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“If I want to have a relationship with the school flower will it delay your first place in the exam”

His half-truth and half-lie words succeeded in stopping Shi Ning’s pen.

She turned her head and looked at him as well.

“Do you need me to give you an answer right now”


Shi Ning’s reaction was somewhat unexpected for Wan Yue, after all his words could also count as half confession so how could he not see the slightest shyness.

Shi Ning: “My answer is, no.”

“Because even if you want to have relationship with the school girl you can only think about it.”

Wan Yue: “…”

That was ruthless, and he likes it.

Half a class time pass, because Wan Yue disturb her she could only solve two question and there was a question that she was not able to answer.

She analyze the question for almost half a day but she could just half understood it.

Shi Ning thought about it, stood up and said to Wan Yue.

“Mover over, I want to get out.”

Seeing that she was still holding the book in her hand he asked in passing.

“Going to the office, huh”

Shi Ning: “No, go to my friend.”

Wan Yue was shocked.

“You are so good, yet you still need to ask others about the topic”

Shi Ning smiled.

“He is better than me.”

He was simply a phone schoolmaster where he could answer everything as long as she points it out.

Lin Suno’s class was on the first floor and after Shi Ning went down she happened to see Lin Suno standing at the door.

She did not go over immediately.

Because she seems….to have come at a bad time.

Lin Suno had just come out of his class when a girl who had been standing at the door for a long time walked up and handed him a love letter.

“I….I’ve liked you for a long time.”

The girl shyly bowed her head and said.

Shi Ning took a closer look at the girl.

If she remembered correctly this girl was the class flower of the second class from science class who was also very beautiful looking sister.

She belongs to the pure and lovely model, she most could hit the straight man’s appearance.

Such a soft girl, shy and timid but she still summon up the courage to come to him and confess not afraid of being refused.

She’s all about doing what her heart desire.

But Lin Suno was like an emotionless ** iceberg.

He didn’t even glance at the love letter and threw out a few words as formulaically as if he had rejected a thousand people.

“Thank you, I don’t like you.”

Then he went straight around the girl and continued on his way.

The moment he turned his head, he saw Shi Ning standing at the stairway.

Lin Suno walked over and threw the garbage out of his hand into the trash bin at the entrance of the corridor.

“Are you here to see me”

He asked.

Shi Ning nodded her head and showed him the question she had problems with.

“This, I’m not very good at.

You help me look at it.”

Lin Suno looked at the topic roughly once and then looked at his watch

“There are only a few minutes before class starts so leave your books with me and I’ll come look for you in the next class.”

The two chatted, the class flower who confessed earlier pass by them and gave the two a sad look with tears in her eyes.

Shi Ning asked gloatingly.

“Suno, that’s what’s wrong with you, how can you be so hard on girls.”

“I’m telling the truth why was is hard”

Shi Ning thought that was true, with his character if he didn’t like he could not say anything good.

“That is the class flower eh, if you don’t like her then what do you like”

Although she herself has a little interest in the matter of love, she was curious as to what kind of girl a person Lin Suno would like.

Lin Suno was still helping her on the question when he heard her say such phrase and raised his eyes.

“So what if she was the class flower According to the flaw of our conversation the school flower is fight in front of me so why should I like her.”


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