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When Lin Suno said this, the whole class including the teacher looked at him with great surprise.

The boy sitting in front of him was even more speechless.

“No way brother, you just told me that you do not want someone sitting beside you, now that I’m helping you pass the message, you immediately said that you want her to sit at the same table with you.

Aren’t you just hitting my face”

After being surprised for a few seconds the class teacher immediately understood the situation, he nodded with relief.

“Okay, since Suno is willing, then Shi Ning you can sit next to Suno.”

“En.” Shi Ning responded.

She walked to the seat next to Lin Suno, put her bag down, and sat.

After introducing Shi Ning, the class teacher said.

“Your physics teacher is not here yet, I’ll go get him so you can study quietly for a while.”

After the class teacher left, the science class which had been consciously called the model class by the teachers for being disciplined for many years was boiling.

“Dang! What’s going on Why is the first placer in liberal arts has been transferred to our science class”

“Our school has always emphasized science over literature, and we haven’t had a liberal arts scholar for several years.

Isn’t Shi Ning the person who is most promising to win the top prize in arts by our teachers Why did she switch to science class”

“I really can’t understand why this is happening.

But can a liberal arts student keep up with the science class I haven’t heard of it before.

This young lady probably thinks that life is too simple and deliberately comes her to challenge the difficulty.”

“Which one of the students who can enter our class is not the top student in science Even if she wants to change subjects, she has to go to a normal class first, right How can she directly transfer to the science class This family background is arbitrary ah, how can anyone play as they wish”

“And to sit next to Lin Suno God knows how much I want to sit in that seat, let me touch the god of learning halo too ah!”

“I’m surprised.

I don’t believe at first what others said that Shi Ning was the little princess of the four families but today seeing Lin Suno take the initiative to let her sit next to him I knelt.

Is this the same Lin Suno we know It turns out that he also has someone he can make an exception with.”

“It’s sour, I’m sour I’m sour, I think my man likes her oooohhhhh.”

The whole class was in chaos and had a hard time calming down after Shi Ning’s transfer to the science class, this was unexpected.

But since they were afraid that Shi Ning would hear them, their voices were deliberately lowered, however, this was contrary to what they intended.

Amidst all the noise, the person next to her spoke.

“How are you recently”

“It’s fine.”

“Why did you come to the science class”

“I’ll come if I want to.”

The conversation between the two ended here, right at the time the physics teacher walked in and the originally rowdy classroom was immediately silent.

The order of lectures and topics was incomparable to her former classes.

After the students and teachers greeted each other, the physics teacher wrote down the content of today’s lecture on the blackboard.

Lin Suno’s mind was not in the lecture at all, his attention was all on the person next to him.

He just asked her a question like how she was doing lately, which was simply stupid.

Someone’s grandmother just had a funeral.

How could she be better

Would she be angry if he couldn’t speak so well

Lin Suno hated himself for being so wooden and inarticulate for the first time.

He thought deeply and thought more than ordinary people, but now he was stuck at a dead-end and couldn’t get out for a long time.


Shi Ning suddenly called out his name.

She took the initiative to call him by his name, and his panicking heart immediately calmed down and returned to life again.


“The textbook.”

She pointed to the book pressed under Lin Suno’s arms.

“My textbook hasn’t arrived yet, so can we read it together”

“Here you go.”

Without saying a word, he pushed his textbooks, tutoring tools, notebooks, and even the pens on his desk, all onto her desk.

Shi Ning was dumbfounded by his actions.

“I still have my notebooks and pens.”

She said as she handed Lin Suno’s book and pen back, then moved the textbook halfway over to him.

“Let’s look at it together.”


The two came together and looked down at the textbook, they were so close that he could feel the scent of her hair.

The haze and uncertainty he felt for so many days immediately dissipated, it was suddenly sunny in all directions—with her by his side he was finally at peace.

Aisle away from them, the students sitting next to them were stunned.

Zhuang Zixue poked his classmate who was sitting in front of him.

“My goodness, look at Lin Suno doesn’t he like people touching his things He’s different with this new girl.”

A classmate sitting near him explained it to him.

“Of course, it’s different.

The children from the four families grew up together.

These two were childhood friends.

Can the god of learning treat her just like how he treats us”

“Heh.” Zhuang Zhuang Zixue sneered.

“What childhood friends, I think as what I see she is a red-headed Femme Fatale.”

“Isn’t it enough for her to study liberal arts, why is she come running here in the science class, to join the fun She is a liberal arts student, and yet she wanted to take the intense road of science, don’t she know her own weight This is an insult to the students in science competition class.”

Hearing Zhuang Zixue insults the people next to him were frightened and hurriedly pulled him over.

“Stop talking.

Do you know who Shi Ning is Do you still want to live in Yangchuan”

“I should be afraid of her” Zhuang Zixue looked as if he had heard a joke.

The person who pulled him thought about it, other people may fear the power of the Shi family, but Zhuang Zixuan didn’t have to.

His family does not do business, after all, he was a second-generation son of an official.

“You’re not afraid of her, but you don’t have to say it like that.

How did the Shi Ning piss you off” The boy behind him whispered a complaint.

Zhuang Zixuan looked at him with contempt.

“You’re also fascinated by her, aren’t you You’re too obvious ah, the moment Shi Ning came to your eyes already glances several time over.”

The boy touched his nose and whispered.

“The school flower is so beautiful, aren’t I allowed to take a few glances”

After saying that he also deliberately looked at Shi Ning once more, she did not seem to notice the movement over here.

“Heh, with girls like that in the class, I can already see that you don’t have the mood to study.” Zhuang Zixue continued.

“As long as you have the mind, you can study every day it’s just that you will never surpass Suno.” The boy was annoyed and replied.

Zhuang Zixue continued to watch Shi Ning and Lin Suno.

“That’s not necessarily true, maybe some people’s minds are not in their studies, and I might get a first as well.”

This was indeed the competition science class.

Shi Ning commented inwardly, just as she listened to the teacher’s lecture progress.

The class was not like other classes, the teacher would not repeat the basic theoretical knowledge, nor will he patiently give the students two or three lectures on a problem.

And since the level of students in the class has reached a certain level, the teacher naturally pursues efficiency in lectures.

Shi Ning found that she didn’t understand any of the topics discussed by the teacher so she gave up listening to the lecture.

“Suno, do you have any reference books for physics in senior two Let me have a look.”

Lin Suno: “Do you want reference books for self-study”


“Then why don’t you ask me about the textbook”

Shi Ning: “You should use the textbook in class.”

“I don’t need it.” He said.

“I have learned all the contents of this book by myself.”

After saying that, he gave her the textbook along with it and took out a physics book from the drawer for the general review of the entrance exam.


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