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The joint exam was on Saturday.

Getting back to school on Monday, a large portion of the class was discussing topics they had on the joint exam.

“The provincial exam questions are really hard this time.”

“I didn’t even finish it; it was really too different from the preliminary round questions.”

“I don’t expect to win the national competition, at least I was expecting to have a good score for provincial competition since it can help me with my college admission.”

“I’m not even asking for a province one, give me a province two.”

Amidst all the noise, Lin Suno entered the classroom at this time and the class watched him all the way to his seat casting him with envious eyes.

“I really envy our class god of learning, he already secured 20 points after getting into the national level last year.

I bet that the questions for the provincial exam that is too hard for us was just a breeze for him.”

“Ai, if we can only see his answers, it should be a standard answer.”

“I don’t dare to ask, the god of learning is much more like a stranger to me.

We were in the same last semester, but I never had a conversation with her much less a word.”

“Let’s wait for Zhuang Zixue to ask him the answer.”

“Right, right, combining Zhuang Zixue’s and Zhang Qing’s answers, it’s almost the same.”

When Zhuang Zixue came to the classroom, several people in the class crowded up and began to ask him the answers to the paper questions.

Zhuang Zixue continued to seem to enjoy this feeling, relishing the opportunity to analyze the topic with everyone.

Seeing this scene before her, Shi Ning joked to Lin Suno.

“Look at everyone asking him, but they dare not ask you.

Say, Suno is the only person who can talk to you in the class is Zhuang Zixue”

Lin Suno was packing his pencil case when he heard Shi Ning say these.

He stopped his movement and said to her.

“Don’t I still have you”

“I was talking about before I came.”

“Well, he’s the only one with the thickest skin who can’t be driven away.”

“Your temper just doesn’t want to deal with people.

And you naturally have a way to drive him away but choose not to because you think of him as your friend, right”

“After all, you have known each other since childhood.”

He was light in nature, but for those who have known him since childhood and genuinely treat him, he would still have a little more patience.


At this time, a girl came over.

She looked beautiful and charming, looked like a good girl, and spoke softly.

Lin Suno looked up at her as the girl walked from two seats next to each other.

Their seats were by the window, Shi Ning sits outside and Lin Suno sits inside.

The girl looked at Shi Ning several times, and Shi Ning read a message in her eyes.

“Can you move over”

It was reasonable that she could already recognize all these people in the class within a few days after she came.

The girl standing in front of her now was the girl with the best grades in the class, Zhang Qing.

Shi Ning thinks she has something to ask Lin Suno.

Just as she gets ready to get up, Lin Suno presses her hand.

“Where are you going”

“Tired of reading the questions, go out for some air.”

After that, she walked out of the classroom and stood in the hallway.

The girl sat in her seat and took out her notebook as if she were discussing the competition asnwers with Lin Suno.

Shi Ning couldn’t help but think when she saw it.

It turned out that not everyone in the class dared to approach him.

In addition to Zhuang Zixue, Lin Suno had a female friend in the class.

After matching the answer with Lin Suno, Zhang Qing sighed with relief.

“Fortunately, I didn’t make too many mistakes this time.”

Lin Suno: “My answer is not necessarily accurate.

You should have a standard answer online in a day or two.”

Zhang Qing: “In my opinion, your answer is already very close to the standard answer.”

Lin Suno didn’t respond much and didn’t pay much attention to her after he finished discussing his answers.

Zhang Qing looked at Shi Ning standing outside the window, her expression slightly changed as she pretended to be relaxed and asked.

“I still remember when we were young, I entered the competition class later than you and Zhuang Zixue.

When I first went to cram school, the teacher asked me to sit casually, and saw that no one was sitting next to you.”

“Who knows, I haven’t even sat through a class yet and you let me change seats.”

Lin Suno frowned slightly, not knowing the meaning of what she was saying.

Zhang Qing continued, “You told me that you don’t like to sit at the same table with people.”

“I was so embarrassed that I almost cried because of your anger.

You told me that it had nothing to do with me.

You don’t like people sitting.”

She paused and smiled as if nothing had happened.

“Why did you let Shi Ning sit next to you again”

The mention of her, his indifferent eyes only fluctuate as his eyebrows stretch into a gentle curved.

“She is not someone else.”

Not someone else

What do you mean by someone else Someone you like

Zhang Qing was shocked.

Zhuang Zixue told her about this, but she didn’t believe Lin Suno would be enchanted by Shi Ning.

But, now she believes it.

According to his temperament, it must be his ultimate love, seeing how he could show his love so openly.

She lowered her eyes: “well…”

Lin Suno: “If you’re done asking, call her in, it’s pretty cold out there too.”


Zhang Qing answered and went outside to call Shi Ning back to the classroom.

When Shi Ning sat down, she naturally smiled at Lin Suno.

Lin Suno didn’t change his expression, but his whole state was completely different from when he was with others.

Zhang Qing watched this scene.

Her heart felt sore.

She used to look up to people she didn’t dare to like, but in the end, he also liked someone else.


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