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“Forget it, you can shout as much as you like.”

The smile on the corner of Wan Yue’s lips grew even more colder.

Cao Shu calmed down her emotions and slowed down her tone.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay in Linjiang, why did you come here”

Linjiang was a small county attached to Yangcheng.

Wan Yue stayed there until he studied in Yangchuan.

“Of course I’m here—”

He paused as he deliberately observed Cao Shu’s expression, under the increasing tension written of the other party’s face Wan Yue said slowly.

“Of course, it’s to study.

What do you think it is”

Cao Shu was relieved to hear him answer this way.

“There are many more aristocratic schools similar to Yangchuan, I’ll help you find one and in a few days you’ll transfer there.”

Wan Yue didn’t even think about it and refused immediately.

“I’m not going, I think Yangchuan is pretty good I’ll study here.”

Cao Shu: “Good, what good! With your status like this, don’t you know how dangerous it is to stay here!”

Wan Yue: “What’s my status I’m just your nanny’s son, what are you nervous about”

Cao Shu bit her lip.

“Do you have to be angry with me”

She knew the consequences of giving birth to him were endless, but at that time her doctor did not allow her to abort otherwise she would have aborted him.

Since it was already born, it was least her flesh and blood.

Cao Shu looked at the clothes on Wan Yue making her frowned tight.

“Over the years I’ve remitted a lot of money to Aunt Wan every year, right Didn’t she give you any money”

“She gave it to me but I didn’t want to receive it.”

“Why didn’t you want it”

Wan Yue laughed.

“I’m not a relative, how can I use your money”

Cao Shu thought he didn’t want it because he thought the money was too little.

She fished out a card from her bag and placed it in Wan Yue’s hand.

Cao Shu: “This is a diamond VIP card with a limit of 5 million, take it and use it.

At least buy yourself decent clothes, what are you thinking dressed like this”

Wan Yue did not receive her card so Cao Shu stuffed it to him.

“You can take it or leave it, but I will not receive it back.”

Wan Yue understands her temper.

This woman was like this, thinking that giving money was her, doing a mother’s duty.

If he does not receive it, she would make a scene.

Anyway, he won’t use it.

It’s just one more card if she insist of giving it then he’ll take it.

“Is there anything else If nothing, I’m leaving.”

Wan Yue said and was about to lift his leg to get off.

Cao Shu pulled him.

“I said I would help you transfer to another school, in two days you will follow this uncle to go through the formalities.”

Wan Yue pushed her hand away and put the card she had just given back to her hand.

“I’ve never used your money since I was this old, and it was Aunt Wan who brought me up.

Since you didn’t raise me, what I want to do is none of your business.”

Cao Shu coldly scowled.

“Do you really had to do this”

Wan Yue: “I know what you’re worried about, isn’t it because you’re illegitimate son is not allowed in the day light or else if it was known it will affect your reputation and social status”

“Don’t worry as long as you don’t provoke me, I won’t tell anyone about my identity.”

He looked at Cao Shu and after a paused sneered again.

“After all, I’m quite disgusted with the identity myself.”

It was already eleven o’clock at night when he returned home from the restaurant to finish his meal.

When he took off his jacket he found that the card Cao Shu gave him was still in his pocket.

He would need to find a chance to return it all to her later.

Wan Yue thought so and dropped the card into his wallet.

He took out his book and pen to do the homework assigned by the teacher today.

The moment he fished out the unisex pens from the bag he couldn’t help but smile when he saw the full tube of refills.

These days, Shi Ning did these things for him.

She thought he didn’t notice but in fact he knew everything.

That day in the restaurant not only did he see her in fact in fact he already notices her shadow even before she did.

And the boy next to her.

He knows him, his name was Shin Chen.

It was Cao Shu’s only approved son, Shi Ning’s half-brother and his brother.

The first time he looked at Shi Chen was in Cao Shu’s phone.

At that time he was only seven years old, Cao Shu rarely came to see him.

One time when he took her phone to play he saw most of the photos inside were Shi Chen.

The boy was handsome, noble and exquisite.

He saw the photos of Shi Chen with a longing in his eyes.

He then flipped and flipped and flipped and until the day was almost over but he couldn’t find a single picture of him.


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