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The news that Shi Ning transferred to class one soon spread widely on the campus.

And this shocked the whole school.

Everyone knows that this young lady has never taken the usual path, but they didn’t expect her to take such a drastic change.

She has the number one spot in liberal arts!

Just like when Lin Suno has dominated the grade.

Since the separation of arts and science, Shi Ning’s achievements in the liberal arts were always far ahead of her classmates, taking first place in every grading.

This kind of achievement could not be achieved with just hard work, but with amazing talent.

With such a talent, no one would be happy to die not to mention Shi Ning was at the peak of her achievements, but she chooses to abandon literature and directly chose the science class.

This was also the day Nan Xiao learned that Shi Ning was back to school.

When he heard the news, he thought nothing of it and just directly went to the science class.

He didn’t even have to look for her, before he reached the class entrance, he had already seen Shi Ning when he passed by the window.

She was sitting in the second row by the window, and next to her was Lin Suno.



This was not the first time that Nan Xiao has come here.

Before, every time he comes here to see Lin Suno he was always sitting alone.

After being his brother for so many years, he knows every circuit in Lin Suno’s head.

Lin Suno was used to solitude and likes a quiet, undisturbed environment.


This guy just **ing loves serenity.

But once Shi Ning came, this boy throw everything out the window and let her sit next to him.

Based on what he sees right, the two must be discussing each other’s studies now.

The distance between each other on the same table was only a foot apart and looking from Nan Xiao’s direction the distance between the two was even closer.

Seeing the two made his heart bath in lemon leaving a bitter taste in Nan Xiao’s mouth.

He tapped on the glass window outside to make his presence known.

But the two seemed not to hear his knock and did not even look at him.

What are you talking about How can you talk so much

Being ignored made Nan Xiao angrier.

He pushed open the window directly.

“Hey, I’m a big living person but you two didn’t see me”

When he made a sound, Lin Suno looked up first and saw him, he replied.

“Didn’t see you.”

This little brat did it on purpose, didn’t he

To piss him off on purpose

Nan Xiao sneered.

“If you don’t see me then you don’t see.

Anyway, I’m not looking for you.”

After saying that he looked at Shi Ning, who also finally noticed him.

She looked up and asked.

“What’s the matter, is something wrong”

Was there something wrong

These words made Nan Xiao speechless.

Shi Ning’s family just had an incident, he knew she was heartbroken and so was he for her.

So at this moment, even if he was annoyed at her response there was no way for him to retaliate.

“Nothing much, just heard you were back at school and wanted to come and see you.” He said.

Shi Ning smiled faintly at him.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

It’s been a while since her grandmother passed away, and it was not helpful to grieve excessively.

After all, people who were alive have to live well.

Besides, since she figured out what to do now, she naturally doesn’t have that much time to get sentimental again.

Shi Ning saw that he was still standing there, with sunken eyes looking at her, unmoving, looking a little pitiful.

She got up from her seat and walked out.

The two stood at the entrance of the classroom in a corridor.

Shi Ning said.

“If there is anything you want to say or ask, say it all.”

“Why are you, all of a sudden, in a science class.” He asked.

This has been a question that countless individuals have asked her.

But Shi Ning didn’t say much as to why.

Seeing how Nan Xiao was seriously asking her, she also has to recuperate with seriousness and answered honestly.

“Because I want to be a doctor, and to be a doctor you have to study science.”

It was not surprising that she has this idea, after all, many people have this idea of going into medicine because their family members were sick, and the passing of Grandma Shi still affects her a lot.

The difference between her and others was that she does not just dare to think but also does.

It was not easy getting first place and leaving that to study something that was she was not knowledgeable about enough.

Such courage was not ordinary could have.

“I admire you more and more.” He said heartily.

He had never seen a girl like her, tough, bold, and righteous.

Look sensible, but in fact, the heart was softer than anyone.

Nan Xiao smiled in relief.

“I regret now that I didn’t study hard at first.”

For the first time, he feel that he wasn’t good enough for her.

Shi Ning: “Aren’t your grades pretty good now I heard from my dad last time that your dad is very happy lately, and I heard that you even got into the top thirty in your grade in the science parallel class last time, and the top five in your class, right”

Such an achievement was already excellent.

Nan Xiao went from a scumbag who could not even get into an undergraduate level to now ranks among the best and has no problem getting admitted to well-known universities.

His progress was leaps and bounds.

“Not enough.”

He pulled out a mocking smile and turned his head to look at Lin Suno who was sitting in the classroom.

“If I was as good as him, I should be the one sitting next to you right now.”

“What are you talking about ……” Shi Ning lowered her head.

Since the last confession on that snowy night, the two have never talked about it again.

After understanding that Shi Ning now has absolutely no idea of falling in love, Nan Xiao never mentioned such a thing with her again, not even hinting at it.

Today, he couldn’t hold back himself for a moment and spilled his desire.

Nan Xiao stretched out his hand and put his hands on her head, but he didn’t touch her head and took back his hand.

He tucked his hand back into his pants pocket.

“Study hard, focus on what you want to do, and become the person you want to be.”

Shi Ning looked up, “You too.”

“Don’t study for me, study for yourself.”

She said that at first, just to motivate him.

Now that Nan Xiao could achieve such good results with his hard work, it was up to him to persevere.

“I will.”

“Well, cheers together.”

“Are you going to be busier in the future”

“Of course, it’s a science competition class and I’m an art student before coming here, you don’t even want how dangerous it is.

I just came to the class today, but there was already a group of people waiting to see me as a joke.”

“Who dares to laugh at you I’ll go in and clean him up!”

Nan Xiao was calm but as soon as she heard that someone was trying to bully her, he immediately reverted to his violent temper.

Shi Ning hurriedly pulled him back.

“No, no, no! They wouldn’t dare to say anything too much.

Don’t worry, I’ll prove it to everyone later.”


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