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Tong Lu told the story again.


She touched her nose after she had finished.

“I’m also very confused.

You really will not…”


After all, she was the one who trapped her in the classroom before and didn’t let her out.

Now she saved her and helped her out.

Tong Lu was also confused.


Shi Ning immediately raised her hand and swore: “Don’t worry, it was my fault in the past.

It was my lard that made such heartless things.

In the future, I will not bully you.”


She was the female lead.

She would eventually reach the peak of her life in the future.

Because of the grievances she suffered before with the original owner, Shi Ning had the obligation to take responsibility until the end.


She hoped that as long as she was here, Tong Lu could remain innocent and kind.

She didn’t have to embark on the road of blackening.


“You’re really good, boss.”


“Our Nan Xiao Support Association is completely over.” The girls cried.


Tong Lu saw Shi Ning’s kindness to her and then explained.

“Oh, by the way, nothing is going on between me and Nan Xiao.

We just…”


Before she finished, Shi Ning waved and said without any care: “Your business has nothing to do with me.

I think you are quite worthy.

I wish you a good harvest as soon as possible.”


Anyway, these female lead and male lead would be together sooner or later.


Nan Xiao’s face was cold.

After he looked at Shi Ning’s light and breezy look, he felt unhappy and angry.


“It’s okay.

Nan Xiao, don’t blame Ning Ning.

You see how kind she is.” Yu Chuyao came out and spoke.


She did not expect such a scene.

She imagined that Shi Ning would be bullying Tong Lu.

How could this be completely reversed


Shi Ning spoke to Nan Xiao at this time.

“She called you this time.”


She finally took the initiative to talk to him


Nan Xiao didn’t notice the glimmer of joy in his heart.

“How do you know”


On the surface, he still looked like this cold and immovable.


Shi Ning: “That’s right..”


She pointed to Gao Min, who was still tied.


“Why did you trouble Tong Lu today”


Gao Min said, “Because sister Yu Chuyao came to us and asked us about your situation.

When she talked to us, she said that your recent abnormal behavior was due to Tong Lu.

We want to help you relieve your anger–”


As Gao Min said this, Yu Chuyao’s face got darker and darker.


She explained: “Why do you say it like that I just care about sister Shi Ning.

Don’t pull me in  when you do something bad.”


“Did I ask you to bully Tong Lu”


Gao Min thought, “It seems not.”


Yu Chuyao’s high rank was here.

She seemed to have done nothing, but she was the driving force behind all the bad things.


Shi Ning thought clearly and said: “You told them this.

Didn’t you just want them to bully Tong Lu, and then tell Nan Xiao Killing two birds in one stone…” 


Yu Chuyao’s face turned white.

She blinked as her tears fell.


“I’m just worried about you doing something out of the ordinary, so I called Nan Xiao to have a look.

How can you think of me like this Ning Ning, how good I have been to you these years, didn’t you know”


Shi Ning glanced at Nan Xiao, this stupid man who couldn’t get the point right away, watching this scene inexplicably.


She was too lazy to explain to him, so she said to Gao Min: “Bullying Tong Lu means bullying me.

I suggest that your Backup Association should change its name, not Nan Xiao’s, but Tong Lu’s.”


What could this stupid man do to help It is better to protect the pure and lovely little white flower lady.


“Ah” Gao Min and others looked like they’d seen a ghost.


Tong Lu waved her hands again and said in horror, “No, no, no…”


After Shi Ning finished speaking, she didn’t want to pay attention to Yu Chuyao’s hypocrite face and left the classroom with her books.


After Shi Ning left, Nan Xiao also wanted to leave, but Yu Chuyao grabbed his arm.


“You don’t believe what Ning Ning said She’s been abnormal lately.

She’s starting to talk nonsense.”


Nan Xiao: “She is quite abnormal recently.”


A glimmer of happiness flashed in Yu Chuyao’s eyes.

She knew that Nan Xiao hated Shi Ning.

He would not believe her words.


However, the next second, Nan Xiao pushed away from her hand.

“But what she said just now, I think, has some truth.”


“Reflect on yourself.”


With that, Nan Xiao also left.


Yu Chuyao with a pale face, stood still while clenching her fists tightly, her nails intensely scratching her palms.


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