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When the teacher said this, those students who talk down on Shi Ning all keep their mouths shut while others lowered their heads and went on self-reflection.

She was a liberal arts student, but she could also be so good at math competitions.

The boy who was sitting behind Zhuang Zixue was sitting quite close to Shi Ning.

He couldn’t resist and gathered the courage to strike up a conversation with Shi Ning.

“You’re too good, can we be friends My name is Li Cheng.”

Shi Ning: “Yes, we are all classmates, no need to be polite.”

Fuck, her voice is so nice.

And her smile dazzled him out of his mind.

Li Cheng’s heart went “thump-thump” right ahead after seeing her smile.

“You’re really good, how long have you been studying for the competition”

Shi Ning: “A year or so.”

Li Cheng: “That is first year in high school Many people here started studying in junior high school or even elementary school in preparation for the Olympic mathematics, but you just started for only a year and you are already so powerful.”

He said and gave her a thumbs up.

“You are a genius girl yourself ah.

You are my goddess from now on, goddess, can you teach me, how to become as powerful as you.”

Li Cheng’s smile reminds Shi Ning of her former deskmate, Wan Yue.

These two look cheerful and bright type, but Wan Yue was a little more gangster than Li Cheng.

Li Cheng at this moment was enthusiastically blowing rainbow farts at Shi Ning making the latter feel a little embarrassed.

“Thank you.

But even if you have the talent you need to still study and drill the knowledge in your head and if you can’t achieve the results that you want then you need to work harder twice as much.”

Shi Ning also poured a mouthful of advice and critique.

Li Cheng followed her words and praised her a few more times on how she was indeed a goddess, modest, good inspiration, and so on.

“You’re right, in this competition class like ours everyone is a bit talented and if we want to do better than them it’s useless to just work hard, I have to work very, very hard to be able to.”

“Well, go for it.”

When the two said this, Shi Ning had thought the conversation would end here.

Who knows Li Cheng obediently took out the phone.

“Listening to you is better than reading ten years’ worth of books.

I’m really encouraged by chatting with you today, now I can’t wait to brush up on three hundred exam papers to calm down.”

“Well, can I add your WeChat so that future in the future if I have any questions in my study I can easily ask you”


How did the topic come around to adding WeChat

Although Shi Ning was a little confused but thinking that they were all classmates, adding a WeChat was also a very normal thing to do.

“Oh, all right.”

She was just about to find her phone in her school bag when the zipper of her bag, which had just been unzipped, was pulled shut by the person next to her.

Lin Suno coldly looked at Li Cheng.

“Aren’t you inspired to do three hundred exam papers to calm you down”

Li Cheng swallowed: “yes…”

“Then why don’t you go.”

“Can adding WeChat improve your grades”

The learning atmosphere of the competition class was the best in the whole Yangchuan, and it also advocates relying on achievements.

Lin Suno almost represents the existence of authority in the class.

Li Cheng did not dare to refute his words and could only give up resentfully.

After settling Li Cheng, his eyes fell on Shi Ning.

Her brain apparently was all devoted to studying, and she didn’t know anything about the relationship between men and women.

Lin Suno, who had just finished disciplining someone looked more aggressive than usual.

Shi Ning who was under his sight inexplicably felt guilty.

“He was the one who wanted to add WeChat, not me.”

She chose to quickly shake it off.

Of course, adding WeChat chat can’t improve grades.

One must work hard to practice the questions! I understand this truth, I really understand!

The darkness in his eyes flashed away, and his face returned to normal.

“If you have nothing to do in the future, don’t chat with others blindly.

After all, you are also very busy.”

“Oh, I got it.”

Shi Ning answered in a low voice.

Lin Suno has been more and more in charge recently.

After class, Zhuang Zixue walked outside the room and when he passed by Shi Ning’s seat, he looked at her with complex eyes.

This time he didn’t say much but went out straight away.

Once out, Zhuang Zixue was still a little upset and couldn’t believe how Shi Ning was able to get a high score on her first exam

At this rate, wouldn’t she surpass him

Zhuang Zixue continued to think that it was unacceptable.

He quickened his pace and went to the toilet.

When he came back, he immediately studied again.

This new transfer student couldn’t be underestimated.

At first, he was worried that her sitting next to Lin Suno would affect the latter’s study but now he was a little worried that she would do better than him in the future.

He knew that since Shi Ning could take the first place in arts she must have done very well in the main subject.

But he really didn’t expect that she could be so awesome in science and mathematics, and passed the preliminary competition, and could go to the league with them.

After school, Shi Ning found a letter in the drawer.

She began to think it was a love letter sent to her by a boy.

After all, she often received them.

But it was not a love letter.

On the cover of the envelope, there were three words of challenge.

This kind of drama, she seems to have only seen on the TV and did not think that one day it would happen to her.

She doesn’t know who was so bored that they would write this to her.

Shi Ning looked.

As she expected.

It was Zhuang Zixue.

He was polite this time, at least there was no sarcasm in the letter.

As soon as Shi Ning saw it, his challenge letter said that he wanted to compete with Shi Ning in the exam.

He also said that for the sake of fairness, the time was about the end of the next semester, giving her more than half a year to make up for the knowledge she hadn’t learned before.

As for the stakes.

If she loses, she would have to change seats with him and could no longer be at the same table with Lin Suno.

After reading it, Shi Ning put this challenge letter back into the drawer directly.


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