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Every time she sees Lin Suno and Shi Ning sitting together chatting and joking, she has a hard time.

Such suppressed emotions reached their highest point after her national competition defeat.

She couldn’t control herself and did something bad.

“Don’t you hate her too Isn’t it just what you want when I did this”

Zhang Qing said to Zhuang Zixue with a gloomy face.

Only then did Zhuang Zixue realize that the quiet and hardworking girl from his memory was actually scary.

“It’s one thing for me to hate Shi Ning, but how can you hurt people! This time is okay because nothing happened but if something happened, Lin Suno wouldn’t even let you go.

Not to mention the Shi family.”

Zhang Qing was even more flustered when she heard this.

She was on tenterhooks these two days, hoping that Shi Ning would get better soon.

She grabbed Zhuang Zixue’s hand.

“Zixuan, we’ve known each other for so many years, I know I was wrong, and I’ve been regretting that incident, I couldn’t sleep the whole night when Shi Ning had a fever.

The feeling of doing something bad turned out to be so unbearable.”

She said and burst into tears.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong.

Can you help me keep this secret, isn’t Shi Ning fine now!”

Zhuang Zixue’s expression was very complicated.

Zhang Qing and he have known each other since childhood and got closer as they grew up.

Naturally, he has more good feelings toward Zhang Qing but Shi Ning was harmed for no reason, she knew the truth but did not tell her.

How could he feel sorry for her conscience

“First tell me why you want to harm Shi Ning, hating someone is not enough to harm her ah Besides, you have nothing against each other, why do you hate her.”

Zhang Qing hung her head, biting her lips tightly, unwilling to say the words.

Zhuang Zixue: “If you don’t tell me I’ll go and tell Shi Ning so that you don’t harm her again in the future.”

“I’ll say it.” Zhang Qing pulled him back and wiped the tears from her face.

“Because I, for one, like Lin Suno.”

Jealousy was the most terrible demon that destroys a person’s heart.

“Dang! Why do you like him too How can you like an unapproachable person Even if you stayed with him in the future, he can’t be nice to you.

He doesn’t like people at all.

I really don’t understand you girls, just basing your like because of the face.”

Zhuang Zixue was speechless, it turns out that she harmed Shi Ning because of jealousy between the girls.

Women ah really are terrible creatures.

“Hahahaha.” Zhang Qing burst out laughing with tears in her eyes.

She sniffled, her reddened eyes looking at Zhuang Zixue.

“He doesn’t like people Then what is Shi Ning to him.”

Zhuang Zixue was speechless in an instant.

Zhang Qing continued: “I used to think he was impersonal and doesn’t want to get close to any women, but I just can’t help being attracted to him.”

“I thought that even if I couldn’t be with him, I could at least be a little closer to him.

Anyway, he wants to concentrate on his studies, and he doesn’t seem to like anyone.

I just need to gradually become better and wait for him.”

This was Zhang Qing’s balance point and the driving force behind her constant struggle.

“It wasn’t until she came along that everything changed.”

Zhang Qing has never been so jealous of a person, the better and more perfect Shi Ning was, the more hopeless she knows she was.

“Although I don’t understand feelings, it’s Shi Ning’s and Lin Suno’s business.

What we can do is persuade.

How can you use that means! Besides, even without Shi Ning, Lin Suno won’t necessarily like you.

Why did you make such a fool”

Zhuang Zixue sighed.

He really was the only one who was clear-headed, they don’t think about studying at all!

What was going on in their minds every day, falling in love What was there to talk about in love, whether it would help them go to Tsinghua University or help them go to Peking University

Or even help them win the national first prize

A while ago he also scolded Lin Suno for losing his wits but compared with Zhang Qing Lin Suno was still sensible.

“What I desperately crave, Shi Ning gets with no effort and she never cherishes it.

We can all see that Lin Suno is fond of Shi Ning, but what about Shi Ning Did you see her response!”

Speaking of this, the jealousy that had been suppressed because of guilt these days came up rushing again.

How can she not hate this

“I don’t need her to respond.”

Behind the wall, the figure of a man came out.

The young man’s clear eyebrows were now more icy cold, he walked step by step towards this side, the bottom of his eyes was cold.

“I like her, and it’s my business alone.

Even if she doesn’t like me, I can still be there for her and die for her.”


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