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What was meant by the unbearable weight of life

At that moment Zhuang Zixue understood what that was, one point short of seven hundred—six hundred sixty-nine was the unbearable weight of his life.

Forget six hundred and sixty-nine, the main point here now was that Shi Ning had more than seven hundred points.

Zhuang Zixue remembered that he made a big speech saying to Shi Ning that if she really got seven hundred one points he would kneel down and call her father.

And now well, Shi Ning got 713 while he got 699.

Shi Ning got seven and he got six these figures were obviously different and he had no choice but to face his loss.

The teacher saw his face paled and comforted him with a few words.

“It’s okay, it’s only one point difference between 699 and 700.

Zhuang Zixue did not feel comforted in any way but felt even worse.

After giving out report cards and winter break homework, the teacher briefly explained the start of school and what to do at home during winter break and left.

The class could not sit still for a long time, and once the teacher left, they couldn’t wait to run out too.

When Shi Ning was about to leave, Zhuang Zixue came over and stopped in front of her.

“Don’t go yet.”

Shi Ning: “Why can’t I go.”

Zhuang Zixue lowered his voice and said to her.

“There are so many people in the class, you have to wait for people to leave before I can do that.”

Shi Ning did not understand what he meant, while Lin Suno furrowed his brows next to her.

“Which that do you mean”

Zhuang Zixue closed his eyes and said.

“The bet with Shi Ning! Didn’t I say I would kneel down and call her father!”

Shi Ningjing: “You’re being serious”

She didn’t take Zhuang Zixue’s words to heart at all.

“Of course, a gentleman made his promise.

My father taught me to keep my promise when I was young!”

He then coughed in a low voice and said to Shi Ning.

“But I didn’t say to be in front of the whole class.

Why don’t you stay I’ll wait until the class is gone…”

Shi Ning refused: “No, I won’t.

I’m not interested in recognizing anyone as my son.”

“What’s wrong This son isn’t bad, right Although I didn’t beat you this time, next time, next time I will be able to!” Zhuang Zixue said unconvinced.

Lin Suno moves to pull Shi Ning behind him.

“Don’t think about it, her son will be smarter than you in the future.”

Zhuang Zixue’s brain stopped functioning for a moment.

“What the hell How did you know the kid is smarter than me before he’s even born”

Lin Suno did not say anything, his eyes sunken.



Shi Ning felt that there was something not quite right, she poked her head out from behind Lin Suno and whispered.

“Isn’t it too early to talk about children, I’m not even an adult yet.”

She picked up her school bag: “No need to kneel and call me father, just don’t bother me in the future.

I still have something to do, I’ll go first.”

“What is it” Lin Suno then asked.

Shi Ning: “Nan Xiao said that since today is a holiday, he asked me to have dinner together.”

Lin Suno looked at her for a moment in silence.

“I will go with you.”

At the dinner table, Nan Xiao looked at Lin Suno sitting next to Shi Ning with a face full of displeasure.

“I thought we were supposed to have dinner, why is he here.”

Shi Ning: “Two people eating together is just eating even if there were three of us.

Suno and I are seatmates, so we came together.”

“Heh, I usually call him out to eat out to play, but have not seen him this active.”

Nan Xiao said sarcastically.

Lin Senuo did not say anything, sitting next to Shi Ning to eat obediently, but he just eat not how to clip the food.

Shi Ning: “Why aren’t you eating”

Lin Suno’s gaze glanced at Nan Prim.

“Isn’t this meal on him He doesn’t seem to welcome me, so I’ll eat a little less.”

Look, Nan Xiao wronged Nono, he just bullied Suno but he still good temper.

Shi Ning glared at him.

“Why are you like this, I did not pull outsiders.

Isn’t Suno our brother It’s just one meal, what’s wrong with that, but if it’s a big deal then this meal is on me.”

“I’ll buy this meal if I say so, it’s not your turn yet.”

Nan Xiao said and then looked at Lin Suno.

“Okay, you kid, pretending to be a good boy and selling misery.

Playing this kind of scenario, being calculative, right See how this big brother cleans you up later.”

Lin Suno on the other hand was so calm that he didn’t seem to understand what he was saying.

When the food came up, Nan Xiao couldn’t be bothered with an extra person and just gave Shi Ning dishes.

“Try this.

It’s the most famous one in their shop.”

“And this eight-piece chicken, with soft and juicy meat.”

“Sweet and sour pork chops are your favorite.”

Shi Ning looked at the dishes in the bowl and the white rice in Lin Suno’s bowl.

She hurriedly brought him some dishes.

“Suno, you eat too.”


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