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The results of the league would have to come out next semester.

Shi Ning finished the exam and did not care about the result.

She doesn’t even bother to get the answer right.

Anyway, the score won’t increase just because you get the know the answer after the league.

She concentrated on preparing for her final exam instead.

Time was squeezed out, and she was now studying every day at twice the speed of the other students in her class, both in time and efficiency.

Shi Ning only needs to fill three sub-major subjects, among which biology does not need to spend too much energy and mainly depends on memory.

During more than a month of class time in physics and chemistry, she basically studied the contents carefully and carefully reviewed everything in the textbooks and workbooks.

In the midst of this, Lin Suno also helped her a lot, since he sat next to her, she encountered no need to run to the office to ask the teacher and just ask him directly, saving her a lot of time.

At the end of each term, it was like going to the battlefield.

This time, it was more than just a battlefield.

It was about to catch up with the Shura arena.

After the examination, they were given two days’ leave, and the school informed them to get their report cards.

After Shi Ning went to the classroom, not long after, Zhuang Zixue also followed her into the classroom door.

“How did you do on the test this time” Zhuang Zixue continued to ask.

“I think it’s okay.” Shi Ning replied in a light voice.

Zhuang Zixue continued.

“Do you think you can surpass me”

Shi Ning thought for a moment and asked.

“What is your estimated score this time”

Zhuang Zixue answered.

“The final exam is easier than the monthly exam, I estimate I can get on 700 this time.”

Shi Ning: “I estimated the score of seven hundred and one.”

Zhuang Zixue reacted as if he heard a joke and left out a “pft” sound.

“Who are you fooling, you spent so much energy preparing for the math competition before, and this just like that you can get on the seven hundred”

“The final exam was not difficult.”

A solid foundation was the foundation of everything.

Shi Ning started from the foundation when she studied science again and because she learned a lot at one time, she remembered many things better than her classmates.

After all, she has learned some knowledge for half a year.

So, the fact that the final exam questions weren’t difficult worked in her favor.

“Well, you can’t have more than 700.

You think you’re Lin Suno Anyway, I don’t believe it.

If your score is really 701, I’ll kneel down and call you dad.”

No sooner had he spoken than the class teacher walked into the classroom with a spring in his step.

“Good news, good news, our students did very well in the final exam this time! The average score of our class also reached 623 points.

Two of our students even stood out, getting a total score of over 700!”

Some students in the class agreed.

“There is no need to guess, it must be Lin Suno and Zhuang Zixue.”

“Not necessarily.

I think Zhang Qing has been working hard recently.

Maybe it’s Lin Suno and Zhang Qing.”

“I bet Zhuang Zixue.”

“I bet on Zhang Qing.”

The teacher smiled mysteriously.

“Tsk, look at you guys, just because holidays are coming, you’re all extra active and are even betting!”

The students said, “Teacher, just tell us who it is!”

The class teacher: “This first place, this time is still our student Lin Suno.

He got a good score of 731, including a good score of 295 in the science synthesis.”

“This second place, you all said it is Zhuang Zixue or Zhang Qing.

Are there no other guesses Or be confident and think it’s you.”

On the far left of the classroom, in the penultimate row, Lin Suno raised his hand.

The teacher laughed: “Eh, I already said the highest score is you, why raise your hand.”

Lin Suno: “I didn’t say it was me, didn’t you say if we can guess another name for the second place I guess Shi Ning.”


The class exclaimed, and all eyes looked their way.

Shi Ning was stunned and turned her head to look at Lin Suno.

She didn’t tell him how she did on the exam so where does he have confidence in her, he was not afraid of being slapped in the face in case he got it wrong

Zhuang Zixue also raised his hand at this time.

“Teacher, I think that’s me.

My estimated score this time is also exactly seven hundred.”

The class teacher coughed.

“Second place this time, indeed, is Shi Ning.

712 points.”

Zhuang Zixue’s face collapsed, and the smug expression instantly stiffened.

“What about, what about me” He pointed to himself.

The teacher had a hint of sympathy in her gaze.

“You 699.

third place.”


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