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Chapter 210


Science class one.

After class, the room was so noisy and too rowdy that two male students bumped into Lin Suno’s desk between jostling.

Lin Suno was lying on the table when they bumped his desk.

Disturbing his rest, Lin Suno raised his head as he looked at them with his cold eyes.

The student who bumped into him realized that he had disturbed his sleep and said in slight repentance.

“Sorry Suno, I bumped into you accidentally, it’s okay, you go back to sleep!”

“How can I sleep when you guys are making so much noise”

He asked back in a cold voice, impatience permeating his entire body.

The two boys didn’t expect him to be so angry, so they said quickly.

“Oh, let’s go away.”

The two said as they went ahead and walked away, discussing in whispers.

“What’s up with this Lin Suno, he seems to be extra grumpy these two days.”

“Yeah, usually he is a little less talkative but quite nice, what’s going on with him these days”

“That young master is close to writing the words “not in a good mood” on his face.”

After driving people away, Lin Suno also realized that he seemed to have lost his temper a bit.

But he couldn’t control it.

In the past two days, he was annoyed to the extreme and even implicated the people around him.

He knew what happened to Shi Ning’s family, and he also went to Grandma Shi’s funeral.

From the time he knew the news after Grandmother Shi’s death, he had been trying to find Shi Ning, but what could he do if he did

Was this the kind of thing that others could comfort and get over

Besides, he couldn’t comfort people.

On the day of the funeral, he saw Shi Ning.

The girl, who was originally bright and full of life, was now depressed and gloomy because of this incident.

Just a few days without seeing her, Shi Ning has significantly lost weight at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He wanted to find a chance to talk to her that day, but after the funeral process, Shi Ning followed the family back.

The feeling of only being able to watch her sad and upset, and not being able to do anything, made Lin Suno unusually annoyed.

These days, he even went upstairs from time to time to the third art class to sneak around two times, just to see if Shi Ning has come back to class, the result was that every time she was not there.

What was she doing now

Was she still sad

Was she crying Was there anyone with her when she cries

These questions have been going back and forth in his head, and Lin Suno almost went crazy.

“Today, today is the day, no matter what, I have to go to her once with a brazen face.”

He said to himself secretly in his heart.

The class bell rang soon after.

The physics teacher who was originally his period did not come in, but instead, the class teacher, Mr.

Zhang, walked in.

“Students, today teacher has an announcement to make.”

“In our class, a new student is going to be transferred, and she will be studying with you in the future.”

“New student What’s that, a direct transfer to the competition class That should be awesome, right”

“Is it a top student from another science class Or is it from another school”

The class started talking about it.

Lin Suno, on another hand, was not interested in these.

Because he was worried about Shi Ning he was losing interest in learning, let alone caring about transfer students.

“Hey, Suno.

There’s only one seat available next to you in our class.

Maybe this transfer student will sit with you.

Don’t you see what your future deskmate looks like”

The boy in front of Lin Suno turned around and said to him.

“I don’t like sitting with others,” Lin Suno whispered.

“The class teacher knows this, so he won’t arrange people to sit with me.

It’s not that he can’t add a seat in such a largely empty place at the back of the classroom.”

“Okay.” The boy felt like he was making a fool of himself and turned back his head.

“Student Shi Ning, come in.” After informing the class, she called Shi Ning as she approached.

The moment he heard Shi Ning’s name, Lin Suno almost thought he was hallucinating.

Was it the same Shi Ning he knew

How did she come to the science class

Shi Ning walked in and didn’t say much, not even a smile just a simple statement.

“Hello, I’m Shi Ning.”

Everyone has heard about the Shi family and could understand why she was like this and did not say anything.

It was just strange that this student was ranked number one in liberal arts class so why was she in the science class

The class teacher said.

“Your physics teacher is still waiting to start his class, so I won’t keep you too long.

There are no extra seats in our classroom now, so you can sit with Lin Suno for one class first, and the teacher will help you add a table at the back of the classroom in the next class.”

Shi Ning looked at the seat next to Suno, the left side by the window, her preferred position.

“Teacher, can’t I just sit there Why do I have to add another seat”

The class teacher hasn’t spoken yet when the boy sitting in front of Lin Suno scrambled to say.

“Well, Mr.

Lin Suno, who is the first in our science class and is famous for learning from thousands of miles, has a quirk.

He doesn’t like to sit with others, so he likes to study by himself.

To make sure he takes care of his mood, our class teacher tacitly allows him to sit alone.

And our classmate Suno also likes to use two tables alone which also the teacher tacitly agrees.

What’s this called This is the privilege of learning from a genius!”

“Oh, I see.”

Shi Ning remembered that it was true.

Suno seemed to sit alone from the beginning of high school.

“You talk too much!” The class teacher glared at him.

“Then it’s you, after class, go to the empty classroom in the next building and move a table for Shi Ning to put in the back.”

There were only a few students in science class one so the back of the classroom has a large space, not to mention putting ten tables were no problem.

“Okay.” The boy responded.

“No need.” A cold, slightly hoarse voice came.

Everyone turned their heads to look at the person who spoke.

It’s Lin Suno.

He repeated it again in everyone’s sight.

“I said no need, she doesn’t have to go anywhere, just sit next to me.”



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