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Chapter 194


Shi Ning felt sick when he saw that these people were bullying someone earlier were now submissive and was afraid of hard life.

Wan Peng and them naturally did not dare to argue with her, so these group of people ran away in a jiff.

After they left, Shi Ning sat back on her seat but was still a little angry.

Wan Yue’s experience reminded her of her previous life.

She felt too involved at this time.

Feeling this, Shi Ning was cold at the bottom of her heart—cold towards the world who was so injustice on people who were hardworking but has no luck on their family’s wealth.

Wan Yue on the other hand looked at the little girl who sat there without saying a word, her eyebrows furrowed, pink fists clenched, and the hostility has not completely faded away.

A warm current rushed into the bottom of his heart.

He was brought up by Aunt Wan, who was a divorced woman and without a father he grew up accustomed to these snide comments, some of which were even more excessive than today.

After coming here, he did not hum a word of bitterness even though it was difficult, and always had a smile on his face.

He does not talk about it because he thinks no one could understand him, people here grew up spoiled and spoiled by their families, so who could understand his feelings.

However, today, he really did not expect Shi Ning to stand up for him.

And he could tell that she wasn’t just trying to help him, but was really angry.

“It’s okay.”

Wan Yue tugged on her sleeve and softly coaxed.

“I’m not even angry, what are you angry about”

Shi Ning turned to him and said seriously.

“Wan Yue, you must have a better life than all of them in the future.

I believe you can do it.”

He has talent and was willing to work hard, much better than that group of guys who bully others.

Wan Yue froze for a few seconds, and then smiled as he responded.


Whatever she says, was what he would.

He came to this strange big city with a dark identity.

Despite his further efforts to smile.

Every late at night, there was always a layer of darkness too thick to melt wrapped around him, called loneliness.

The unspeakable, unappreciated loneliness.

But today, the layer of fog seems to have been torn open.

He saw the light in her.

Better off than that group, right

And of course.

He would later trample all of these people who look down on him underfoot.

“Shi Ning, thank you.”

He gave her a sincere thank you.

Shi Ning: “It’s okay, it’s that group of people who are too much, always grabbing you and not letting go.

In the future, if they bully you again, you can say I am covering you.”

That group wouldn’t dare to mess with her anyway.


Wan Yue smiled and responded.

Obviously, he had just gotten into trouble, but he was in the best mood he’d had since coming to school.

Of course, this peace did not last long.

A man rushed in at the classroom door.

A number of girls in the class were screaming when he came in.

“Ahhhhhhh! Shi Chen!”

“How come Senior Shi Chen is back! Didn’t he go to Tsinghua!”

“Oooooooo guess it’s back to find his sister, look he’s obviously heading for Shi Ning.”

“But Senior Shi Chen…… looks a little scary today.”

Shi Ning also did not expect to see her brother at this time and place.

“Brother, why are you back”

Shi Ning asked in surprise.

Shi Chen ignored her, but looked at Wan Yue who was sitting next to her.

“Go out and talk to me.”

Wan Yue saw this expression on his face and could probably guess what was going on.

His face suddenly sank.

Shi Ning hasn’t seen her brother like this for a long time.

Shi Chen’s face was so cold that he looked strange to her eyes.

His eyes were red and when he looks at Wan Yue, it was full dark tides that suppresses too many emotions.

“Brother, do you have anything to do with him But we’re going to class soon.”

Shi Ning whispered.

“Follow me out.”

Shi Chen still ignored his sister as his cold and stern gaze fixed on Wan Yue.

Wan Yue stood up and smiled at Shi Ning.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Saying that he followed Shi Chen out.

Shi Ning looked at the back of the two, worried.

How could she not worry, her brother looking that, there was obviously something wrong.

The school bell rang just as the two got off the building, and within a few minutes the campus which had been bustling with activity, quickly cooled down.

Shi Chen walked in front, while Wan Yue was following him.

Suddenly, Shi Chen turned around and asked in a cold voice.

“This woman, do you recognize her.”

What he showed him was a photo of a woman, Cao Shu.

Wan Yue didn’t even think before answering.

“I don’t.”

“Don’t know each other You would meet yet you didn’t know each other, and she even give you a card with a five million dollar overdraft yet you didn’t know each other”

Wan Yue did not say anything, he stared at Shi Chen for a while.

With a mocking smile,

“How much do you know”

Shi Chen’s hand holding him down was shaking a little.

“You and Cao Shu, what exactly is your relationship”



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