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“It’s time to put on makeup after washing your face.” The girl turned pale in fright when she saw their series of actions.


Gao Min complacently said: “Boss, I know that your recent abnormality is stimulated by this woman.

You can rest assured that we will help you clean up her.”


Gao Min brought the huge cream cake to Shi Ning.

“To relieve your anger, you must feed the cake yourself!”


Shi Ning looked at the girl who was surrounded by them.

She was beautiful, not particularly stunning but was so charming that she looked especially pitiful.


It’s Tong Lu.


She could now understand why this female lead who was originally a kind little innocent flower would blacken in the later stage.


She had been bullied like this.

Her soft heart would become cold and hard.


She would slowly get disappointed in the world.


“Boss Let’s get started” Gao Min waited for her instructions.


“Yes, I can’t wait to see how her birthday will become.



“Don’t worry about it.

I’ll make you look beautiful later.”


Shi Ning looked at these crazy women.


(On the campus playground)


Nan Xiao threw the ball randomly, but his precise three-pointer caused the crowds to scream.


The girls went crazy as they called Nan Xiao’s name loudly.


“Brother Xiao, someone is looking for you.” Someone said to Nan Xiao.


Nan Xiao put down the ball in his hand and saw Yu Chuyao waving at him.

Her face seemed to be a little anxious.


He wiped the sweat on his face, dropped the ball, and walked towards Yu Chuyao.

“What is it”


Yu Chuyao hesitated for a moment and said, “There is something I want to tell you…”


After she finished talking with Nan Xiao, Nan Xiao’s face changed, and ran to the school building immediately.

On the way, Yu Chuyao said: “Ning Ning may have been stimulated a little to do such extreme things.

Don’t blame her too much.”


Nan Xiao sneered: “Is it reasonable for her to bully other people Why should the whole world let her”


“Of course not, but she was spoiled by you and Uncle Shi since she was a child.” Yu Chuyao said.


Nan Xiao looked at the school building in front of him, and vaguely heard the girls’ shouting inside.

His face was very heavy.


“I didn’t spoil her.

I never spoiled women, let alone evil women.”


“She didn’t make trouble these two days.

I thought she has changed.

It seems that she is still pretending.”


After saying this, he kicked the door of the classroom with his feet.

“Shi Ning, I remember I warned you not to touch Tong Lu.”




Wait, why was this different from what he thought


When Nan Xiao saw clearly what happened in the classroom, he changed from angry to muddled.


It’s not Tong Lu.


Shi Ning sat on the bench with a physics book in her hand.


It is also compulsory to have a peaceful mind in a noisy environment.


On the chair are not Tong Lu, but Gao Min and her, a total of five people.


It was not Tong Lu who was tied to a chair, but Gao Min and five other people.


At the same time, Shi Ning tried to persuade Tong Lu.


“They want to celebrate your birthday, you can also celebrate theirs.

If you treat them too light, you won’t give them face.”


“Well, pain them more.

Why are you shaking your hands”


Tong Lu was so nervous that she couldn’t do anything.


She trembled and struck a few strokes on their faces with paint pens.




Nan Xiao went to Shi Ning and asked, “What happened”


Shi Ning saw him: “Why are you here”


After she asked, she saw Yu Chuyao behind Nan Xiao. 


She nodded clearly.


It turns out someone called you here.”


Nan Xiao asked Tong Lu, “Are you okay”


Tong Lu shook her head and pointed to Shi Ning.

“She saved me.”


Nan Xiao’s face was even worse.

He was holding Shi Ning’s jealousy and revenge on Tong Lu’s mood to challenge the school.

What’s the matter with this


Nan Xiao’s expression became even more ugly in an instant. 


“Originally they were going to bully me, but Shi Ning…”



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