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He took Shi Ning to find a less crowded area.


Shi Chen handed her the chopsticks.

The two just moved their chopsticks when a man sat down next to Shi Ning and another man sat down to next her brother.

There was also one behind him, with his hand clapped on Shi Chen’s shoulder he teasingly said.

“Tch, yesterday for love you brought to many drinks and drawn yourself looking too wimpy, and right now you are seating with a lady being so lovey-dovey, we would like to see how heavenly beautiful this fairy being worthy of you being like tha—”

He looked up at Shi Ning sitting across from him as he spoke and was suddenly speechless.

“Fuck, it’s really a fairy.”

Being stared straight at by the other side like this, Shi Ning was a little uncomfortable and silently lowered her head to eat.

Shi Chen broke the hand of the person behind him and backhandedly twisted its hand making the boy wail.

“Ahhhhhh it hurts! Old four be a compassionate person! I just glance once at your little girlfriend, what’s there to fuss!”

Shi Chen: “Look again and I’ll gouge out your eyes.

Good timing since we just recently studied anatomy, I’ll take yours’ for practice.”

The chilling sound of Shi Chen’s voice made the boy tremble.

“I’m wrong I’m wrong, I won’t look! Not looking! Not even a glance!”

Only then did Shi Chen let go of his hand.

The boy rubbed his sore wrist and looked at Shi Chen as he complained in a small voice.

“It’s not all settled, why are you still so grumpy.”

Shi Chen: “Makeup your mother, she’s my sister.

We don’t ever makeup because we’ll be together for a lifetime.”

After Shi Chen’s words just fell.

All three boys looked at Shi Ning.

“Fuck, you have such a beautiful sister but you never told us!”

Shi Chen sneered inwardly.

Why would I talk about my baby sister, you are all just three stinky men.

“Hello sister, my name is Du Yu.

I’m the oldest in our dormitory room.”

“I’m the second, Zhou Wang.”

“The third, Zhang Ziqi.”

The three introduced themselves one by one.

Shi Ning quickly remembered their names and faces then introduced herself to them.

“Hello, I’m Shi Ning.”

“Hello hello, Shi Chen’s sister is our sister.

When you visit Beijing again to play, you can always find us!” The eldest said.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re all very nice, don’t be afraid!”

“You’re so adorable, not at all like your stinky, hard-to-please brother!”

As medical students, there were fewer girls in the class and for them, they all looked already very beautiful but seeing Shi Chen’s sister—at that moment when they saw such a lovely and beautiful girl, three old fellow trees were all in blossom.

However, if they dare to blossom, some people will dare to pull them out completely.

“If you make any more noise, believe it or not, I’ll throw you out of here.”

Under his death gaze, the three chose to shut up and look up at the sky as they touch their nose and put their other hand on their pockets to hide their embarrassment.

On the other hand, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing right now!

Why don’t they believe it They understood Shi Chen’s skill long ago during military training.

If he hadn’t entered their college as the top student in science, they would have suspected that Shi Chen had been a boss who came out to get mixed up some years earlier.

The kind that doesn’t do ** and specializes in fighting.

After finishing the meal Shi Chen asked Shi Ning.

“Do you want to stay here for two more days, or go home”

Shi Ning tugged on his brother’s sleeve.

“Play for two days.”

Although he acted indifferently, Shi Ning could see that his brother was still in pain.

She wanted to spend more time with him.

“You didn’t bring anything with you this time, did you If you want to play for two more days what will you wear”

Shi Chen asked.

Shi Ning: “I have money, I can buy it.”

She had no use of the cards her parents gave her before, and now they finally came in handy.

Shi Chen: “What about your homework I haven’t see you brought your workbook.

Won’t you feel bad if you don’t study all day”

He knows better than anyone how hardworking this sister of his was.

“After playing these two days I will go back to study properly.” Shi Ning said.

Shi Chen: “Where will you stay for these two days, you know it is impossible to live with me in the boys’ dormitory, right”

Shi Ning knew he was teasing her again and glared at him.

“I have money, I’ll staying in a hotel.”

Shi Chen: “Gee, rich and willful.”


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