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The roommate behind him came over and interjected again.

“It’s not impossible if you really want to stay for a few days in the men’s dormitory! I can squeeze in a bed with old three, and I’ll give my bed to little sister!”

Shi Chen did not even say anything and kicked him directly in the knee.

“You dream on.”

“Come on, brother will take you shopping.”

Shi Chen said to Shi Ning.

“Even if you have money, let me pay for you.”

Shi Ning then seemed to remember something and said.

“Brother, if I can’t stay in your dormitory for a few days can I go and have a look”

As a girl, she has always been curious about the male dormitory.

Joking aside, when he heard that Shi Ning wanted to go to the men’s dormitory, Shi Chen immediately vetoed.

“No way.

Why are you going there”

Shi Ning: “I just want to see.”

“There’s nothing to see.”

Shi Chen always felt that it was not good to let his sister go to this kind of place where men pile up.

Shi Chen’s roommate Zhang Ziqi sighed and said.

“Sister ah, we your newfound brothers also want to take you in to play, but your brother and with his stinking temper won’t listen to others but has no problem letting others listen to him.

You’d better forget it.”

“I want to see where you live, brother, ah, I’ll just play a little, play a little and then come out.”

Shi Ning softened her voice, and her tone had a hint of pleading and pampering.

Then, with a faintly invisible arc, Shi Chen nodded.

Seeing this interaction, the roommate trio was dumbfounded.

Fuck, we thought you were so principled!

If your little sister act coquettishly, do you easily agree

Shi Ning followed them into the men’s dormitory.

There was a very odd rule about college dorms.

Boys were not allowed to enter the girls’ dormitory, but girls could enter the boys’ dormitory.

Arriving at the boys’ dormitory, Shi Chen’s prediction was as what he had expected.

As soon as his sister entered the men’s dormitory, all the boys around looked at her like wolves.

If Shi Chen wasn’t known for his attitude, several boys would have come up to ask Shi Ning’s WeChat.

Opening the dormitory room, Shi Ning saw the place where Shi Chen and the others usually lived.

“You guys are so clean here, I thought the men’s dorm was all messy”

Three people bitterly commented: you think we want to be so clean! If it isn’t because of your brother!

After Shi Ning walked in, she looked around and recognized Shi Chen’s bed right away.

His brother’s place was always immaculately neat and clean.

At this time, Shi Ning saw a cat.

It has a snow-white whole body, slightly long hair, a pair of blue eyes, and a face that looked so cute and lovely.

“It’s so cute!”

Shi Ning took the cat into her arms and carried it over to show Shi Chen.

“Brother, look at it, it’s so cute.”

Shi Chen slightly curved his lips.

“It’s Huahua.”

Shi Ning suddenly remembered and said.

“The one you said that looks like me”


After that, Shi Chen also touched Huahua’s chin with his hand.

The cat spits out its pink tongue and licked his hand.

Shi Ning hugged the cat and looked at him.

She then lifted Huahua up and held it in her arms, plastering each other’s face.

“Does it really look like me”

A beautiful girl and a cat with two innocent faces.

Shi Chen laughed outright.

“Well really alike.”

They were all equally lovely and likable.

Shi Ning brushed the cat’s hair, gently touched its nose with her fingers, and said word for word to Huahua.

“Okay, look at how pretty you are, just like me.”

The three men in the room, after seeing this scene all fall to the ground spitting blood.

And roared out internally.

Awwwwwwww, that’s so cute!!!

Mom why don’t you give me a sister!


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