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Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, it’s senior year.

And without them noticing, senior year was in the countdown to the college entrance exams.

On the top of the blackboard, there was a list of counting down the days before the college entrance examination.

And there were only one hundred days before the most important battle of their lives.

In order to motivate them, the school would hold a 100-day pledge meeting for them, just like what they always do every year for senior students.

Shi Ning and Lin Suno were both excellent representatives of this year’s students, a man, and a woman, leading the students to read the oath.

The Pledge of Allegiance was in the last segment of the program.

Before reciting the oath, the school arranges for leaders, teachers, and alumnus for a speech.

It has to be said that their grade director was very good at making chicken blood for students.

Even if there were only a hundred days left before the college entrance examination, the grade director’s impassioned and passionate speech still makes the senior students feel that with the remaining days left means racing against time, they could still reverse it and create a miracle.

However, feeding the students with chicken blood after, speech after speech would eventually make the students feel dreary.

The enthusiasm on stage was so high that the students off stage were already drowsy.

Students couldn’t help but think that if they have time for this long-same-content speech it’s better to go back to school and review more questions.

After waiting for almost eternity, the two outstanding student representatives finished their speeches, and everyone standing on the field had one thought in mind.

Finally, it’s time to take the oath!

This was the most inspiring time!

The presiding student came up and said.

“After listening to the teacher’s teachings and the encouragement of the best students of the same grade.

Next, is a surprise guest for everyone.”

“In order to encourage the senior candidates here, the school specially invited a senior to cheer us up.

Let’s welcome our senior who also took first place in science class of this province, everyone please give a warm welcome and applaud, Senior Shi Chen!”

“Shi Chen Ah ah ah ah my male god ah!”

“Fuck, the school even invited Shi Chen here, we have enough cards for this 100-day pledge!”

“I have to pay my respects to the top student to bless my college entrance exams!”

“Tsinghua senior ah, simply my dream school!”

“My brother is also from Tsinghua.

I heard that even in Tsinghua senior Shi Chen is ranked first place in his college.

He is really awesome, giving our school a good reputation ah!”

The crowd that had been quiet suddenly boiled, and everyone mentioned Shi Chen with a proud face.

Who doesn’t have a dream of being a top scorer.

They witnessed this legend take first place in science class competition for two consecutive years.

At that time, his alma mater became famous in the whole province and even the whole country.

And unquestionable, his alma mater was proud of him.

“Shi Ning, your brother is coming eh, how come I didn’t mention that.”

The student standing next to Shi Ning applauded and clutched her hands in excitement.

Shi Ning was also in a daze.

“My brother didn’t tell me he was back, and I didn’t know beforehand.”

Shi Chen walked up to the lectern amidst thunderous applause.

Because of the back-to-school presentation today.

He also wore his school uniform on purpose.

Wearing a white shirt, and black pants he set off as a bright and handsome student.

In the past two years in college, Shi Chen’s temperament has become more noble and polite.

He walked onto the stage, reminding people of a song-poem.

“The accumulated stones are like jade, and the columns of pines are like green.”

“Lang Yan is unique, and there is no other in the world.”

No wonder the girls in the audience were screaming.

This scene of her brother was like a god descending from the sky.

“Greetings, all teachers, all students.”

“Today, I came back.”

Shi Chen did not bring a written speech with him, and he stood in front of the stage with a relaxed posture.

He didn’t say any official polite words.

He was talking like he was just like chatting with his classmates, sharing with them his experience of studying and taking the college entrance exams back then.

During the ten minutes or so of his speech, the students listened intently, taking the golden words of the school tyrant to heart.

After Shi Chen’s speech, it was time to recite the pledge of allegiance.

Shi Ning and Lin Suno both walked up to the stage and led the pledge on behalf of this senior class.

Shi Ning walked onto the stage just as Shi Chen came down.

He touched Shi Ning’s head as he brushed past his sister in front of the entire school.

“The speech just now was for my juniors.”

“This cheer is for you.”

“Shi Ning, cheer up, brother is waiting for you in Tsinghua.”

He did not shy away from saying these words directly with the microphone in his hand.

The stage was full of shrieks, everyone was envious of Shi Ning, for having an immortal brother.

“I will.” Shi Ning said firmly.

“I swear—”

The campus echoed with resounding and loud vows, and the determination and will of countless people burst forth at this moment.


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