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After taking the oath, Shi Chen sat for a while in the school reception room, which was surrounded by a circle of people, all of whom had come to see him.

Shi Chen called Shi Ning in and the teacher in the reception room kept complimenting Shi Ning in front of him.

“Sure enough, there are as many sisters as there are brothers.

In the beginning, Shi Ning was the most promising liberal arts champion in our school.

When she proposed to transfer, the school leaders were very sad.”

“But we can’t do anything about it since our school has to respect the students’ own wishes.”

“This child is also more successful than everyone expected.

After the third year of senior high school, she is basically the second-best in her grade.

Before that, she won the first national prize in the national competition.

The best students in our school this year are her and Lin Suno.”

Being praised by the teacher in front of his brother, Shi Ning couldn’t help but glare at Shi Chen seeing Shi Chen’s snickering expression.

Shi Chen said to her teacher, “Teacher, I have something I want to say to Shi Ning.”

The teacher nodded in understanding.

“Okay, I’ll leave the siblings to catch up and go first.”

With that, the teacher went out and helped him drive away the surrounding group of girls.

After the teacher left, Shi Chen was lying on the sofa in the reception room.

Shi Ning: “Brother, how come you didn’t tell me you’re coming!”

“It’s not a surprise for you if I told you.”

“It really surprised me, but to be honest, you look so handsome when you walk on the stage today.”

“Only a few points”

“Okay, okay, you are the most handsome.”

“But seriously, the college entrance examination is coming.

Are you nervous”

Shi Chen put away his joking look and asked seriously.

Shi Ning: “Not nervous, ah, the more prepared you are, the less nervous you are, I think I am ready.”

Shi Chen chuckled.

“Worthy of my sister.

Though your brother wants to give you some life experience, but it seems that I can’t give you any.”

Shi Ning: “Didn’t you cheer me on, and in front of so many people.”

Her brother was really high-profile sometimes.

“That’s right.

I came back here to cheer on my sister, and also to my juniors.”

The siblings chatted for a while.

Shi Chen asked, “by the way, what about the three boys How are their grades now”

He also had a rare concern for his other little brothers in addition to his sister.

“They are all doing good.

Nan Xiao is now the first in his class and seems to have passed the military inspection*.

He may go to an aviation university or military school in the future.

With his current grades, he can choose any school in China after passing the physical examination.”

(*refers to a military physical examination which is more strict than physical examination in general colleges and universities)

“Suno, it’s still the same.

He’s still so good that I can’t still surpass him.”

Speaking of this, Shi Ning sighed.

“The peak of my life should be at the end of the first year of high school.”

That was the closest she came to Lin Suno, the two tied for first place in their grade.

After that, when she transferred to the science class, she never won any first place in the exam and was always overwhelmed by him.

Shi Chen: “I’ll be honest, even if I were in his class, I wouldn’t be able to beat him.

So far, I haven’t seen anyone more talented than him in academics.”

“All right, all right, I your sister have recognized the truth.”

“But if you both study liberal arts, he will definitely not be able to beat you.

Who let you choose science”

“It’s because I’m your sister.”

She also really didn’t think that fate would be so amazing, after her brother chose to major in medicine, her ambition and Shi Chen coincided.

“I’ve said I’ll wait for you at Tsinghua.” Shi Chen said with a smile.

“What about Jin Sihan, he’s so popular now.

Even our college has some girls who are his fans.”

In his sophomore and junior year, Jin Sihan debuted as a center of an idol group through a national talent show and became the most popular idol of the year.

His popularity was still rising, and his future was really promising.

“Sihan ah, still the same, he’s so busy as a spinning wheel.

He rarely comes to school all year long.

But at his level, it doesn’t matter if he studies or not.

He said he can still get his diploma even if he doesn’t attend school, he was planning to go to a foreign music academy to further his studies after the college entrance examination.”

“Well, it seems that these kids have also found the direction of life.” Shi Chen sighed.

“Brother, there is another person you have forgotten.” Shi Ning reminded.

Shi Chen knowingly asked the question.


“Wan Yue ah, he is still your blood brother, right You really don’t care about him”

Shi Chen acted as if he didn’t hear.


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