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Translated by: Parfait


Chu Yao took the limelight after she arrived in school.


There were even boys from other classes rushing to their class to watch her.

They stretched their necks on the window.


“Wow, that’s Yu Chuyao.

She’s really beautiful.”


“She plays the violin.

She’s so talented.”


“Ah, she can also study.

We can only look up to such a person.”


“Omg, she’s coming out.”


Everyone was excited to see Yu Chuyao leave her seat and walk outside the classroom.


At this time, a man in the crowd stepped forward and stood in front of Chu Yao.


“Goddess, I’ve been paying attention to you since junior high school.

This is a small biscuit I made myself.

Please try it.” A little boy with glasses gave Yu Chuyao a bag of biscuits.


“Oh, thank you.” Yu Chuyao took the biscuit and showed a sweet smile to the boy.


“You are so nice.

I will always support you!” The boy blushingly said and ran away quickly.


The next class would be physical education.

After the students finish doing their physical education exercises, they were free to disband.


Shi Ning found a quiet place in the small woods and sat reading while doing problem-solving questions.


High school sports could only keep her body fit.

Proper exercise is enough.

More time should be spent on studying.


Although their grade was the most relaxed stage of high school, it is also a key period to lay her foundation.


She wanted to speed up the basic courses so she could solve difficult problems.


Shi Ning studied alone.

After a while, she heard the sound of footsteps.


She looked up and saw that it was Yu Chuyao.


How could she meet her here Shi Ning had a headache.


Yu Chuyao was alone.

She took a few steps and looked around.


There was a big tree in front of Shi Ning.

Yu Chuyao’s sight was blocked.

She didn’t see her.


Seeing no one around, she took something out of her pocket and threw it into the garbage can.


“How could I bring this kind of thing with me” She said disdainfully before turning to leave.


Seeing this scene, Shi Ning felt pitiful for the boy who gave her the food this afternoon.


If she didn’t read it wrong, it was that bag of biscuits that Yu Shiyao received.


Shi Ning watched her go out before leaving the woods.


She just came to the playground when Gao Min found her.


“Boss, you are here.

I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”


Shi Ning: “Hey, don’t call me boss.

It’s awkward.

Just call me Shi Ning.”


Gao Min: “I’m just used to calling you that.”


“Wha’s the matter”


“Boss, we have a surprise for you.”


“What surprise”


Shi Ning intuitively felt that the so-called surprise in these mouths of mixed demons was not good.


Shi Ning followed her to an abandoned classroom on the second floor of the school building.


After entering, Gao Min closed the door.


Shi Ning saw a scene of four or five girls gathering together with a bucket of water and various paints.

Beside them, there was a large piece of cake on the table and a girl tied to a stool.


“I heard that today is your birthday.

We are here to help you celebrate your birthday.

Do you feel very happy”


The girl who was bound by them shivered, turned her head, and whispered, “Today is not my birthday…”


“When we say it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday.

Aren’t you happy your classmates are helping you celebrate”


“Leave me alone.” The girl sobbed in fear.


The four or five girls completely ignored her resistance and clapped their hands happily.


“How to celebrate your birthday Why not wash your face first.” She kicked the bucket in front of her.


Another girl also started to paint her with a brush.



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