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The report card for the monthly exam was not yet uploaded to the system, but the class teacher directly came to tell them the result of the exam.

Everyone was waiting for the test results.

This time, in addition to their results, they were extra concerned about the results of one specific person.

That’s Shi Ning.

Her classmates also wanted to see how the legendary first place in liberal arts perform after changing her expertise to a competitive science class.

Class teacher: “I have the report card in my hand, I will ask the school committee to send it down to you later.”

“This time the first place is still student Lin Suno.

Student Lin Suno is excellent as always, he still had an overwhelming score, out of 750 points you would always get your score over 700 so this time also your total points are 728.

Not only the students admired you but also us teachers.”

Although everyone was used to it, they still couldn’t help but cast admiring and envious glances at Lin Suno every time his achievement was briefed.

“Second place Zhuang Zixue 693, third place Zhang Qing 687.”

After Zhuang Zixue heard his score, he turned his head and eyed Lin Suno.

The boy behind him gloated.

“Hahaha, two days ago, you laughed at others saying that Lin Suno would be distracted after setting with a beautiful classmate, but the god of learning is the god of learning, he got 728 points this time and you didn’t even get into 700.”

Zhuang Zixue retorted.

“That’s because he has a good foundation! How can he fall so fast But if he helps that Shi Ning every day, it will be strange if his grades don’t fall later.”

He said so, but he was relieved that Lin Suno’s grades were still on the top, and happy that his exam results weren’t affected because he was busy making notes for her.

Then the teacher named several students who had made great progress.

After saying this, he cleared his throat and continued.

“I know a new classmate in our class has joined us recently.

This classmate is from the liberal arts class, and everyone may have a big dispute about her.

Even some students privately asked me why a liberal arts student can directly transfer to the science competition class without passing any exams They also asked me if this is the special privilege of Shi Ning.”

“I haven’t been able to give a statement either, the idea is to wait for the results to come out and then talk to people about these things.”

“Now that the results are out, guess how Shi Ning, as a student who transferred to our class halfway, did on the exam.”

The class didn’t utter a word and just laughed contemptuously.

How well she did do on the exam

It was just half a month’s time, and with that time frame, she could hardly learn all three subtopics not to mention science and math.

After all, math discussed in liberal arts and science class were not the same, except for the language English, they all think Shi Ning’s test results were bad.

On the other hand, some classmates couldn’t bear to listen to some students laughing at Shi Ning flaunting their superiority, so they speak loudly and defended Shi Ning.

“Teacher, I think it doesn’t matter how Shi Ning did in the exam.

It’s already a great challenge for her to transfer to our class.

She was already two months late in the class lessons and she transferred only half the time before the exam.

She doesn’t have time to study, let alone review.

Even if she did poorly in the exam, it’s all right.

Anyway, she still has a year and a half to study!”

“That’s right, some people are just waiting to see her as a joke.

I think this is the only chance they can laugh at Shi Ning, until next semester, by then Shi Ning will surpass them.

I used to be in the same class as Shi Ning, and the speed at which her grades improved, you can’t even imagine.

She has a photographic memory.”

“Don’t blow it.

If you never forget anything isn’t that the same with you having a better memory.

Also isn’t liberal arts just rote memorization Her good memory only works in liberal arts.”

One student in the class was unconvinced and spoke boldly.

“Liberal arts can’t get high scores by rote.

It takes talent and sweat to get high scores in both liberal arts and science.” The teacher said.

The class teacher picked up the chalk and started writing on the blackboard.

Language 143 Math 147 English 139 Physics 80 Chemistry 78 Biology 90 Total score 677

The teacher threw the chalk tip onto the podium, patted the talc on his hands, and swept his eyes at the students on the stage.

“This is Shi Ning’s score, it’s a total of more than 600 points.

And these points are under the top 30 in our grade, this score also is one of the top students in our class.”

“In other words, she is better than half of the people in our class.

Even if she only transferred to science class for half a month.”

The people in the class who just spoke up for Shi Ning now gloated.

“Hahahahaha, where are those people who mock students in liberal arts.

See that score in front, the three main subjects have all high scores.”

“Physics only has 30 points deducted and chemistry deducted more than 20 points.

Shi Ning’s Science in the competition class is indeed a little lower than the average score, but her two worst subjects are also higher than the average of half of the class.

With this I can only say one word ‘genius’.”

“Crap Is she really from the liberal arts class I thought her scores in science, chemistry, and biology added up will still be less than one hundred but her biology score alone is already 90 percent.

I□□ Fuck, such a genius.”

“So people with a good memory can use this talent in science class and be useful.”

The student sitting behind Zhuang Zixue was once again happy.

He patted Zhuang Zixue’s shoulder again.

“Hahahahahaha, **, Shi Ning got 677 While I only got 650, I am more than 20 points lower than her I bow, she will be my goddess in the future.”

“Brother, you’re better than others now because you’ve studied for more than half a semester.

Maybe my goddess will surpass you one day, I’m optimistic about Shi Ning, ha ha ha ha.”

Zhuang Zixue was really surprised.

He didn’t expect Shi Ning to get such a score, he originally thought she would be less than a hundred fifty.

But it turned out she even passed more than two hundred points.

There’s also her score in this major subject, which was ten or so points higher than his.

Even in math, it was close to a perfect score.

This girl, indeed, surprised him.

After the boiling energy in the class has passed.

The class teacher added.

“There’s another announcement this time, so let’s wrap it up after this.”

“After the results of the preliminary competition last month, the date of the league was set today, just in November, there are still twenty days to prepare yourselves.”

“Oh, yes, the competition results.”

“Shi Ning was placed eleventh in the entire school and the seventh in our class for the preliminary round.

That’s why she was able to go straight into the competition class.”

“Who says liberal arts students can’t do competitions.

After taking the first place in liberal arts, Shi Ning started studying for math competitions long ago and did better than most of you.”

When the class teacher said this, he shook his head twice with a tsk.

“Some students in our class are only good at looking down on others.

You are much better than them.”


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