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Shi family.


Shi Ning sat in the room writing her homework when the door was suddenly knocked, and then Mo Xue walked in.


“Mom.” Shi Ning called out cleverly.


Mo Xue brought her a cup of milk and a cake made by herself, and said with a smile, “It’s better to study.

Is the class difficult or not”


Shi Ning: “It’s very simple.

I’m doing some extra-curricular problems now.”


Mo Xue was amused by her words.


“It’s better to understand the textbook first.

Take your time.

Your parents will be very happy if you are willing to study hard.”


As soon as Shi Ning saw her like this, she knew that her mother was doubting that she was lying again.

She suddenly hoped that the monthly exam would come soon and give her parents a good score to prove it, to make them happy.


Mo Xue hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Mom sees that your relationship with bother has become good recently.”


“Yes, we have reconciled.” Shi Ning responded.


Mo Xue pushed another cup of milk to her: “This cup of milk belongs to your brother.

Can you help mother give it to him Also, there’s something your father wants to tell you.

Come down with your brother later.”


Shi Ning looked at the milk cup: “Mom, you can give it to brother.”


Mo Xue smile wryly: “If I give it to your brother, he won’t drink.

You give him the milk and don’t tell him it came from me…okay”


Shi Ning: “No, I can only help you pass the milk.”


After saying this, she pulled Mo Xue to Shi Chen’s room. 


Mo Xue held the cup of milk and cake, with a helpless face: “I don’t want to go.

Your brother doesn’t want to see me.

It would just annoy him.”


“If you communicate too little, brother will not know that you are good.

When he understands his mother’s hard work, he will love you.” Shi Ning held her back and kept her from fleeing.


“You see, I have a bad relationship with brother before, now it’s better.

Brother is not as difficult to get along with as you think.”


“That’s different.

You and your brother are biological siblings.

He loves you from the bottom of his heart.

As for me…ah, that child has deep resentment against me.

I am a useless mother.

I have been with him for many years yet I did not let him feel the maternal love.

” Mo Xue’s face showed remorse.


Shi Ning gently patted her mother’s hand.

“I was ignorant in the past.

I made the relationship between you and brother worsened.

My brother’s heart is very fragile and needs love very much.

Let’s work together in the future to open his heart! “


Mo Xue looked at Shi Ning with tears in her eyes.

She knew her daughter had changed a lot recently, but she didn’t expect her to be so sensible.



Even the child is so brave to maintain this family.

As a parent, there’s no reason to shrink back.



Mom will work with you.” Mo Xue said.


She hesitated several times, but under the encouragement of Shi Ning’s eyes, she bravely knocked on the door of Shi Chen.


Before long, Shi Chen came out and opened the door.

When the young man saw the woman standing at the door, his idle look became colder.

“What are you doing here”


“And me.” Shi Ning poked out her head from behind Mo Xue and said hello to her brother.


Seeing his sister’s thick face, Shi Chen slightly restrained his disgusting expression.

He opened the door and continued to read in bed.


Shi Ning gave Mo Xue a wink.


She took a deep breath and walked into her stepson’s room with the tray.


She put the milk cup and cake on Shi Chen’s table.


“Aunt has made you some food.

You should pay attention to nutrition while you are studying.

Don’t overuse your brain.”



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