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Shi Chen curled his lips and his obsidian eyes looked at his sister.

“Well, it’s still your comfort that works best.”

The next day Shi Ning went back to school.

After seeing Shi Ning, Wan Yue asked.

“Eh, how is your brother”

Shi Ning: “He was sad when he first learned about it, but now he should be better.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Wan Yue responded and didn’t ask any more questions.

Shi Ning looks at him, right now whenever she sees him she feels as if everything about him wasn’t true.

“Are you really, the son of Cao Shu and Uncle Jin”

The world was too small… The illegitimate son of his father’s ex-wife and her half-brother has become her desk mate.

Wan Yue: “Yes.”

As if he suddenly thought of something, he turned around and seriously asked Shi Ning.

“You don’t hate me after knowing the truth, do you”

“Of course not.”

Wan Yue sighed with relief and asked a follow-up question.

“And won’t ignore me because of this”


She just felt surprised, and would not have any bad impression of him, he was worried unnecessarily.

“That’s good.”

Getting such an answer was undoubtedly a dose of reassurance, and a smile reappears on Wan Yue’s face.

Shi Ning: “But your biological parents are so rich, why do you still want to work”

“Because I think I have nothing to do with them as long as I don’t use their money.

I hate the identity of an illegitimate son more than anyone.”

Wan Yue said with a bitter smile.

Shi Ning looked at Wan Yue and felt saddened.

He and his brother did nothing wrong, yet they have to suffer because of the mistakes made by the adults.

Although she does not like Cao Shu, being Wan Yue’s deskmate these days she thinks he was quite nice.

He was neither humble nor arrogant, but hard-working and serious—the kind she appreciates most.

Besides, this boy…..

Was her brother’s brother.

Although Shi Chen does not seem to recognize this brother, Wan Yue also has no intention of having him as a brother.

But because of this relationship, Shi Ning instead felt that Wan Yue was quite amicable.

“How old are you” Shi Ning asked.

Wan Yue: “17 ah.”

“What month is it”


“Then you are two months younger than me, from now on you can treat me as an older sister, and I will cover you.”

Shi Chen’s brother was also her brother.

When Wan Yue heard this, he immediately disagree.

“I’m not going to be your brother.”

Shi Ning: “Why your brother is also my brother, and I am older than you, but I cannot be your sister”

Wan Yue: “I am related to your brother by blood, and you are not.

Don’t identify relatives indiscriminately.”


Shi Ning didn’t insist.

If he didn’t want it then she wouldn’t insist on it.

She could just take care of him more for her brother at school in the future.

Boys were more emotionally sensitive and could be more aware of a girl’s heart than girls.

He was in love with Shi Ning and he wanted to develop these feelings for her, but she wants to accept him as her brother instead.

How could this proceed that way

“It seems that I am acting too inconspicuously to make you say such things.”

Wan Yue said mockingly to himself.

His voice was relatively low so Shi Ning didn’t hear him clearly, she looked at him inquiringly.

Wan Yue: “Nothing.

I think I’m not good enough for you.”

Not good enough to make you love me too.

You only want me to be your brother.

This twist does not affect Wan Yue, it doesn’t matter if he is an illegitimate son, people who despise him would still despise him anyway, as long as Shi Ning won’t alienate him because of his status.

With this thought, Wan Yue opened the door of his house with the key.

Because he had to work at night, he did not choose to live on campus but rented a single room in a slightly isolated area.

After he went in this time, he found something wrong in the room.

Many things seemed to have been too quiet.

Sure enough, he saw Cao Shu on his bed.

Cao Shu: “You’re back”

Wan Yue’s face sank: “Why are you here”

Cao Shu put a key ring on her fingers that was white as a scallion.

“Just two hours before you came back, this house you’re living in, I bought it.”

She said, sweeping her disgusted gaze around the room.

“Can you live here You don’t even have a sofa.

It’s just a bed, a table, and a chair.

It’s as small as a pig cage.”

“I think I’m living quite well.”

As long as you don’t come here.

Cao Shu stood up from the bed and walked to him.

Wan Yue looked at her grim smile and had an ominous feeling.

Sure enough, the next second, Cao Shu threw a slap on his face.

“I told you to leave but you didn’t listen! I thought you wanted to do something, but you couldn’t sit still and jump out! Did you tell Shi Chen about you What do you want Revenge against me Or do you think what I gave you is not enough and want more”

These days she went crazy contacting Shi Chen whom she couldn’t reach, the thought of her son would never care about her made Cao Shu panic.

All this change started when Wan Yue came here, and she naturally assumed that this matter was also told by him.

In her anger, her force was not small, and Wan Yue’s face was instantly red.

He touched his face where she had slapped him and smiled coldly.

“What do I want Your money Or your ridiculous motherly love”

“Tell you what, this boy doesn’t even care!”

He took out the card that Cao Shu had given him from his bag.

“It’s because of this card that your son found out about me, and then found out about you.

Blame yourself.”

He said coldly and sarcastically said.

“Since you don’t want to recognize me as a son, you just leave me alone and give me some money as a hypocritical gift.

Where does it lead you now Didn’t you deserve this”

“If you hadn’t been stubborn with me and tossed yourself around so much, would I have given you so much money”

She admits that in her heart, Wan Yue was not as good as Shi Chen, but at least she gave birth to him.

Even if she couldn’t admit him openly, at least she could give him the best material life.

That’s why when she saw Wan Yue working in a restaurant, she gave him a $5 million card in a fit of pique.

Who knows that her compassion has harmed her.

“It’s all because of you, you wolf! I told you to stay quiet, and you’ll have everything you need, but why didn’t you listen to me If I had known you were like this, I shouldn’t have given birth to you in the first place!”

Cao Shu scolded and cried, hammering Wan Yue’s chest with her hand.

Wan Yue grabbed her hand.

“I advise you to stop, you think you’re my mother What right do you have to hit me”

Did the two of them are now disowning her as their mother

Cao Shu was so angry that she lost her temper and couldn’t help raising her hand again to slap Wan Yue on the face.

Wan Yue stopped her other hand and pushed her hard, pushing Cao Shu to the ground.

“That slap just now, consider it a return of your kindness for giving birth to me.

Now, I don’t owe you anything.”

He threw the diamond card at her side, his eyes were cold to the point of looking at a stranger.

“Take your money and get out of here.”

The words he had held in for so long were finally spoken to her.

The mood his feeling now could only be described in one word, bliss!

Cao Shu looked at him incredulously, “What did you say”

Did he tell her to get lost Was he out of his mind

Wan Yue then suddenly remembered.

“Oh, you bought this house didn’t you.”

“That’s okay, I’ll go out.”

“Be my guest.”

When he finished, he turned around and headed for the door, which he heavily shut threw .

Cao Shu looked at the empty room and fell to the floor in dismay.

She has been unable to understand what she has gained from doing so much and calculating all her life


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