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“Stop saying you love me, the only person you love most is yourself.”

Once Shi Chen finished saying this, he did not care about her anymore and walked away.

After the funeral, the lawyer who brought Old Madam Shi’s will read it in front of all the relatives.

Old Madam Shi took great care of her younger generation.

All the funds and real estate under her name were distributed to Shi Ning and Shi Chen.

There was only one old mansion, she chose to give it to her son.

“The will is read, and you just need to sign it.”

Said the lawyer as he handed the official document to Shi Ning and them.

“That’s all that was read out”

Yu Chuyao stood up and looked at the lawyer who read out the will with her red eyes open in disbelief.

“Yes, the above is the entire content of the will made by the old madam during her lifetime.”

The lawyer replied.

“No, that’s impossible! Grandma didn’t mention half a word about me in her will”

“No.” The lawyer’s businesslike tone seemed distinctly icy.

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! How is it possible!”

Yu Chuyao grabbed the will and carefully read every word on it, the property distribution was full of Shi Ning and Shi Chen, none of which was her name.

“You promised me.

You clearly promised me that you would give me the villa in the west of the city.

You also said that you were afraid that after your death, I would be alone in the Shi family and leave the house for me.”

Yu Chuyao said to herself, her eyes full of madness.

“There must be a mistake, a mistake!”

The lawyer took back the official document of the will and said.

“Indeed, the old madam’s will previously left that villa to you and left you five million in cash.”

Yu Chuyao’s face showed joy as she wiped away her tears.

“Right! I knew that Grandma wouldn’t really leave me alone!”

“But just a few months ago, the old madam personally called and commissioned me to amend the will.

All those things you have belong to Miss Shi Ning now.” The lawyer added.

Yu Chuyao: “What did you say She gave all my share to Shi Ning”


“By what right! Why should I give it to her! This is what the old madam promised me!”

Losing the last trace of hope, she didn’t care about her image anymore and questioned loudly.

At the same time, the eyes quenched with hatred were cast towards Shi Ning.

“It’s all because of you, it’s all because of you, it’s all because of you that you have caused me.

If it wasn’t for you, Grandma couldn’t have done this to me!”

After saying that she was about to lunge towards Shi Ning.

Shi Chen stopped in front of Shi Ning and pushed Yu Chuyao away as hard as he could.

“Grandma also saw who you really are before so she made such a decision.”

“Yu Chuyao, our family raised you because they were kind to you, not because they owed you.”

After saying that he seemed so disgusted that he didn’t want to give her one more look and directly called for security to drag Yu Chuyao out.

Shi Ning looked at this will in the lawyer’s hand.

She really didn’t expect that her grandmother would divide all her possessions, except for the old house, in half between her and Shi Chen.

It turns out that Grandma really loves her.

Without warning, the tears were again uncontrollable and seem to have opened the floodgates to fall.

After returning from the funeral, Shi Ning locked herself in her room and never came downstairs.

She sat on her bed until early in the morning.

Suddenly as if she had made up her mind about something, she jumped off the bed and went to the next room.

The door to Shi Chen’s room was unlocked, and she opened it with a gentle push.

As soon as she entered, she smelled smoke.

This was the first time she saw that her brother smoking.

“Brother ……,” Shi Ning called out.

Shi Chen heard and turned his head to see her and instantly hid his cigarette behind his back.

Shi Ning: “Don’t hide it, I saw it all.”

She really didn’t expect that her brother would actually smoke.

Shi Chen extinguished the cigarette and threw it into the trash, smiled bitterly, and said to his sister.

“I don’t smoke much of this stuff, and I avoid it in front of you, but I didn’t expect to be caught in the act today.”

After college, the number of times he smokes increases.

He looked at Baidu and went to learn it.

But because he studied medicine, knowing that smoking too much is bad for his health, Shi Chen didn’t smoke much.

He would come smoke only when he was particularly upset.

Shi Ning habitually sat by his bed, and Shi Chen also sat against her.

Shi Ning: “Brother, how does it feel to study medicine”

“I feel like I’m shouldering the great task of saving people all the time.”

“To be serious, a doctor is an ordinary profession.

It’s just because it’s in charge of people’s life and death and health, so it’s more of a responsibility.” Shi Chen said.

After listening to it, Shi Ning was silent for a moment and suddenly said.

“Brother, what do you think, if I want to be a doctor too”

Last year, when Shi Chen asked her what she wanted to do in college, she still felt she hadn’t thought about it and just wanted to improve her grades and study hard.

But now, she seems to have found the path she wants to take.

Shi Chen was not too surprised and asked in a soft voice, “Because of Grandma”

“Grandma is one reason, more importantly, I want to save more people.”

She didn’t want to experience the feeling of being helpless in front of the operating room and having to wait.

“I often wonder these days if our country’s medicine could be a little more advanced, and the doctor who operated on Grandma a little more capable, a miracle might have happened.”

Although the person who operated on her grandmother at that time was already the most capable expert in the city, she still believed that science and technology were endless and there was still a high room for improvement in medical technology.

“I know this is a ridiculous statement on my part.

Even if we work hard, we are just ordinary people, how can we do it if experts can’t.”


Shi Ning paused and continued.

“If I encounter the same patient as grandmother next time, I never want to see the doctor say to the patient’s relatives again that they can’t operate, and they can only wait for death.”

This was too cruel.

“Then go ahead and do it.” Shi Chen said.

“I don’t think this idea of yours is ridiculous.

Before these things like telephones and airplanes were invented, who could have imagined it All technology must be explored by people.

There are always people who dare to think before they dare to do it, and only when they do it can there be results.”

“It’s just that you’re studying liberal arts, and if you want to choose a major like clinical medicine, you have to be in science class.” Shi Chen said.

“Then I’ll switch subjects.

I remember in our high school it’s possible to transfer.”

“Your brother supports any decision you make, but if you choose science, it means you have to jump out of the comfort circle of liberal arts, give up your biggest advantage, and keep up with the progress of science class when you are three months behind others.

This road is not easy.”

Shi Chen helped her analyze the pros and cons.

“As long as it’s the path you choose, you have to go on even if it’s hard, don’t you”


Tonight, Shi Chen felt that the girl he was protecting, grew up overnight.


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