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In the end, Wan Yue was dragged to the hospital by Shi Chen.

The truth was already out in the bag, but Shi Chen still needs hard evidence.

Wan Yue could not resist him and accompanied him to do the hospital, and the two waited for the results in front of the hospital.

The result would not come out until three hours later.

In such a situation, two people sitting side by side was quite an awkward sight.

Wan Yue: “Actually, the person you should be looking for right now is not me, but your mother.”

Shi Chen looked at him coldly and thought.

My mother is about to become your mother, technically I should be looking for our mother.

Wan Yue saw what he was thinking, and for a moment felt a little sympathy for him.

“I know it must be hard for you to accept, but the reality is so cruel.

Your mother gave birth to a brother behind your back.

That person is me.

Don’t worry, I’m not interested in recognition.

I haven’t spent a penny of Cao Shu’s money for so many years.

The bottom line is that I don’t want to recognize her as my mother and don’t want to be controlled by her.”

In his early childhood, he once still had expectations of Cao Shu.

Until one day, after his mother had visited him.

She went out to make a phone call.

At that time, he and Aunt Wan lived in the countryside.

Cao Shu came out and deliberately took a long detour and walked to the rice fields to call back the caller.

“It’s okay if you don’t come to see your son, but remember, besides Jin Shang and Jin Sihan, you have a son.”

“When he grows up, I will arrange for him to study abroad, and by then, you must get him into the top of Jin’s business.”

“What Jin Shang and Jin Sihan have, he can’t have any less.

That’s what you promised me, don’t you forget it.”

“You’re crazy, what do you mean simply admit him back to the Jin family! Can he be the same as Jin Sihan! We must never let outsiders know about our affair.”

“Forget it, you don’t need to visit him either, I’ll watch this kid.”

At that time Cao Shu did not know that when she came out, he also followed out and deliberately hid behind her in a pile of straw.

He intended to rush out suddenly to scare my mother, but instead, he heard these conversations.

At that moment Wan Yue Wan was very sober, and this woman had no feelings for him.

She was just thinking of him as a pawn for future manipulation, thinking of raising a piece from the time he was little.

From that day on, he never used a penny of Cao Shu.

He doesn’t owe her, and she doesn’t want to manipulate him.

Probably because he decided to make a clean break with Cao Shu since childhood.

Wan Yue had no feelings for the slag father he had never met.

Fortunately, aunt Wan took him as her son.

He said she didn’t need Cao Shu’s money, and she listened to him.

After that, all the money given by Cao Shu in those years was saved and wasn’t used.

Although the day was a little bitter, it was comfortable.

On the contrary, his brother, who now suddenly knows the truth, was a bit miserable.

“I’ll tell you so don’t wait for the paternity test.

Your mother is really my mother.”

The matter was now out and there was nothing to hide.

Wan Yue simply said it.

“I still have to go back to class, so I won’t wait with you.”

Shi Chen sneered.


His tone, which was so cold that it could freeze the surrounding area for three feet, really made Wan Yue’s footsteps stop and look back at him.

Shi Chen: “You only know your mother is my mother.

What if your father is also my father.”



Stunned, was the indescribable feeling Wan Yue had right now.

Does this brother have a tendency for self-abuse, or does he doubt the whole world

What the heck does he mean by it could be his father!

So, he’s not the Shi family’s son, like him, he’s also the illegitimate son of Jin Yan after his affair with their mother

Shi Chen this idea is really dangerous.

“I’d better say goodbye.

I think Shi Ning likes you very much.

How sad she is if you’re not her brother.

I don’t want my little deskmate to feel bad.” Wan Yue said.

When Shi Chen heard him say that, the expression on his face was even colder.

“Your little deskmate Don’t give me **, dare to hit my sister, I don’t care who you are, I’ll get you killed.”

Wan Yue believed that he was not joking when he said that.

People instinctively seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and will avoid those things that hurt themselves.

This man not only doesn’t let anyone escape but also strips away the bloody truth.

He was scared to death, and could already imagine what he would be if he walked out no.

He can also doubt whether he was also the product of his mother’s cheating.

This idea itself shows that Shi Chen was out of his mind right now.

There is no way to go but to follow him and wait.

“Seriously, I’m so impressed that you had this idea.”

“She’s pretty good to you, right She shouldn’t do this to you to this extent.” Wan Yue advised.

What he got was only two cold eyes of Shi Chen.

Three hours later, the hospital’s paternity test results came out.

The results showed that they were indeed biological brothers, but only half-brothers.

Seeing this, Wan Yue let out a sigh of relief.

If Shi Chen was Jin Yan’s son, then the sky will have changed in Yangcheng.

“I told you, your mother, though lacking in virtue, could not have done this.”

Wan Yue spoke up.

Shi Chen ignored him, took the report form directly, and went to Cao Shu.

After Wan Yue came back from the hospital, it was already time for school to end, Shi Ning saw him and asked hurriedly.

“What did my brother pull you, why are you out for so long!”

Wan Yue saw Shi Ning’s anxious face and for a moment did not know how to explain it to her, and could only say.

“This, you’d better go ask your brother.”

This kind of thing was better for the siblings to talk in person.

Moreover, Shi Chen now also quite needs someone to comfort him.


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