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Wan Yue’s collar was grabbed by him, making him uncomfortable.

He tried to pull away Shi Chen’s hand, but the other side grabbed it even tighter instead, his red eyes were glaring at him as if trying to see all the truth from him.

After a long time of trying, he couldn’t tear it away so he just gave up.

“Hey, brother, can you let go of your hand and let’s have a good talk”

Shi Chen didn’t let go.

His face was cold and his whole body was tense.

Wan Yue thought about it.

Anyway, Cao Shu was used to his indifference.

On average, she came to see him once a year.

Sometimes she was busy and forgot that she didn’t come all year round.

He had more than ten years to digest what his biological mother was.

But Shi Chen was different.

Cao Shu was a good mother who has been wronged and regards his importance to his life.

For a moment, it was normal for him to not accept the truth.

Wan Yue: “What do you want me to tell you, you know everything, don’t you”

Was it hard to believe that he needs to hear him admit in person that they were brothers He could see that Shi Chen would not want to recognize him as his brother.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the hospital.”

Shi Chen’s eyes were colder as he pulled Wan Yue to go to the hospital.

“What’s the point of going to the hospital”

“Take a paternity test.”

Wan Yue broke away from him.

“No, I’m not free today, I still have to go to class.”

Shi Chen was surprised.

“You’re still in the mood for class at this time”

Wan Yue: “You don’t know.

There are so many fools in our class who stare at me if I don’t study hard every day.

As long as I violate discipline, they will immediately run to the headteacher to sue me.

“What’s in it At most, you’ll get a demerit.

It’s not like the teacher can do anything to you.”

Shi Chen didn’t understand.

Wan Yue: “Don’t I lose my scholarship after recording my demerit I still have to study.

Not to mention other things here, but the teaching resources and environment are very good.”

Shi Chen did not expect such an answer.

He loosened his grip on Wan Yue’s hand and asked with a wrinkled brow,

“Didn’t she give you money”

Wan Yue smiled dryly.

“Would you use it if it were you”

Shi Chen suddenly did not know what to say, to be precise, he did not know what attitude he should have toward this sudden extra brother.

“How did you find out Did you investigate me Or did you investigate your mother And what aroused your suspicion.” Wan Yue asked.

Shi Chen: “The time you came to my house, your wallet was left on the floor, and I saw the credit card she gave you.”

Wan Yue: “So that’s how it is.”

After he lost the card in his bag, he never found it again and Shi Chen didn’t even mention it so he forgot.

The card was just the beginning of his investigation of Wan Yue, and later found out it involved his mother.

Then after that, a key person appeared, and that person was Wan Qing, Wan Yue’s nominal mother.

Wan Qing was his mother’s person, naturally, he couldn’t ask her or may even alarm Cao Shu.

So, he found someone to investigate Wan Qing, at the same time, he used all his connections and even found a private detective to follow Cao Shu.

Shi Chen also never thought that one day, he would investigate his mother.

After a half month of tracking, Shi Chen found that Cao Shu had a villa in Qing Shui Yuan, where she would occasionally go and stay.

Shi Chen checked the information of the villa, the villa was bought under Cao Shu’s name, the purchaser was Jin Yan, the power holder of the Jin family, Jin Shang and Jin Sihan’s father.

And it happened to be the day that Cao Shu went to the villa in Qing Shui Yuan, the detective who followed him told him that just an hour after Cao Shu arrived at the villa, Jin Yan also droves in that location and then entered the gate of Cao Shu’s house.

Late at night, she was all alone with Jin Yan who did not go home all night, what happened inside he could not bear to imagine.

That was also the day he finally remembered why he looked at Wan Yue and felt familiar, because he and Jin Sihan had some resemblance, and even more so, he was the same as Jin Yan.

The truth seems to be calling out, Shi Chen investigated Wan Qing’s past and even found out her case.

This woman, long before she divorced her husband, lost her ability to have children.

Wan Yue, was just her adopted child.

Shi Chen didn’t find Wan Qing.

Wan Qing was after her confidant so even if he went ahead and find her, he couldn’t ask her anything.

So instead of startling the snake, he went directly to Wan Qing’s ex-husband, the man named Nie Qi.

After breaking up with Wan Qing, the man became a taxi driver.

He didn’t make much money.

Instead, he contracted the bad habit of drinking and gambling.

It was easiest to pry open the mouth of such a person, as long as he give him a satisfactory price, he would tell him everything he knows.

“That child is not hers! She’s already a hen who can’t lay eggs! But you don’t say, the child is a child of a noble family.

Since Wan Qing has raised him, she has been paid on time every year.

I originally did not think of divorce after all with this child I can make a fortune.

But this woman and this child are deadly, Wan Qing except for accepting the other side to her grocery store, never used the money of that person.

And the child is even stranger, as long as he knows that the money comes from his mother, even if it is only money for food, he refused to even eat.

This mother and two pair of oddballs, I ah, took hush money and ran away.”

Then he sneered at Shi Chen as he laughed sarcastically.

“This young master, looking at you, you are also a person of status but do not tell others that you get this information from my mouth ah, after all, at first, I also took a sum of money from the child’s mother, okay”

To confirm, Shi Chen also showed the man a picture of Cao Shu.

“Is this the person who gave you the money”

Nie Qi: “Yes, yes, it’s her! She’s so beautiful.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful and noble woman in my life.

I guess the child should be the illegitimate son of her and a rich man.

The child can’t see light, so they let us raise the child.”

“I don’t know who has such a good fortune to keep such a beautiful woman who likes a flower and jade.”

Recalling the graceful shadow of Cao Shu who came to their house in the early years, he still couldn’t get enough of the beauty he saw making her unforgettable.

Unexpectedly, when he said this, the young man opposite looked at him with an expression that he was going to kill him.

This expression frightened him.

Nie Qi asked.

“Are you done asking, young master I’ll leave if you are.”

Shi Chen clenched his fist and spat out a word.

“Get lost!”


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