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Shi Ning received the news that her grandmother was seriously ill in the hospital during a language class.

She remembered that the teacher was talking about a literary text, and she was making annotations in her book when the class teacher suddenly walked into the classroom and interrupted the language teacher.


Li, excuse me, I need to see a student in my class.”

The language teacher nodded.

Lao Liu beckoned to Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning, you come out with me.”

Shi Ning put down the pen in her hand and went out of the classroom.

It was the first time she had seen Lao Liu’s face so grave, so she asked tentatively.

“Teacher, what’s wrong”

Lao Liu patted her on the shoulder and sighed.

“Just now your family called the office.

Your grandmother had a heart attack this afternoon and is now being rescued in the hospital.

The situation should be very serious.

Your family asked you to go back and have a look.”

Shi Ning ran as fast as she could and stopped the car, got out, and raced to the hospital.

Outside the operating room, Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xuemuo were already waiting outside the operating room.

Shi Ning walked up to her parents and asked in a trembling voice.

“Grandma, how is she”

“The surgery has been going on for more than two hours, and the doctor has just given two critical notices.”

Her father who has always been calm and collected in whatever situations has now a trembling voice as he said these.

The closed door of the operating room was lit up with the words “in surgery” in bright red.

A door that hinders patients and relatives.

There was nothing they could do but stand outside the gate and wait anxiously.

Shi Ning saw his father’s reddened eyes, hanging head as he covered his face with his hands, teardrops fell between his fingers while her mother paced around back and forth praying to heaven with her hands folded.

“Bodhisattva bless, Bodhisattva bless.”

At this time, in addition to putting all their hopes on the doctors in the operating room, they could only believe in ghosts and gods.

The operation took a long time and their family waited outside the ward for five hours.

During these few hours, Shi Ning wanted to rush in countless times but also knew she mustn’t and she couldn’t.

All she could do was wait outside and pray for her grandmother.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the door of the operating room opened.

Shi Ning and her family rushed up.

Shi Pingzhan grabbed the doctor’s scrubs and asked with red eyes.

“How’s it going My mother, is she okay”

The doctor who was used to seeing life and death would always still feel sorry and sad seeing the moment he sees the family and tell them the unfortunate news.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best.”

“The surgery was not unsuccessful, the patient has not regained consciousness yet and could …… be at any time.”

The doctor didn’t point out the rest, but the meaning was clear.

This person, they could no longer be saved.

She was only hanging on to one breath and may go at any time.

The doctor patted the back of Shi Pingzhan’s hand.

“There’s not much time left.

Please say goodbye to the patient.”

“How long does my mother have” Shi Pingzhan asked.

Doctor: “We don’t necessarily know but short if less than three days, long if it may be a month.”

A six-foot-tall man was momentarily unsteady on his feet, the doctor helped him to sit on a bench outside the operating room with a compassionate gaze.

“I’m sorry and condolence.”

When the grandmother was pushed out, the old woman’s face was bloodless but extraordinarily peaceful.

This scene was familiar, in her last life, she was also in the hospital when her grandmother died suddenly because of heart disease, and even after resuscitation she still died.

Why do people die

When death comes to human beings, was there nothing they could do except grit their teeth and accept the pain that they cannot bear

Shi Ning quietly looked at her grandmother in the hospital bed, and when she saw that there was still fog on the oxygen mask, Shi Ning rushed to the doctor.

“Doctor, my grandmother is not dead yet, she’s still alive, look, she’s still breathing, she can still be saved.

Aren’t you doctors, aren’t you doctors the ones who save people’s lives How can you guys let her, let her wait to die.”

‘Waiting for death’ these two words came out from Shi Ning’s shaking lips as her emotions were finally taut and cried out.

The doctor let her vent and handed her a tissue.

“There are times when doctors can’t do anything, little girl, so mourn.”

Shi Ning cried and shook her head.

“Then you can’t let my grandmother die like this without doing anything.

You can do something, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, try it.”

This time the doctor shook his head.

“Little girl, the patient’s condition is naturally clearer to us as doctors than to you.

With your grandmother’s current condition, there is only one possibility if further surgery is performed.”

“Dying on the operating table.”

That night, Shi Ning stayed up all night, squatting in front of her grandmother’s ward guarding it.

The next day, she had to go to school.

Perhaps because Old Madam Shi was old and has been in poor health in recent years, the adults were prepared for this result today.

Shi Ning saw her father kneeling in front of her grandmother’s bed and crying all night, but today he has been able to comfort her in turn.

“Ning Ning, it’s not a good idea for you to keep watch here, why don’t you just go back to school, you still have to attend classes.”

“Mom and Dad will be here.”

Shi Ning smiled bitterly.

“Grandma in this situation, how can I still have the heart to attend classes.”

“Or you can go home and get some sleep.” Shi Pingzhan said.

“I can’t sleep.”

She was afraid that if she slept, she wouldn’t see her grandmother one last time.

“Then go to school, your grandmother hasn’t left yet, there’s me and your mother here, and the doctor.

You go to school first, and daddy will let you know if anything happens.”

In the end, Shi Ning was driven to school by her father.

Shi Ning knew that her father didn’t want her to keep dwelling on that sad atmosphere, so he forced her to come to school.

But even when she arrived at school, all she could think about was the hospital, the ward, and her grandmother.


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