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Chapter 183

What they owe her she would have to make them pay back one day.

Just when Cao Shu was extremely annoyed her phone rang.

She answered the phone impatiently.


After hearing the contents of the phone call Cao Shu’s face became even more ugly.

“What do you mean How did he transfer to Yangchuan!”

Since the sophomore years of senior high school they have had much less vacation time.

The school explicitly says that the second year of high school Has still a double break but in fact they often makes up classes for them.

The good two-day holiday was about to be made into weeks and weeks of studying.

Not to mention that the National Day was clearly a seven day long holiday, compressed into five days.

After resuming classes and returning to school again Shi Ning saw Wan Yue sleeping in his desk, remembering what the waiter said she looked at him with a touch of pity in her gaze.

She used to despise him for not listening well in the class and sleeping all the time but now that she thinks about it, people have reason for that.

Because she has been poor before, she knows all too well the difficulties of poor children.

If she had been given the opportunity to attend such a good high school in Yangchuan she would have been happy to work three jobs not to mention two jobs at night.

So she could very much understand why Wan Yue would be so desperate.

It was because of the poverty that people wanted to change their fate more than others.

She came into the world with a most unfortunate time and her life was turned upside down

She cherishes everything now and her past self was well preserved in the corner of her heart.

Shi Ning now looks at Wan Yue with a feeling of sympathy.

She was not actually incapable of helping Wan Yue now, as long as she speaks to her dad or Nan Xiao the school could double the scholarship given to Wan Yue.

However this was not what Wan Yue wants.

Just as when she was still Li Shi Ning, the news of her parents’ death was not unreported and there were many caring people in the community who wanted to help her and some even wanted to adopt her.

But she refused.

She just wants to live with her grandmother for the rest of her life, as long as they could still make themselves live even if it’s not so good and she doesn’t need charity from others.

The poor have more self-esteem than anyone else sometimes.

So she pretended not to know, what she saw in the restaurant that day she did not mention a word to Wan Yue as if nothing had happened at all.

But she would help him secretly.

For example, deliberately buying an extra breakfast, like buying snacks or seven seeing that Wan Yue’s pen refill was almost used up she would secretly replace it with a new one for him.

These seemingly inadvertent gestures or passing favors among tablemates do not arose his disgust.

Math class.

After Mr.

Liu finished his lecture he asked everyone to do the exercise after class.

Shi Ning had finished all the exercise after the class when he gave the lecture, now she just took out the competition book and review.

The last competition result came out with a total score 120 she got 102, this score in the Olympic Mathematics was already considered a very high score.

But this was only the preliminary round, after entering the league the number of questions would be more and more difficult and the score would be increased to three hundred points.

When it comes to the league those who could do the whole paper and get more than 250 point were very powerful gods who could break into the national competition.

While Shi Ning was brushing up on her skills the class teacher Lao Liu came down from the podium and made his rounds through the crowd.

He walked over to Shi Ning’s side then look at Wan Yue who was lying on the able and asleep again, frowning, he was about to shout to the boy.

Shi Ning who was sitting beside him at the inner side shook her head to the teacher.

Whispered, she said.

“Teacher, you let him sleep he understands everything in this class anyway.

He…..has had quite a hard time too.”

In the whole class, Lao Liu’s favorite student was Shi Ning.

Her grades were good and she was obedient, her family was also rich but she was always obedient and polite to teachers.

She always maintains a humble and constantly positive attitude.

After hearing Shi Ning say so, Lao Liu looked at the person sleeping on the table and sighed and spared him as if he did not see him sleeping.

After the teacher left, Shi Ning continued to work on her book.

“Why treat me so well”

Her ears heard someone’s cold voice, Shi Ning was frightened by him.

Turning her head she saw Wan Yue had woken up and was looking at her with one hand propped his head.

Shi Ning: “You weren’t sleeping”

“I slept, I just woke up when you were talking to Lao Liu.”

He smiled and continued.

“And I heard you tell Lao Liu not to wake me up.”

“You can hear me even when I’m talking so quietly”

She was actually using a lip-sync with Mr.

Liu just now.

Wan Yue: “That’s not true, otherwise how do I usually manage to sleep and listen to the lecture at the same time.”

“You’re awesome.”

She gave him a compliment.

Wan Yue tilted her head to look at her.

“I regret it a bit now.”

Shi Ning said two more words to him before she bowed her head and continued to look at her book.

At this moment when she heard Wan Yue speak she answered casually.

“What do you regret”

Wan Yue: “Do you remembered the first day I sat here, those boys in the class said that my foolishness would affect your study and I made a promise at that time.”

He began to recall the scene at that time.

“I said that although I have no money but my grades are still the top to ensure that will not delay the study of our class of prospective liberal arts students.”

The smile in his eyes deepened as he looked at Shi Ning.

“Now this assurance make me regret it a little.”

“If I want to have a relationship with the school flower will it delay your first place in the exam”


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