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After coming out of Cao Shu’s house, Shi Chen drifted alone in the street, he turned his phone off earlier, and now that he turned it back all notifications were from Shi Ning’s calls.

He wanted to call his sister.

And yet he doesn’t want this look to be seen by her.

Her brother was supposed to be powerful and omnipotent.

Now this disheveled and despondent appearance was not worthy of being her brother.

But some things still need to be asked.

Shi Chen chose to call his father.

Shi Pingzhan was still out on a business trip at the moment, Shi Ning probably hasn’t told his dad he’s back yet.

After receiving the call Shi Pingzhan was no different than usual, just a little surprised he would call him.

Shi Pingzhan: “What Ning Ning is sleeping at this moment When you go out and usually call home, don’t you only call your sister, and today you actually called your father, me.”

After thinking about it, Shi Pingzhan asked again.

“Is there no money left to use”

Shi Chen: “Let me ask you something, do you promise to tell the truth”

Shi Pingzhan has a bad feeling.

“What’s the matter”

“You promise me first.”

He clenched his fist and whispered another word into the phone.

“See it as I’m begging you.”

For the first time, he heard Shi Chen being soft and say such words as begging him.

Shi Pingzhan was a little stunned hearing this.

“What’s going on, you tell me, and Daddy promises you.”

Shi Chen: “You and my mother, why exactly did you divorce”

The person on the phone was silent for a long time.

This question, Shi Chen has never asked him, and he has never said anything to him.

Now he suddenly asks him this, he must know something.

“I didn’t ask before because I trusted my mom.

When she said it was your fault, I believed it was all your fault.”

“Now, I want to ask you a question, did you cheat while you were married to her or not.”

Shi Chen then asked again.

Shi Pingzhan was silent for a long time before he said.

“Although your father is not a good man, I still have basic moral values.

Besides, if I really cheated with our marriage, then what did I take your Aunt Lin for She is such a conservative person, she would never let herself be a mistress for someone.”

“Since you asked, I’ll tell you.”

“Your mother and I, married for a business alliance, I originally thought she was the same, but then ……”

After the marriage, he realized that Cao Shu was fond of him, and this fondness, to the extent of paranoia.

“I have no feelings for her.

This is where I failed.

I feel sorry for her.

Later, your mother offered to divorce me because she couldn’t stand me.

After the divorce, I met your aunt Lin again, and then we were together.”

Shi Pingzhan explained.

Shi Chen: “What about my mother, when she was with you, did she do anything wrong.”

Shi Pingzhan’s heart jumped, not expecting him to ask this.

“Xiao Chen, do you know something.”

With such a reply from him, Shi Chen realized that the only person who didn’t know anything was him.

The phone in his hand was almost crushed, and his palm burned with pain.

Shi Chen continued, “Answer my question.”

“If you’re keeping this from me at this time, I won’t be grateful, I’ll just hate you.”

There was silence on the phone for a few seconds, and he heard Shi Pingzhan’s resigning sigh coming from the phone.


“When we divorce, the cause.

The reason is that your mother cheated in our marriage.”

Shi Chen held back and asked the last sentence.

“Is that Jin Yan”

Shi Pingzhan answered.


After that, Shi Chen hung up the phone after hearing what his father keep saying.

“How did you know Who told you”

“Parents’ business is parents’ business.

Don’t be too sad.”

“Don’t worry about such things.

No matter how bastard she is, she is still your mother.

She still loves you from the bottom of her heart.”

Love him

Maybe so.

But this love, now, only makes him feel deceived.

Shi Chen felt like a joke.

All these years he thought he was right, putting all the fault on his father, going against his stepmother and the family.

Tormenting his father, his sister, and his stepmother.

It’s more like torturing himself.

In the end, his mother, whom he defended, gave him a blow to the head.

He knew that Shi Pingzhan said those words to comfort him, even if he was disgusted with Cao Shu, all these years he did not denigrate her in front of him even half a sentence.

In the past, Shi Chen felt that he was unjustified.

Now he understands that Shi Pingzhan was just afraid of his discomfort and maintains the image of his beloved mother.

This stupid man, breaking his teeth and swallowing in his stomach.

He clumsily loved his son.

“So, it’s all my fault ……”

He put his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky.

Somehow, it was raining outside.

Shi Ning couldn’t contact Shi Chen for a day, after which she finally received a message from her brother, saying.

[I’m fine, I still have classes.

I’ll go back to school first]

Shi Ning was slightly relieved and called again, but unfortunately, his brother had turned off his phone.

Maybe the phone ran out of battery

Since her brother said he went back to school, it should be okay.

Tomorrow she would ask Wan Yue what happened.

Still worried, Shi Ning climbed into bed earlier than she usually does.

However, that night, she didn’t sleep well.

Her mind was full of her brother’s face coming to the classroom with red eyes.

And when she closed her eyes, all she could see was a nightmare about her brother.

She turned and tossed the whole night, until early morning.

Not minding the time Shi Ning called Wan Yue.

Wan Yue was still in dreamland when he received the call.

He looked at his phone, 6:00 am.

Wan Yue: “Missy, what are you calling me for so early in the morning, shouldn’t you be getting ready to go on a trip with the school at this moment I’m not going, why are you looking for me.”

Shi Ning: “Wan Yue, tell me exactly what you said to my brother that day.

Why did he suddenly come back and leave without going home after coming back”

Speaking of Shi Chen, Wan Yue’s sleepy brain woke up, and suddenly remembered what happened yesterday.

He rolled out of bed.

“Didn’t your brother go home yesterday I thought you should be the first person he looked for when he was so sad!”

As soon as Shi Ning heard this, she panicked even more.

“Why is he sad What did you say”

Wan Yue: “This …… is kinda hard to say.”

But he had no choice.

When things get to this point, it must be said.

Wan Yue: “You know Cao Shu, right”

Shi Ning: “What nonsense are you talking She’s my father’s ex-wife.

Why don’t I know my brother’s mother.”

Speaking of this, Shi Ning frowned.

“But how do you know Cao Shu”

Logically speaking, Wan Yue should not know this person.

Wan Yue: “She is my mother.”


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