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But even when she arrived at school, all she could think about was the hospital, the ward, and her grandmother.

Wan Yue saw that she was unhappy and asked her what had happened.

Shi Ning did not elaborate, she just said that her grandmother was sick and was in a very bad condition in the hospital.

This was the first Wan Yue saw her just holding the pen and had no notes on her book the whole time the class was ongoing.

Whenever Shi Ning was studying, she would always pay full attention to class or to her exercise books as she brushed those questions and notes.

But right now, it was the first time that he saw her completely lost in thought.

And he knows the reason why she was like this, it seems that her grandma Shi’s situation was very bad.

“Be strong, your grandmother certainly doesn’t want to see you like this.”

Wan Yue knew that there was no way to comfort her about this and she had to get through it on her own.

Shi Ning looked at the books on her desk.

She used to love studying and was always energetic, but now she finds studying tedious.

“What’s the used of studying no matter good our grades are and how high our score is, they were no use.”

When her loved ones were seriously ill and their life was in danger, she still couldn’t do anything.

Shi Ning muddled through a few days, the family hesitated to tell Shi Chen the news.

Shi Chen has been close to his grandmother since he was a child, and the relationship between him and Old Lady Shi is even deeper than Shi Ning, who suffered a blow not long ago and now wants to tell him about it, Shi Zhanping is a bit intolerant for a while.

“Tell your brother, he has a right to know.”

Shi Ning said to his parents.

“Don’t let your brother not even see the last of Grandma.”

When Shi Chen arrived at his grandmother’s bed, he did not know if his grandmother had sensed.

Hearing the siblings keep calling out to her.

Grandma, Grandma, Grandma.

Grandma Shi woke up, and her mind was a little clearer than before.

Only she talks to them for a few minutes and then she falls asleep again.

Later that night.

Grandma Shih then left.

When the old man died, both Shi Ning and Shi Chen took a leave of absence from school.

Shi Zhanping also put aside his company’s business to prepare for his mother’s funeral.

The day of Mrs.

Shi’s funeral, countless people came to offer their condolences.

Among them are also Cao Shu and Yu Chuyao.

Shi Ning has not seen Yu Chuyao for a long time, she compared to the past, really fell down a lot.

Although Shi Ning doesn’t like her.

But Yu Chuyao is, after all, her grandmother’s adopted daughter, and when the old man dies, it’s only right for her to come and offer her condolences.

Yu Chuyao and Cao Shu, both close to Mrs.

Shi, two people in front of the old man’s coffin in pain and tears can not help themselves, like more than their real blood relatives come to hurt.

Many guests came and ran to comfort them.

After the funeral, Cao Shu approached Shi Chen.

“Xiao Chen, mommy thought about what happened last time, it’s mommy’s fault.

Don’t you ignore mommy, okay”

Cao Shu cried eyes swollen more walnut-like, and when she saw Shi Chen, she couldn’t help but cry again.

“These days mommy is reflecting on herself, it’s me who did wrong.

But you are my son, you can’t just ignore me because I made a mistake.”

Shi Chen handed her the paper.

In a light voice, he said, “Is it appropriate for you to tell me this at Grandma’s funeral”

Cao Shu huffed and commiserated, “But normally, you refuse to even see me.”

Shi Chen is unusually calm, he really does not have the heart to talk to her about this today.

If this person in front of him is not his mother, he would have thrown people out long ago.

His indifferent eyes fell on Cao Shu’s face.

“Mom, I don’t blame you for cheating on Dad in the marriage in the first place, and I don’t blame you for having other children.”

A hint of joy flashed across Cao Shu’s face and she grabbed Shi Chen:

“So, you’ve forgiven mom”

Shi Chen drew out his hand.

“What I’m sick of, is that you lied to me.”

His eyes were cold as he said to Cao Shu,

“All these years, you really went to a lot of trouble to make me hate Dad and Aunt Lin.”

“Is it fun to play your son around like a fool”

“I didn’t, I was just afraid that if you followed them, you wouldn’t recognize me as your mother.”

Cao Shu’s heart went cold.

Her son is so clever that her schemes seem to have nowhere to hide from him.

“So you never cared about me, if it would be hard.

You went out of your way to make me loathe that family, and you thought you were hurting the very people you hated”

Shi Chen closed his eyes.

“The person you hurt, the person who will suffer the most because of those words of yours, is me.”

“Where do you think I can be happy living in an environment that you should loathe and must force yourself to reject any kindness or warmth in this home”

“Stop saying you love me, the only person you love most is yourself.”

After Shi Chen finished, he did not care about her anymore, but walked away.


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