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In the middle of the night, Shi Ning woke up.

Her head still feel groggy, but her consciousness was awake.

Her lips were bitter and sour at the same time.

Shi Ning then remembered that she hadn’t drunk water for a long time.

She wanted to get up from the bed to look for water to drink but found that her hand was still holding a person’s hand.

Looking sideways, it was the quiet sleeping face of the young man.

Suno, how come he slept next to me

Flash of memories came back little by little.

Shi Ning remembered that she had slept in bed all day yesterday.

Her whole body was hot and had no strength to get up.

And it seems that Lin Suno found that she had a fever, and then…

“…this sick but you can’t be more obedient.”

She vaguely remembered him saying this to her.

Also, the scene of him holding her in his arms and rushing to the hospital.

Shi Ning inclined her head to look at Lin Suno.

She always thought he was the quietest and well-behaved among the four of them, but she didn’t expect him to become so reliable after the accident.

Suno, too, has grown up.

In fact, he was a few months older than her, but she had always treated him as a good boy because of her heart’s preference for him.

Her hand was still clutching his.

When she was sleeping she didn’t feel anything but now that she was awake, Shi Ning felt her palm was inexplicably hot.

“You’re awake, are you feeling better”

Lin Suno opened his eyes at this time, saw Shi Ning half sitting up, and asked.

Shi Ning hurriedly retracted her hand quickly back into the quilt.

“Why are you still here, what time is it”

Lin Suno picked up his phone and looked at the time.

“Five o’clock in the morning.”

Shi Ning only knew that she had slept for a long time, and did not expect that it was almost daylight.

She said in shock, “Then haven’t you been here all night”

“I don’t know who it was last night, but they wouldn’t let anyone sleep.”

He stood up and sat down again on the edge of her bed, leaning down to check the temperature of her forehead with his hand.

“You seemed to have been having nightmares and grabbed my hand and called at me not to go.”

The distance between the two was extremely close because of this series of actions.

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other, and an ambiguous atmosphere filled the air.

Shi Ning blinked and forgot to move.

Meanwhile, Lin Suno withdrew his hand.

“It doesn’t seem to be very hot anymore, the fever should have subsided.”

Not hot

But why does her face feel, even more, hotter now

Shi Ning: “I’m fine now, it’s you who stayed up all night to take care of me, go to bed.”

She urged.

“What do you want to eat The hotel doesn’t start serving breakfast until eight o’clock, so I’ll go out and get it for you first.”

Shi Ning: “I’m not hungry now either, you go to sleep.”

People who have stayed up all night were still here thinking about what to buy her for breakfast.

“But your fever just subsided, and you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.

I’ll go see if there’s porridge nearby.”

“I said I won’t eat.”

Why the heck is this kid being stubborn.

“But I heard your stomach growling just now.”



OK, I haven’t eaten or drunk anything for a long time, and now that the fever has subsided and recovered a little strength, I really am hungry…

But in a few minutes, the hotel would be serving breakfast, and she had already bothered Lin Suno a lot and didn’t want to keep bothering him.

“Okay, wait a little longer, I’ll be right back.”

Lin Suno insisted as he put on his clothes and headed out.

“Eh, you wait.” Shi Ning called out to him, biting her lip.

“You only know how to be obedient, so can’t you be a little more obedient Nono used to be very well behaved, how can he be so domineering now.”

“I can order take-out or go down to eat later, it’s only two or three hours.

I told you to go to sleep.

You sent me to the hospital in the middle of the night and took care of me until dawn.

Now you have to run out early in the morning to buy me breakfast, even though you don’t know if there are any open stores .

Are really not tired Or do you really want me to die in guilt”

Her voice was a little shaky as she said this and since she had a bad cold her voice sounded more nasal like a crying voice.

“Why guilty.”

“Shouldn’t that be moving”

He stopped walking out the door and took a few steps toward her bed.

Shi Ning blinked twice and pulled up the quilt a little enough to cover most of her (burning) face.

“We all know what else you’re talking about.”

She muttered in a small voice.

Lin Suno curved his lips and smiled lightly.

Placed his palm on her head and rubbed it gently.

“Well, get well soon if you’re really moved.”

Shi Ning hadn’t fully recovered, so she fell asleep again after drinking the porridge Lin Suno bought for her.


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