since childhood, he was used to her arrogant and willful appearance.

At this moment, when she acted coquettishly in front of him, Shi Chen’s heart couldn’t help shaking.


“Then I’ll try”




After hearing this, Shi Ning smiled with satisfaction and handed the spoon with a piece of cake over.


Shi Chen tasted.


Both Shi Ning and Mo Xue nervously observed his expression, especially Mo Xue.

She was afraid that Shi Chen would dislike the taste.


The cake melted in his mouth.

It was sweet but not too greasy.

It tasted better than many cakes on the market.


“Is it delicious” Shi Ning asked expectantly.


Shi Chen took a look at her and looked at the Mo Xue.


Finally, he nodded his head gently.


Mo Xue breathed a sigh of relief and showed a gratifying smile: “You like it.

If you want to eat it, just tell aunt and aunt will do it for you when she is free.”


Looking at Mo Xue’s sincere face, Shi Chen couldn’t say any more vicious words.

Besides, he had to give his stepmother a little face for this cake.


“Thank you.” He was stiff as he said this.


Before, Mo Xue only heard words from his mouth like: 


“Get out of here.” 


“Don’t bother me.” 


When she heard the word “Thank you”, she almost burst into tears.


“You child, what do you thank me for This is what aunt should do.” Mo Xue said.


Taking advantage while the milk was hot, Shi Ning picked up the cup, and stuff it in Shi Chen’s mouth.


“And this, you have to drink it.

Reading comics also requires replenishing your brain.

It is tired from guessing the plot ah!”


Shi Chen frowned: “I don’t like to drink this.”


It’s true.

He didn’t like milk.


But Shi Ning didn’t care so much and forced him to drink.

“That’s not good.

Drink milk and grow taller.”


“You leave it and I’ll drink it myself.”


“Sister can feed you by herself.

Drink it quickly.”


“You really…I can’t drink so much.”

This scene was warm and beautiful.


Mo Xue looked at the scene of this brother and sister fighting and smiled.

She quietly left the room.


“I can’t do anything to you so you bully me.”


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