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This kind of thing was better for the siblings to talk in person.

Moreover, Shi Chen now also quite needs someone to comfort him.

Cao Shu looked at the DNA identification results that Shi Chen placed in front of her.

She went from shock to panic, Cao Shu pulled Shi Chen’s hand trying to defend, but there was nowhere to defend herself.

“Xiao Chen, I ……”

The ironclad evidence was so strong that she couldn’t even refute it.

Shi Chen shook off her hand and looked at her coldly.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know when you gave me a brother, Mom.

It’s amazing, not to mention he’s almost an adult now.”

Over the years, Cao Shu has always been a bitter and lonely image in front of him, which makes Shi Chen always think that her mother didn’t remarry for so many years because she couldn’t forget her father.

So naturally, he would think that Shi Pingzhan made all the mistakes in this marriage.

He ignored his stepmother even when she was kind to him.

He has been cold-faced with his father for so many years.

Unlike the usual father and son relationship, his relationship with his father was like an enemy because he thinks his mother was too miserable because of him.

Actually, Shi Chen was not a fool on the contrary he was smarter than anyone.

Very often, some of Cao Shu’s meanings behind her words were very clear to him.

He just thought that this woman has suffered too much, so it was natural that to his father and stepmother, and even his sister, hatred was normal.

Even when she tenderly stroked his face, looking at him with tears of affection and saying to him.

“Mom only has you, from now on Mom will only love you”

Shi Chen would fight to suppress the trace of doubt that arises in his heart.

He keeps telling himself that.

Mom rarely visited him because she was disgusted with the family.

Mom had a compelling reason for not picking him up.

He was his mother.

Although she doesn’t make him feel that she loves him as much as she says, she really has only him to rely on, so he should follow her and be good to her.

Who knows, his mother not only found a married man outside as a lover, and even has an illegitimate son about the same age as him.

Shi Chen suddenly felt that those struggles in the past were all like a joke.

Cao Shu grabbed his hand and tears fell from her eyes.

“Xiao Chen, what happened back then, mommy doesn’t know how to explain to you, mommy is..

also because she was hurt too deeply by your father and momentarily confused and your uncle Jin drank some wine, only, only ……”

When she said this, she seemed unable to bear the memory, tears fell, and her body was shaking.

Shi Chen has become numb to this appearance of her.

This was what Cao Shu looks like whenever he goes against her advice.

As long as he has a little disobedience or goes against her will, was not filial to her, does not show he loves her.

“That’s enough mom, you might as well say it was Jin Yan who raped you to be credible.”

He never believed in that argument.

People who were drunk either lose their consciousness and those who were conscious use alcohol to strengthen their courage and do things they usually do not dare to do.

“Besides, you two are not confused for a while.

I checked the house and Jin Yan bought it for you.

Mom built a love nest outside.

I should congratulate you, for getting yourself a man without telling your son.”

“How can you say that about mom! Xiao Chen, do you have to stab me in the heart before you’re happy! It was your father who wronged me in the first place, do I still have to keep my body for him after the divorce” Cao Shu hissed.

Shi Chen said coldly,

“You can’t keep yourself as jade, but can’t you find a married man.

If I remember correctly, you have a good relationship with Mrs.

Jin Do you deserve her for doing this!”

Cao Shu sneered.


Jin Do you think she will care How many women does Jin Yan have outside Look at Jin Sihan, the son of the little starlet, who hasn’t entered Jin’s house in the same way.”

Shi Chen did not want to talk to her any further.

He chose to escape from this place that was suffocating him before he completely lost his mind now.

“Just keep trampling on yourself.” He said in a cold voice and turned his head to leave.

Cao Shu hurriedly ran over to hold his hand and said in a panic.

“Xiao Chen, what did your mother do It’s your mother’s private life and has nothing to do with my love for you.

My mother is just too lonely these years and wants to find someone to accompany her.

She has only you in her heart, even Wan Yue, he can never replace you in her heart.”

In the past, Shi Chen would still be moved and even feel guilty when listening to such words.

Because he knows that he, himself, does not take his mother as his all, and even now, he craves the warmth that the Shi family brings him.

Now hearing such words, he just finds it ridiculous.

The face of Wan Yue suddenly came to mind.

No wonder he doesn’t really care and just sees it as if he has no connection with their mother and was just dealing with another person’s mother.

How disappointing it must be for a son to disown his mother.

Shi Chen ripped her hand away.

“Mom, I know you’re an unconvincing person.

Like what I’m saying now, you won’t feel like you’ve done something wrong.”

He gave his mother a look of utter disappointment.

“But there’s something I still want to say, as a mother, you’re really quite a failure.”


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