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Shi Ning and Shi Chen’s rooms were on the third floor while her dad and mom live on the second floor.

She couldn’t help run to the next door after flipping through her books to see if he was still talking to her brother or if her brother was already back.

“What are you doing”

By the third time, she was caught by Shi Chen when she slipped to her brother’s door to see if there was anyone inside.

“I have a question I don’t know and I want to ask my brother.”

She immediately made up an excuse.

Shi Chen: “You did not even take the book, not to question the purpose of it!”

All right, her brother is too smart for her to always fool him.

Shi Ning gave up and told the truth.

“Well, I’m here to see you.”

Shi Chen opened the door of the room.

“Go in and talk.”

When the siblings went inside, Shi Ning sat on her brother’s bed and hugged a pillow.

“Brother, what did Dad say to you”

Shi Chen laughed.

“He wanted to comfort me that heart, I can see that but that… I think he might as well not say it.”

Two grown-up men are really not suitable for affectation.

Shi Chen thought of the situation in the study where Shi Zhanping comforted him and felt a few moments of amusement.

Shi Zhanping tried his best to comfort himself, but he only held back those words “want to be open.” “It’s nothing.” These kinds of omnipotent comforting words, Shi Chen worked hard for him.

“What’s the use of you saying that”

In the study, Shi Chen coldly asked a rhetorical question.

Shi Zhanping was blocked by his words, and a familiar anger came up.

Sure enough, he and this son, the eight characters do not match.

Why can’t he understand his father’s painstaking efforts!

After a phone call from him, there is no news, how can not be contacted, so that he is worried about him at home day after day.

Now he’s back.

He wants to enlighten him again for fear that he won’t get through it.

As a result, the boy did not appreciate it at all, and gave him back a sentence.

“What’s the use of you saying this”

“You brat, I knew I couldn’t say anything nice to you!”

Shi Zhanping was so angry that he blew his beard and glared.

Shi Chen: “so stop talking.

It’s useless to say so much.

It’s better to do something practical, such as Dad loves you.”

In his mind, he thought of the three second goods in the bedroom, and often expressed his love to him like this.

He also said a sentence.

It was originally a joke, but Shi Zhanping’s expression changed from dumbfounded, surprised, and finally moved.

His son finally told the truth!

It turns out that he has been longing for his father’s love! Do you usually work against him just to attract his attention What an awkward and soft heart it is!!

He took a big step towards Shi Chen, wrapped an arm around his shoulders, held him in his arms, patted his back with his palm, and said with emotion,

“Son, Daddy loves you.

I really love you.”

Shi Chen: “….”

Why did he always feel as if the old man had misunderstood something

But things have come to this point, Shi Chen can only go with the flow and say.

“My son loves you, too.”

Thinking of this scene, Shi Chen couldn’t help laughing.

He really did not expect to be able to hug the old man and say love you to each other in his lifetime.

It’s so damn numb that his goose bumps are going to rise.

Shi Ning heard him say this, also followed the laugh.

“Is Daddy so cute Hahahahahahaha.”

“Brother, don’t blame him, he really did his best.”

For Shi Zhanping, comforting Shi Chen is itself a proposition of ten levels of difficulty.

Shi Chen: “When I came out, I also ran into your mother, and she also comforted me a few times.

I have to say, your mother is still much better at talking than the old man.”

Said here, Shi Chen look a little darker.

“It was always me who misunderstood Aunt Lin, I want to say sorry to her, how come the words are so hard to get out of my mouth.

Shi Ning: “your mother can definitely feel your heart.

Besides, just like her mother said.

We are a family.

It doesn’t matter whether we say these words or not.”

Yes family.

He has a family besides his mom.

Shi Chen smiled in relief and looked at his sister.

“After knowing this, my parents came to comfort me, but you didn’t say anything.”

Shi Ning spent the past few days with him.

If he didn’t mention these things, she wouldn’t mention them.

She just accompanied him quietly and tried to make him happy.

“Because I believe that my brother, can pull through.

There’s nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t overcome.

You just need time to digest it.” Shi Ning put her thoughts into words.

“In your mind, I’m that good” Shi Chen guffawed.

“Mmm!” She worships her brother, blindly.

Shi Chen was happy, but his face showed a sad and frustrated expression.

“Hey, but brother is not as good as you think, also need to be comforted.”

Shi Ning naturally knew that he was pretending.

It’s a good idea, but it’s rare for my brother to be pampered, so she has to cooperate.

She jumped off the bed and walked to Shi Chen’s side, who was sitting in the sofa while she stood.

She touched her brother’s head like Shi Chen usually touches her head.

“Good boy ha, no more hard feelings.”

“All the bad things will pass, and after tomorrow, it’s all good news.”

The soft palm seems to have power to his body.

Shi Chen curled his lips and his obsidian eyes looked at his sister.

“Well, it’s still your comfort that works best.”


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