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He walked out of the shadows, Zhang Qing and Zhuang Zixue did not expect this conversation would be heard by him.

Under the terrified eyes of the two, Lin Suno walked in front of them.

“Jealousy is not an excuse.

Greed, anger, and resentment everyone has it but if they can’t control their behavior then what’s the difference between them and a beast

He said in a cold voice.

Zhang Qing raised her teary eyes to look at him and said in a trembling voice.

“Beast How dare you use such a word to scold me, am I that bad in your heart”

There was no hint of emotion at the bottom of Lin Suno’s eyes.

“Otherwise, what you did to Shi Ning, should I praise you”

Zhang Qing had thought that he would blame her after he found out about the matter, but he might as well scold her frankly than hear these hurtful words from him.

“Do you have to talk to me like that Yes, I ought to say sorry to Shi Ning, but I didn’t really want to hurt her, it was just an expired cold medicine, she won’t be poisoned if she eats it, and I didn’t expect her to have a serious fever.

Now I know what I did is wrong, and I’m trying to make up for it, can’t you forgive me”

Sobs could be in between the words she said as her shoulder shook.

“Criminals have a chance to reform, why can’t I Besides, the reason I’m doing this is not because….”

The watery red eyes were blazing with love.

“It’s because I like you.”

The girl’s tearful confession did not move Lin Suno in the slightest.

“If liking me means you’ll the people I like then I can’t afford such feelings.”

“Behave yourself, and if you do it again, I will not let it go.”

After he finished saying this, he gave Zhang Qing a cold look and turned around and walked towards Shi Ning’s room.

Zhuang Zixue breathe a sigh of relief.

“Scared the hell out of me, I’ve never seen such a scary look in his eyes.

But luckily he didn’t do anything about you in the end, but it’s more likely that Shi Ning will know about it soon, so you’d better go and apologize to Shi Ning.”

Zhang Qing’s heart was bitter.

Lin Suno did nothing to her.

But every word he said was like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart.

“Even if she doesn’t like me, I’m willing to die for her, to die for her.”

Knowing full well that she likes him, he could still reveal to her so bluntly how he defends another girl, clearly trampling on her heart.

Zhang Qing used to think that although Lin Suno was cold and reticent, he was still gentle and polite.

But she just found out that he wasn’t.

If someone touches what he cares the most.

He would raise his knife and only chop where you hurt the most.

Evening came, Shi Ning finished her bath and was preparing to go to sleep.

Zhang Qing knocked on the door in her room.

“Come on in.”

Zhang Qing walked in, and she saw Shi Ning in her pajamas.

“You’re going to sleep Am I disturbing you”

Shi Ning: “It’s okay, what can I do for you”

Zhang Qing looked at Shi Ning, she was not different from usual.

Zhang Qing couldn’t help but mutter in her heart.

Could it be that Lin Suno didn’t tell her about that incident

Forget it, whatever.

Now that she decided to come, she needs to apologize properly.

The thumb of her left hand was pinched red by her.

Zhang Qing summoned up her courage and bowed deeply to Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning, I’m sorry.”

She looked up and said to her, “Do you remember, the day you asked me to get your cold medicine”

She made such a big move that it scared Shi Ning.

“Take it easy, sit down and talk.”

Shi Ning walked over and helped her sit down.

Zhang Qing turned her head to look at her and realized she said it all once.

“That day when I went to buy medicine, by mistake I bought expired cold medicine.

Later the shopkeeper told me that this medicine is expired but I do not know what I was thinking at that time, evil thoughts just engulf me, and still bought the medicine back for you to eat.”

“No wonder you had a strange expression when I took my medicine that day.

And you’ve been extra warm to me the last two days I’ve been out of the hospital.”

That would make sense.

Zhang Qing looked at her with great guilt.

“I’m sorry, I was in such a depressed mood that I did this such thing, and you know I really felt worse seeing you in the hospital than I did myself.”

She has never done anything bad except this in her entire life.

“It really doesn’t feel good to do bad things.” Zhang Qing said with a self-deprecating bitter smile.

Shi Ning: “My fever shouldn’t be due to taking that medicine either, I already felt that my fever was getting worst when you went to get the medicine for me.”

She thought she would be better after taking the medicine, and she didn’t expect to take the expired medicine with little effect.

“No, it’s all because of me, if you had taken your medicine then, maybe you wouldn’t have burned up.

It’s all me, it’s my fault.

I also just realized that I turned out to be so bad.”

Zhang Qing lowered her eyes and bit her lip.

Shi Ning was silent for a moment and said.

“I am not a fool, but I’m also not an expert in judging people if they are bad or good.

I’ve known you for more than half a year and I don’t think you’re someone who hurt others for no reason.”

“So I want to ask, did I do something wrong Why would you do something like that to me”

“Haven’t you noticed that I often run to your side when I have nothing to do” Zhang Qing asked back.

Shi Ning: “I notice it.

Isn’t it because you often asked Suno about the topic”

“If it just discussing the topic, why do I have to find him I can understand those topics by myself and can find the answers by myself and if I can’t, I can just ask the teacher.”

“Then you are ……”

Shi Ning thought for a moment and asked tentatively.

“Then, are you deliberately coming to Suno not because you have questions But because you like him”

“En, I like him.”

Zhang Qing admitted.

“I have liked him since a long time ago.”


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