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If it’s not Zhang Qing’s misunderstanding, was it her who misunderstood

Suno, like her

That night, Shi Ning was full of these thoughts and couldn’t sleep well.

Finally, she gave up.

If she runs her imagination wild, it would instead make the relationship between the two awkward and bad.

Three days later, the organizers of the national competition called them all and informed the students who had won the awards to come and receive them.

Surprisingly, all four of them won awards on this trip.

Even Zhang Qing, who thought she did not do good in the competition, won the national third prize.

The other three were able to place first.

This was considered a record-breaking for Yangchuan High School.

The teacher’s face lit up with joy.

On the way back, they were praised one after another.

“Great, all of them are national awardees and three first place.

Your class teacher will be happy to know that this class really has a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.”

Because the result was excellent, several people were in a good mood along the way, even Zhang Qing who was previously gloomy was in a good mood.

Instead, it was Zhuang Zixue who had a downcast face.

“Zhuang, what’s wrong with you You have taken the national one, yet you are still not satisfied ah, that is able to add a full twenty points on your examination paper!” The teacher wondered.

Zhuang Zixue looked at Shi Ning sorrowfully.

“Getting first place in the national competition is what I expected but what I did not expect is getting worst result than her.”

Shi Ning didn’t take the competition before.

It was her first time.

But she was able to beat him in this most difficult and long competition.

Was this woman favored by heaven ah!

“It’s just two points, you’ll pass me next time.”

Shi Ning was in a good mood and decided to comfort him anyway.

Zhuang Zixue: “Next time! Didn’t you hear that starting this year, our batch will be the last students that are allowed to participate in this competition! You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Can you keep your voice down at the airport, how can a boy look like a shrew.”

Shi Ning spat.

“Who are you calling a shrew Don’t go too far, don’t think you’re great just because you did better in the competition!”



In the midst of Zhuang Zixue’s usual shouting, they embarked on the journey back to their hometown.

Her competition career also drew a curtain.

This achievement, which she had fought hard to get back, turned out to be more than she expected.

God was not wrong.

You just need to work hard and leave everything to the heavens.

But some things, it seems that even if you try hard, you may not be able to do.

For example, the one in front.

This time Lin Suno’s competition scores were among the top ten in the country, the specific rank, he did not tell them.

In this year’s national competition for the national first prize a total of 110 places in the country, she was in the fiftieth place, Zhuang Zixue fifty-eight, they were in the middle of the pack.

Lin Suno, on the other hand, was standing in the top ones, which was unattainable.

Forget it, that’s Suno.

He was her first enlightenment teacher for this competition, and before she even decided to compete, she has been studying liberal arts for a year.

She was already a year late, so thinking of surpassing her master seems like a bigger dream she couldn’t achieve at this time.


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