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The sophomores and juniors do not travel together; the four of them were led to the national competition by a teacher assigned by their grade.

The night before she was due to leave, Shih Ning discovered she had a slight cold.

When she went to the airport the next day, the cough was worse.

The sound of her coughing reached the teacher’s ears.

Teacher: “Shi Ning, are you all right Don’t get sick at this critical moment.”

Shi Ning: “Nothing teacher, just a little cold, it will not affect me.”

Zhuang Zixue: “Recently the flu is prevalent, better pray that’s not flu, it is possible to infect people.

The teacher is buying our tickets together, you quickly see who you sit with.”

The seat on the ticket showed that she was sitting with Zhang Qing.

Zhuang Zixue reminded Zhang Qing as if the world was in chaos.

“You have to be careful, ah, maybe the next person who will get cold is you.”

Zhang Qing threw him a blank stare.

“Shut up, can’t say a couple of nice things.”

Zhang Qing smiled at Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning you ignore him, I’m not afraid.”

After coming to the class for almost a year now, Shi Ning and the people in the class were a lot more familiar with each other.

In addition, Zhang Qing often came to Lin Suno to discuss the topic, so she naturally got to know Zhang Qing a lot.

The four were also the top students in the class, Shi Ning and Zhang Qing were girls, so they naturally have more connections and could easily consider each other as friends.

“Zhang Qing you are so nice, don’t worry, even if I want to infect someone, I will infect him first.” Shi Ning smiled.

Zhuang Zixue: “Bah bah bah, I do not want to get a cold, I want to take the exam in the best condition, I do not believe that I can’t pass you in this competition, I can’t be beaten in this competition!”

“Who wants to compare with you, if you can, you can compare with Suno.”

Once Shi Ning said this, Zhuang Zixue immediately shut his mouth.

Sure enough, it’s still useful to use Lin Suno at the critical moment.

After boarding the plane, Shi Ning was the first to enter the cabin after her teacher.

Zhuang Zixue was the second one.

They both sat in their respective seats.

The lead teacher sat next to them across the aisle, they were positioned in front and behind, with a row between them.

As Zhang Qing was walking toward Shi Ning, Lin Suno called out to her from behind.

“I’ll switch seats with you.”

Zhang Qing knew he was trying to sit with Shi Ning, and this made her heart sink.

With a smile on her face, she said.

“No need, Shi Ning is sick, I should sit with her.

Don’t let her infect you.”

“It’s all the more reason for me to sit with her when she’s sick.”

Lin Suno insisted.

Zhang Qing knows that he was stubborn and that no one could change what he decided, so she could only endure jealously and let him go.

Shi Ning saw that the person sitting next to him was not Zhang Qing but became Lin Suno.

She turned her head and looked at the back.

“Where’s Zhang Qing, why did you change seats with her.”

“I’m so used to sitting with you that I don’t want to sit with anyone else.”

He said in a light voice as he took his seat.

Two hours later, the plane landed.

The group rushed to the hotel where they were staying and then went to the designated school in the morning to take the test.

After getting off the plane, they walked out of the airport together and headed to the place where the rental car was parked.

The airport was crowded, between the shuttle of vehicles, a car drove over.

Seeing this Lin Suno automatically pulled a Shi Ning back inside.

“Be careful.”


This detail was seen by fellow travelers.

Zhuang Zixue: “I can’t stand it, that car is still so far away, did you really think it will hit her”

He knows he was one person who was not happy with the trolling, he has to find someone to troll with.

“Can you watch it I can’t watch it any longer.”

Zhuang Zixue inclined his head and said to Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing droops her gaze as she whispers something in mumble while holding her suitcase and shrinks hard, feeling her hot palms.

When they checked in, the teacher gave them three rooms, one suite, and two single rooms.


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