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In the dormitory.

When Shi Chen returned that day, he entered the door with a case of beer in his arms.

The eldest in the room looked happy seeing the drinks in Shi Chen’s arms.

“Hey, Shi Chen, why are drinking You are usually not used to seeing us drink in the room, but also dislike the taste.”

Shi Chen was expressionless.

He bit open a bottle with his teeth and began to drink it directly.

They were gloating when he drank the first bottle, and when he drank the second, they began to join him and drink with him.

By the time Shi Chen was like a robot prying open the third bottle, the roommates realized something was wrong.

This dude was obviously struck by a blow!

“Brother! Stop drinking.

Tell your brothers what happened.”

Shi Chen ignored them and continued to drink.

He even thought that beer was not enough to get drunk, so he took a bottle of Maotai hidden from the second oldest bed and began drinking.

“You’ll have an accident if you drink in the trough!”

The way he drink the Maotai was like drinking water which made the roommates scarred.

A few of them teamed up and grab the Maotai away from him.

Shi Chen narrowed his eyes and sneered.

“You won’t even give a bottle of liquor, Lao Er, don’t try to borrow a penny from me in the future.”

When he finished, he went back to drinking his beer.

The roommates want to snatch the beer but Shi Chen starts swearing.

“Get out, it’s mine, no snatching.”

Finally, he fell asleep drunk and several people ganged up on him to carry him back to his bed.

Shi Chen was a 5’8″ tall man, lifting him when he was dead asleep was quite laborious.

After his roommates finished carrying the person, the second oldest in the room lamented.

“What’s wrong with him Got turned downed”

Third: “No, this is our school male god.

Who dares to hurt him”

The oldest who carried most of his weight was still panting.

“Fortunately, this kid knows to go back here to drink, or he would be sleeping in the street.

Such a handsome face fainted on the roadside, it’s impossible if nothing happens to him!”

The next day Shi Chen woke up with a hangover and a bad headache.

As soon as he woke up he remembered what he knew yesterday and he instantly kind of didn’t want to wake up.

There was no one in the dorm room, so his roommates should all have gone to class.

Shi Chen wanted to see what time it was and turned on his phone.

More than a dozen missed calls were displayed on the phone, three were from Shi Pingzhan, and the remaining 15 were all from Shi Ning.


Not answering Shi Ning’s call after so many times made him also a jerk.

But calling Shi Ning now, how would he answer back if she asked him what happened

Shi Chen was still very upset and annoyed.

With this mood still down, he decided that it was better to send a message to Shi Ning rather than to call her back.

He clicked on the messages and saw that they were all unread WeChat messages from Shi Ning.

[Brother, did you really go back to school]

[Why don’t you answer the phone QAQ]

[Is there something going on that you don’t want to tell me about]

[Give Ning Ning a callback…]



The last one was.

[Brother, I’m coming to Beijing].

Shi Chen, who saw this message, woke up and almost had his phone slid off his hands.

He immediately called Shi Ning back.

When the call was answered, Shi Ning’s surprised voice came.

“Brother! You finally answered the phone!”

Shi Chen held back his temper.

“Where are you”

Shi Ning looked around.

“I’m at the high-speed railway station, but the Beijing high-speed railway station is so big that I can’t find the exit, I already looked for it for a long time.”

“Brother, are you at school I’ll come to you.”

Shi Chen’s mood surged and his voice was softer.

“Don’t you move, brother is coming to get you.”

Shi Chen was on the phone with his sister the whole time while he was taking a taxi to the high-speed train station.

“The high-speed railway station is crowded, so pay attention to it and don’t get cheated by the bad guys.”

“Don’t eat what others give you.”

“Are you hungry If you’re hungry, find a place to eat and order something to eat, sit inside and wait for me.”

Shi Ning: “Brother, I am seventeen years old, not seven.”

Shi Chen: “That’s still young, how can one feel at ease running so far alone.

Do your parents know you’re here”

Shi Ning: “They don’t know, they thought I was out on an autumn trip with my class today.”

Shi Chen: “Your autumn trip today Why don’t you go, why are you running here”

Shi Ning muttered in a small voice.

“It’s because of you.”

Shi Chen did not answer and just said.

“After a while, brother will come right away.”

After the taxi hit the high-speed rail station and stopped, Shi Ning sent Shi Chen her latest location.

Shi Chen followed the location and walked towards her.

He found Shi Ning.

She stood at the exit of the crowded station.

This season, the weather in Beijing was much colder than that in the south.

The girl came in a hurry and didn’t care about the weather changes.

She only wore a thin shirt and a pair of cowboy suspenders.

Her face was flushed due to the wind.

Because of the cold, Shi Ning’s body was crouched down.

Her hands were in her trouser as she looked around as if looking for something.

Finally, she saw him.


She smiled at him and waved.

Just for a moment, he felt that the sky had not fallen and that these things were not as unpleasant as he thought.

And remembered something she had said before.

“I hope that no matter what happens in the future, brother, remember that you still have me.”

He still has such a silly sister who would come here alone because of him.


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